Thapar Group of Companies

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Thapar Group of Companies

    Avantha Group Companies

    Fact Sheets

     Ballarpur Industries Limited

    Company Profile ? India’s largest manufacturer of writing and printing (W&P)

    paper products

    ? Ranked amongst the top 100 paper companies worldwide

    ? Boasts 50% of India’s coated wood-free grades, 85% of the

    bond paper market, and nearly 45% of the hi-bright Maplitho

    market in India

    ? Geographic coverage over most of the Indian market through

    ownership of six paper mills in the states of Orissa, Haryana,

    Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh

    ? BILT’s units have a consolidated capacity of over 465,000

    metric tonnes per annum

    ? Countrywide network of 140 dealers for Paper [83 exclusive

    dealers & 57 multi brand dealers] &20,000 outlets in 190

    cities for stationery products

    ? Recent acquisition of Malaysia’s Sabah Forest Industries (SFI)

    has elevated Bilt’s US$ 600 mn company’s global ranking to 87

    ? Turnover of Rs. 4200 crores in 4 years

    ? Growth rate of 18 % CAGR

    ? One million tonnes paper and pulp by 2010

    ? Increase on return on capital from 13% to18 % by 2009 2010

    ? Increase on return on equity from 14 % to 20 % by 2010

    ? Investment of Rs. 26,000 million on expansion, modernization

    and acquisition

    Senior Official Mr. Gautam Thapar : Chairman

    Mr. R.R. Vederah : Managing Director

    Mr. B. Hariharan : Group Director Finance

    Turnover (FY 2006) Rs. 20,756 Million (Gross)

    EBITDA: Rs. 5,073 Million

    Net Profit: Rs. 2,120 Million

    Sales Volume (FY 2006) Paper: 407,335 Tonnes

    Pulp: 74,712 Tonnes

    Distribution Network ? Countrywide network of 140 dealers for Paper [83 exclusive

    dealers & 57 multi brand dealers]

    ? 20,000 outlets in 190 cities for stationery products

    Endorsements AA - rating from Fitch

    FAA - rating from Crisil

    BB - long term credit rating from Standard & Poor

    Growth Projections / ? Turnover of Rs. 4200 crores in 4 years

    ? Growth rate of 18 % CAGR

    Targets ? One million tonnes paper and pulp by 2010

    ? Increase on return on capital from 13% to18 % by 2009 - 2010

    ? Increase on return on equity from 14 % to 20 % by 2010

    ? Investment of Rs. 26,000 million on expansion, modernization

    and acquisition

     Crompton Greaves Limited (CG)

    Company Profile ? Ranked amongst India’s largest private sector enterprises in

    the business of electrical engineering

    ? Business portfolio in Power Systems, Industrial Systems and

    Consumer products

    ? Nearly two-third of turnover accrues from product lines in

    which CG enjoys a leadership position in the country

    ? Associated with all aspects of electrical engineering, spanning

    a wide product range from basic household requirements to

    complex systems for industrial applications

    ? Acquired the renowned Pauwels Group of Belgium in , which

    has a presence in Belgium, Ireland, Canada, USA and

    Indonesia in 2005 and Ganz with a presence in Hungary in


    ? CG’s international footprint has thereafter extended to

    manufacturing in 7 countries and a marketing presence in 135


    ? Consolidated turnover of 43.46 Billion (INR) in FY 2006 th? CG is the 7 largest transformer manufacturer in the world,

    with plans to transform itself into a truly Solutions Company

    in the Global T&D arena

    Turnover - consolidated (FY 43.46 Billion (INR)


    Senior Officials Mr. Gautam Thapar : Chairman

    Mr. S M Trehan : MD

    Mr. B R Jaju : CFO

The Global Green Company Limited

Company Profile ? Approx 100 Million USD in International Sales &0.7 Million USD

    in Domestic Sales

    ? 98% turnover from exports with an additional 25 Mn USD from

    sale in the domestic market under the brand 'Tify'

    ? Acquired Belgium based Intergarden Group of Companies,

    which has a turn over of 75 Mn USD and has operations in

    Belgium, Hungary, Turkey and India, in 2006

    ? Global Green Intergarden represents the foods division of the

    group and is one of the sunrise companies within the group’s

    investment portfolio, with a customer base in 50 countries


    ? 100% EOU, export to 23 countries

    ? Domestic Distribution in 25 Cities (33 Distributors)

    ? Global Green cultivates and exports gherkins and processes &

    markets jalapeños, silverskin onions, pritamin peppers, sour

    cherries and sweet corn

    ? 2 plants in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh each

    ? In India, Global Green operates three state-of-the-art, ISO

    and HACCP compliant factories, located strategically in key

    growing areas

Senior Officials Mr. Vineet Chhabra - CEO & MD

    Mr. Ramesh Subbarao CFO

Turnover (FY 06-07) Global Green 26 Million USD

    Intergarden 75 Million USD

    Sales Volume ? Approx 100 Million USD in International Sales

    ? 0.7 Million USD in Domestic Sales

Distribution Network ? Sales in 50 countries

    ? Domestic Distribution in 25 Cities (33 Distributors)

Solaris Chemtech Limited

    Company profile ? Manufacturer of caustic soda, chlorine, phosphoric acid,

    bromine, and bromine chemicals

    ? Ranked as the largest Indian manufacturer of bromine and

    bromine chemicals, and technical grade phosphoric acid

    ? Bedrock of SCL’s operating philosophy is Total Quality

    Management (TQM);1 factory in Karnataka has IMS

    certification & plats in Gujarat are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001


