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     Swartland residents must help! With electricity and water now the systems, and pool pumps scarcest commodities in the country, ? the compulsory use of only energy-PUBLIC PARTICIPATION: "SAVING" is the watchword for everyone saving lights. We'd like to hear from you! including the residents of the Swartland. A brochure with tips on how to save Please come and give your input at the electricity will shortly be distributed in the following public information sessions: After various opinions from the business Swartland. sector were heard on the power crisis ? On the new (2008/09) budget: during a meeting with the Malmesbury In the meantime, the following water 14 April: Banquet Hall, Malmesbury Business Chamber on 12 February, restrictions, which, if contravened, are representatives of SM, Eskom and big 15 April: Town Hall, Riebeek West punishable by a fine of R400, remain in 16 April: Town Hall, Moorreesburg industrial consumers were appointed to place: 22 April: Community Hall, Darling investigate alternative methods of planned load shedding (the cutting of ? The use of drinking-water to water or power according to fixed schedules) to ? On the so-called 'fill-in' erven* that SM irrigate gardens, sports fields, parks or bring about more certainty about power would like to create: any other grassed areas is prohibited sharing. According to Eskom, if more in Darling: 10 March (Darling Community between 10:00 and 17:00 daily. than 10% can be saved on power use Hall) ? The use of drinking-water to hose countrywide, load shedding can be in Malmesbury: 17 March (Malmesbury down any hard or paved surfaces is limited to a considerable extent. Town Hall) prohibited. ? No hoses without automatic self-* Erven to be created in existing suburbs for sale Some of the measures currently being closing mechanisms may be left to the public. considered by SM to bring about savings unattended when gardens, parks, in its area include sports fields or other areas are being All sessions will start at 19:00. ? the implementation of sliding-scale watered. tariffs for households (so that those ? Hoses used to wash vehicles, boats or who use more pay more) caravans must have automatic self-Progress of sports projects ? strict conditions with which new closing mechanisms. properties above a certain value will ? All automatic flush urinals must be The progress of our sports projects on have to comply at the building-plan turned off in all buildings when the the budget for the financial year 1 July stage to regulate electricity public and/or personnel normally leave 2007 to 30 June 2008 is as follows: consumption, such as solar-heating such buildings. systems, thermal isolation for geysers ? Upgrading of clubhouse, Alfa Street and remote-controlled units for all sports grounds, Wesbank: work heating, ventilation and cooling nearing completion ? Extensions to building where Wesbank SM is going to make law-breakers sweat weightlifting club is housed: at tender

     stage From now on, people found guilty in the work and provide supervision and ? Provision of electricity and floodlights, Malmesbury magistrate's court of equipment. Preference will be given to Koringberg sports grounds: breaking the law and sentenced to projects through which not only the construction has started community work will have to roll up their Municipality but more specifically the ? Conversion of cargo containers into sleeves in the service of SM as a result community will benefit. changing rooms, Koringberg: tenders of an agreement between SM and the have closed; construction starting soon Departments of Justice and Correctional In a pilot project launched this month, ? Creation of two netball courts, Services. those sentenced are being put to work to Moorreesburg tennis club: at tender deforest parts of Chatsworth. With the stage Indications are that the courts are clearing of these areas, which form a ? Provision of new soccer posts, Gabriel increasingly turning to the imposition of haven for crime, young wrongdoers will Pharaoh sports grounds, Darling: hopefully leave and SM will be community work, since fines or posts have been delivered imprisonment no longer seem to be contributing to a safer environment for the ? Upgrading of electricity network, effective deterrents to crimes such as residents of Chatsworth. Abbotsdale sports grounds: project drunk driving. complete People in contempt of the law will now no SM, which is in the ideal position to assist longer be able to delve into their purses Enquiries in respect of the projects may the courts by putting the sentences of but will have to physically sweat out their be made to Ian Laubscher, sports official. community work into practice, will identify sentences.

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     EASYPAY pay system: Clients to pay their own card fees Malmesbury: Thusong Service Centre in Ilinge Lethu offers help for all SM uses the Easypay system at selected pay points in its area. In effect, however, the costs of transactions Thusong is the Sotho word for "to help" and is the name under concluded with credit cards are being debited against the which service centres countrywide are opening their doors to Municipality's account. the public as part of the Government's initiative to create one- stop service points from where communities can be provided SM did not, with the implementation of Easypay, intend to with services and information. create a pay point for more privileged consumers at the expense of less privileged taxpayers; other pay At the Swartland Thusong Centre in Ilinge Lethu, the following mechanisms (such as the ACB magnet-strip service and services are provided: the internet) have already been created for this category of consumer. ? Advisory services to the youth on study and career opportunities and help with the drawing up of CVs (Read The points where Easypay is available (such as Pick ʼn Pay more about this elsewhere in the newsletter.) and Checkers) are being run at tremendous cost by SM but ? Business advisory services as part of the Red Door project Council does not want to put an end to this facility, since it ? Services by various government departments, such as the offers SM clients a very popular and convenient method of Departments of Labour and Home Affairs payment. ? Youth groups meet daily from 15:00 to 17:00 for dance lessons. Everyone is welcome! After thorough consideration, Council decided, on 14

    November 2007, for implementation from 1 January 2008 ? Jewellery is for sale and is made to order at the Centre as

    part of the Ikamvalethu (beadwork) project. (1) that, despite the high cost of approximately R7,00 per

    transaction, SM will continue to render the above-? Joinery services for the making and installation of cabinets, mentioned service to consumers at the existing pay chairs, tables, trays, etc. points; and ? Traditional metalworkers make custom-made post boxes, (2) that the Municipality will no longer bear the costs toolboxes, steel buckets and steel baths. of credit-card transactions and that these will, in ? Weightlifting; the club practises daily at 05:30 come and future, be debited against the account of the join up! consumer concerned. ? Soup kitchens for the needy on Mondays, Wednesdays and (Enquiries: Hester Klaase) Thursdays ? ABET classes for adults requiring basic education

    ? The training of traditional healers in the prevention of

    HIV/Aids, with registration possible at the Centre. If you would like to use the services of a specific traditional healer, Youth Advisory Centre holds its first check with the Centre whether the traditional healer is career display registered. ? A food garden where you can grow your own vegetables The Swartland Youth Advisory Centre on whose activities ? The junior soccer league, which practises on the soccer were reported in the previous newsletter held its first career fields next to the Centre to be ready for 2010 join up! exhibition on 25 February in conjunction with the Cape Career Exhibitors Association. To expose learners to The Centre also has a hall that can be booked for community potential fields of study and study products, various tertiary functions. and local organisations were introduced at this event, which took place in the Malmesbury Town Hall. Contact the Centre Manager, Manelisi Sogwagwa, at 022 486 4593, to benefit from or contribute to the success of the Centre. Their aim is to make this exhibition an annual event. More information on Thusong centres is available at For career guidance, contact Gertrude van der Westhuizen or Ricardo Kayster at the Centre at 022 486 4593.

    The DVD recording of the JUNIOR TOWN COUNCIL's

    recently performed play Die Tydbom Tik!is now

    available to the public

    ? on loan, at any of the libraries in the SM's area of

    jurisdiction or

    ? for sale, @ the Municipality for R40,00.

    The play is about the impact of TIK on our community.

    It's a MUST-SEE for teenagers, parents and teachers


    Contact Nicolette Brand at 022 487 9400 for information.

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