college english rest summary 7

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college english rest summary 7

    1. Nowadays with the rapid development of advanced digital technology, more and more digital

    products are commonly and widely used in daily life, ranging from computers and MP4s to

    mobile phones and digital cameras. Our society is indeed getting into digital age. 2. The popularity if digital products will have great influence on our work, study and daily life. In

    the one hand, the digital products really facilitate/有助于,促进(facilitate economic growth)

    our life. With the help of computers we may even deal with our work at home, enjoying

    music at the same time. With digital cameras, we may take photos on our happy occasions

    keeping them as a permanent memory with digital TV programs, it is convenient for us to

    watch whatever programs whenever we like. But on the other hand, some people are too

    dependent on digital products so that they are almost becoming the slaves of advanced

    technology. Nowadays some students even cannot clam down to study without their MP4s

    or mobile phones at hand. What a terrible scene!

    3. To conclude, digital products are just like a double-edged sword. They help us deal with

    problems in life and enjoy a better-off life. However, we should make sensible use of

    them-always being the masters instead of the slaves.

    4. Nowadays, as the advanced technology develops dramatically, we are exposed to all kinds of

    digital products including computers, digital cameras, MP4s, etc. which greatly influence our


    5. Nowadays, with the raid development of advanced technology, digital product have made

    their way into most peoples daily life, such as computers, digital cameras, MP4s, mobile

    phones, etc.

    6. In the whole, one coin has two sides, and so do the digital products.

    7. By and large/in general, digital products have pros and cons.

    8. Forget the old idea that conserving energy of self-denial(否认/the denial/exploit of basic

    human rights) dimming/调暗 the lights

    9. A fraction/slim/little of the energy. A slump in economic. Water boiler:锅炉 wrapped

    insulation around the piped:在管子旁安装绝缘材料。Slash his bill/the client’s fuel costs :

    少花销。Metric ton:公吨 as a bonus:好的是;好处。 Carbon emission; profitable;

    profitabilityInterest. Not to mention the drain/耗费 of sth. Unveiled a plan: announce a

    plan. Proven way:行之有效的方式。 Insulate:绝缘。

    10. Space heating and cooling eats up 36 percent of all the worlds energy. Virtually/almost.

    Prototype:原形;原型;雏形。Vice versa:反之亦然。 There is a surge in sth:涌现;层出不

    穷。Utility bills:使用费用。Utility?公共事业。

    11. Compact fluorescent lamps:紧凑型的荧光灯。Phase the old:淘汰旧的。 Notoriously: a

    notorious/臭名昭著 criminal Mountain weather is notoriously/as we all know difficult to


    12. Alter the equation: change the situation. The system/on the contrary can be reversed to cool

    buildings as well. Ground-source:地源型。 Subside:补贴;津贴。Tub: sp you can take a shower

    in. remake factories: rebuild companies. Mill: company, plant. A decisive/vital competitive

    advantage. Free of charge. Boost/hike/amplify/increase fuel efficiency. Inflated:充气的。

    Hybrid: mixed. Mileage: the length of space. Residential power consumption. 13. Investigate investigation: probe. Invest, investment:投资。Contractor:承包商;服务商/拖拉

    机。Retrofitting furnaces: remake boilers. Initial: first. Initiate a small company. 14. Pocket/get a cut/part of those savings. Price tag/label:标价,标签.标示的价格.landlord:业主.

    15. Successively/constantly tightened/strengthened building codes/norms. Incentive: the force

    that motivate sb. Proven and cheap. Profitable bang for the buck:钱值得花,努力值得.

    Incandescent bulbs:白炽灯.

    16. Proceed: we are not sure whether we still want to proceed/continue with the sale. He

    outlined his plans and then proceeded/went on to explain them in more detail. 17. Win-win situation. Has a keen eye for style:对时尚有敏锐或敏感的眼睛. He is very

    keen/willing to help. A keen/warm-hearted sportsman. Be keen on sb=like sb. A keen/sharp

    mind. First gear:汽车等的一档.clutch:离合器踏板. Sketch:勾勒 a beautiful scenery. Lounge:

    a room for rest. Get scratches:. A cozy place: a comfortable place. A freelance designer:

    自由设计师.Skeptically: skeptically, doubted, suspiciously. The problem haunts me all the day.

    It vanish/disappear suddenly the moment I came here. Her mind goes blank, because she is

    on stage fright. Present their proposal. Portugal:葡萄牙. Revolutionize revolution. Integrate 3

    to 1. Freight:货物. Psychiatrist:精神病医生.holistic:全面的. Theorize:从理论上来说明.

    18. Faraway; integral:合并的. Look in your eyes are Cue() that betray your inattentiveness.

    19. Sensation-seeker:找刺激. Remark: comments and words. Witty/humorous. Be indulged in

    fake listening. Float in the clouds of pleasant daydreaming. Dutifully:尽职尽责的. Vague:


    20. The instructors talking about road occasion in ancient Rome and nothing could be more


    21. Your blank expression and faraway in your eyes are cues that betray you inattentiveness. 22. They automatically start daydreaming when a speaker begins taking in on sth complex and


    23. Bandage knee:包扎膝盖.warily:警觉的. What you do outweigh/重要于 what you say.

    Denmark:丹麦. Mind-sets:思维定势.telecom:电信.paternity:产假. I have long understood

    that I will be judged by my occupation, that my profession is a gauge/计量器,尺度,衡量的标

     people use to see how smart or talented I am. Cordially: be polite. Treat me with

    courtesy/politeness. Pocket the tips: get the money. Cater/meet sbs demand. Be destined to

    命中注定要做某事. I am destined to be admitted into the institution of chinas science and

    technology. Leftish billionaire:左翼的富翁. Rail against: criticize or 抨击 income inequality.

    24. Centrist:中间派.disintegrating:解体的. Bankruptcy. It is an outrage/violent thing that

    American soldiers attack residents. Health-care coverage/costs. Solidarity: cooperation.

    Sustaining support. The ultra-wealthy: rich men. Allocate/投放 capital to markets.

    Lamentation: sadness. Intricacy: complexity. Wrestled with equation:用方程式解决.Revise

    the constitution. Awkward: dull and 笨拙的. Frantic: crazy. Come up to/meet

    norms/standards. Come up for purpose. Come up against/come across sb. Turn over: 翻转,

    移交. Turn up: show up. Counsel sb=劝告. Preach: Japan government preached that the

    island belongs to them. Amid all of Einstein’s personal turmoil/anxiety at the time, a new

    scientific anxiety was about to emerge. Ignite the fire/ignite/rouse a change. Ascribe my

    success to my efforts. Be resolved/determined to do. Resolve the problem. Resolution:决心.

    25. Contest/debate a problem for a moment. Contend/compete for a job. Compatible:协调的,

    投意合的. Comparative:相当的,比较的. Thrust my heart:刺戳了我的心脏.

    Huddled/crowded. Huddle: be together.

    26. Dash to final line. Dart the ball:投掷铁球. Reel: revolve. Repetitive: repeat sth again and

    again. Casually: 偶然的,随意的.Coarsely: crudely. Furiously:激烈的,兴奋的. Angry.

27. Say sth with a tone/touch of defensiveness.

    28. But for mobile phone, our communication would have been so efficient and convenient. 29. In handing an embarrassing situation, nothing is more helpful than a sense of humor. 30. The foreign minister said he was resigning, but refused to make further explanation. 31. Human behavior is mostly a product of learning, while animals behavior depends mainly on

    their instinct:本能.

    32. The witness was told that under no circumstances should he lie to court.

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