    ? Signatory to the 'Responsible Care' movement and committed

    to all its spheres of activities; Community and social

    awareness programmes instituted by SCL contribute to the

    well-being and the advancement of the communities in the

    vicinity of its plants

    ? Awarded the TERI National Award for Social Responsibility, fir

    educational initiatives in Gujarat with NGO, Pratham

    ? Turnover of Rs 235 crores (Net) in FY 2006-07

    ? SCL intends to increase its focus on value added specialty,

    performance, and knowledge based chemicals and to increase

    its reach to a global scale

    Senior Officials Mr. Manoj Dutt : Managing Director

    Mr. Kaushik Mitra : CFO

    Mr. U K Shenoy : VP

    Mr. P G Rao : VP

    Turnover (FY 06-07) Rs. 235 crores (Net)

    EBITDA: Rs. 48 crores

    Sales Volume (net of Product 2006 Act

    internal transfers) Caustic Soda : 45,569 MT

    Chlorine : 14,283 MT

    Phosphoric Acid : 21,751 MT

    Salt : 96,160 MT

    Bromine : 5,873 MT

    Bromides : 3,110 MT

    Milestones Awarded the TERI National Award for CSR activities undertaken in


     Salient Business Solutions

    Company Profile ? Leading provider of world-class Business Process Outsourcing

    (BPO) services to global clients in the vertical and horizontal

    streams of healthcare, financial services, HR services,

    mortgage & investment banking and knowledge process


    ? Provide cost effective, technology-enabled solutions to

    streamline knowledge-intensive business processes for


    ? Domain, technology and process expertise propells end-to-

    end processing services that reduce costs, increase

    productivity, ensure compliance and augment the quality of

    employee services

    ? Focus on stringent service delivery standards, continuous

    value addition to make the process more efficient, and a

    robust delivery and implementation strategy

    ? Backed by sophisticated IT systems and a state-of-the-art

    telecommunications network, including independent IPLC

    and sound internal networking, ensuring uninterrupted


    ? Responsible for transforming BPO into a strategic

    management initiative that consistently delivers operational

    excellence to give clients a competitive advantage

    ? Unmatched domain knowledge, best-in-class practices, and

    wide experience help deliver the highest quality outsourcing

    of complex, value-added processes


Senior Officials Mr. Gautam Thapar : Chairman

    Mr. Manoj Malhotra : CEO

Turnover (FY 2005) Calendar Year 2005 was the first year of operations (Commercial

    production started in November 2005 after client beta tests). Expect

    to touch US $ 2 Million by 2006 end.

     BILT Power Limited

Company Profile Captive co-generation power plants (95MW) operating at four


    ? Bhigwan 30MW

    ? Ballarpur 28MW

    ? Yamuna Nagar 24MW

    ? Sewa 13MW

    Senior Officials Mr. Anil Bhargava : Managing Director

    Mr. S C Jhanji : Chief Operating Officer

Growth Strategy ? Captive units for SEZs, Industrial Estates and other industry


     ? Continue looking for opportunities in identified States for

     coalmine blocks & pithead power plants there 250-500MW

    ? Leverage on BILT’s identity & forge on our image.

    Growth Projection/Target Revenue of Rs. 1500 crore in by year 2012.


Company Profile ? Offers high-quality, environment friendly building materials using

    fly ash generated from thermal power plants to manufacture

    Lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) for the

    commercial construction industry with value added features at a

    competitive price

    ? BILTech is North India’s only bulk fly ash based Aerated

    Autoclaved Concrete manufacturer with over 40 % of the AAC

    market in India

    ? Turnover of Rs. 40 crore in 3 years & a CAGR of 22%

    ? Countrywide network of 25 exclusive dealers for AAC with

    presence in 12 States.

    ? Servicing the needs of the construction industry, both in the

    public and private sectors primarily for hospitals, institutional

    buildings, clubhouses, resorts , hotels, residential towers,

    hostels, schools & shopping malls in Northern and Western India

    for over a decade

    ? Caters to the growing niche market that has been created in the

    Indian construction industry consisting of buildings which require

    high seismic design, environment friendly materials and energy

    efficient features

    ? BILTech believes that the incorporation of value added features

    like speed of construction or turnkey solutions will ultimately

    serve the growing needs of the Indian construction industry and

    strives to provide the same for a better future

Senior Officials Mr. Anil Bhargava : CEO

     Mr. Manish Tiwari : Chief Business Manager

Turnover (FY 2006-07) Rs. 200 Million

    Sales Volumes (FY 2006-07) 90,000 cu.m. About 40% of the total AAC Market in India Distribution Network Countrywide network of 25 exclusive dealers for AAC with presence

    (Domestic) in 12 States.


    ? Avantha is a US $ 3 bn group; striving towards a US $ 10 bn turnover & a market

    capitalization of US$ 25 bn by 2013

    ? Ranked amongst India’s leading business conglomerates

    ? Incorporates some of India’s leading companies: BILT, Crompton Greaves,

    Global Green, BILT Power, Solaris Chemtech, Biltech Building Elements, and

    Salient Business Solutions

    ? International subsidiaries include Pauwels, SFI, Intergarden, Ganz and Microsol

    ? Business interests in power generation and distribution, power transmission and

    distribution equipment and services; paper and pulp; food processing; farm

    forestry; chemicals; infrastructure, IT and ITES

    ? Avantha is led by Mr. Gautam Thapar, Group Chairman with 7 professionaly run

    companies that are managed by the Board of Directors

Our vision is to continue to demonstrate strong leadership globally and emerge as a

    focused corporate, leveraging knowledge, leadership and operations, adding lasting

    value for stakeholders and investors

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