college english rest summary 8

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college english rest summary 8

    1. A great many people presume upon/rely on/count on a reward when concluding a good

    deed. First and foremost, some people incline to equate doing good deeds with a certain

    amount of material rewards such as certain of money. What’s more, they maintain that

    getting reward by conducting good deeds should be one method of earning money. 2. On the contrary, the majority assume that doing good deeds should be based on peoples

    individual consciousness of responsibility. Hence, conducting a good deed is one way of

    fulfilling oneself, thus has nothing to do with monetary/货币的 reward. Numerous illusions/

    事例 can be given, but this one will suffice: Lei Feng lived an austere(朴素的) life and was

    dedicated、献身 to doing good deeds and helping people without expecting any reward.

    Therefore, he was remembered as one of the most significant idols/偶像?榜样 of our time.

    3. Generally speaking, it is imperative/urgent for us to conduct good deeds without expecting

    any reward. For one thing, the authorities should carry out laws and regulations to

    encourage people to do good deeds. For another, people should be cultivated/培养 to be

    aware of its remarkable importance of conducting good deeds for self-fulfillment and

    spiritual enhancement.

    4. It is widely believed/acknowledged that doing good deeds just give people the right to ask

    for some rewards. We can give out a lot of examples but I think the story of Lei Feng is the

    most familiar to all of us.

    5. A more fulfilling/satisfactory job. Fulfill one self. I am stuck on this problem. 6. Veteran career consultant:资深职业顾问。 Seminar:研讨会=workshop. Reassess life.

    7. Nurture and care child. Identify/find their real passion. Steer:掌控。掌舵?行驶。 Steer away

    from a career. The boat steers through the ocean. Follow your instinct/本能?直觉. Chained/

    禁锢 to your desk. Retail:零售商。Biotech forestry division:生物林业部门. Exhibition,

    exhibit/certify to sb sth. Falsehood/lies. A solid/detailed statement/scene. Embrace the

    answer: look for the answer. A estate agent:房地产经纪人。 Enlightenment:领悟.

    Identify/figure out how much risk you are willing to take.

    8. Hold sb back from attaining their ideals. Targeted field:目标领域。Pack/prepare a birthday

    gift. Buck/money. East, west, home is best. Psychiatrist:精神科医生。 Do the well-being/

    . Jet lag:衣服时髦反应。 Refrain from fish and meat. Stand:小摊。 What is your line/range

    of business? Anderson jumped out of his vehicle and crawled into the car through the

    shattered/破碎的 rear/后面的window.

    9. See it a chance for renewed. Roll at dreamy film in our head. Your old self: what you really

    are or the impression you leave sb generally. Lost their sense of self. 10. Water evaporate/vapor. Half-hearted resolution. Carry out/implement the plan. Detail the

    step. Manageable:可操控的。 What a hell/pity. Cut off sweets. Hell/bad experience. Hell/

    鬼。Say you are the president, what would you do at first?

    11. Be trapped in the car. Be enclosed in flames. Heroic act. Skim newspaper clippings/裁剪物.

    Uncontrollably. Recount:讲述。Shed may rears. Sick leave:病假。 A overdose/exceedingly of

    work. Step back from the problem:跳出问题看问题。Be licensed/qualified/eligible to do.

    Have responsibility/obligation to do good deeds. Coordinate: reconcile. Reckon:认为。

    12. It is sometimes required that w work overtime, and that we change shifts/work ours for 4. 13. Most hospitals are now stuffed by new graduates, as experienced nurses finally given up

    trying to change the system.

    14. They will find that critical hospital care will be provided by new, inexperienced, and

    sometimes inadequately trained nurses.

    15. Bubble?泡沫?水泡。The company has collapsed/goes bankrupt. Initiate a program.

    Orientation:见面会。 Simply put:简单说一下。 Crawl/search. Venture:风险。 Essentially: in

    essence. Revenue: income. Refrain: sound. Statistically. Dread:恐惧. Breed discontent.

    Instinctively:本能的。Evil: sth which could bring bad luck. Squeezed:手头紧的。 Erode/shrink.

    Layoff: dismiss people. Life stemmed/derived from water. Affluence: rich. Loose/generate

    new anxiety. Extravagant:奢侈的。It predestines many disappointments. Reaffirm; verify.

    16. Withdraw/go backward quietly to the background. Subordinate/屈服于 her life and need to

    his husband. Domestic art:内务能手. Dutiful. I excel in basketball. Delicacy: be careful.

    Feminine, femininity: about female. Grace: be elegant. Deferential: modest. Outcry:哗然.

    Sentiment: 意见。 Crystallize: 淋漓尽致。 Poll:全民调查。Refinement: elegant. Analogous:

    imitate sb. Linguistic: language. Masculinization:男性化。 Make the claim to sb. Assertive:

    confident and defined. Logic:逻辑。 By that logic:依照那样的逻辑. Rational/sensible

    behavior. Blindness. Human condition. Revise: review or 修改. Refine: 精炼?提纯。Surge:

    波浪等指水害。 The water splashed/溅到 on my coatCraft/design a plan. Exile:放逐?流

    放。 Evacuate:疏离。撤离。 Displace/replace. I need a ride/搭乘。Trail:足迹。 Track: the

    path that caused by people. Notification:对死亡率和出生率的通告。

    17. The problem more or less is resolved. The auto manufactures found themselves competing

    with foreign firms for market share. Only in the small town does he feel secure and relaxed. 18. It is absolutely unfair that these children are deprived of the rights to receive education. 19. Our years of hard work are all in vain, not to mention/let alone the large amount of money

    we have spent. The problems of black men and women have gained/caused considerable

    public concern in recent yers.

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