During this mans stay in Laingsburg he is helped by a young man

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During this mans stay in Laingsburg he is helped by a young man

    Folly & Glory Seed I:1

    1. After meeting Wanderer, Zoo-loo, and Surplice, the author of this novel alludes to Pilgrim’s Progress by calling

    them the ―Delectable Mountains.‖ Additional characters include the Belgian painter Count Bragard who specializes

    in horse drawings and Rockyfeller, who hires a bodyguard to protect his cash. The novel’s two central characters are

    ambulance drivers who, after the censors suspect letters written by B, are arrested. Named for the cell in which they

    are confined, --for 10 points-- name this autobiographical work by ee cummings.

    Answer: Enormous Room

    2. Algernon Swinburne’s poem, ―Complaint of Lisa;‖ Lope de Rueda’s play Eufemia; parts of William Painter’s Collection The Palace of Pleasure; John Keats’ poem, ―Isabella, or the Pot of Basil;‖ Geoffrey Chaucer’s ―Clerk’s

    Tale;‖ Thomas Dekker’s play Patient Grissil; All’s Well that Ends Well, The Merchant of Venice, and Two Noble

    Kinsmen by Shakespeare. For 10 pointsthe common link between all of these literary works is that they are all

    based, at least in part, on which Renaissance collection by Boccacio?

    Answer: all based on Boccacio’s Decameron

3. A complete manuscript of the plays of this man, who won first prize at the Lenaian festival in 317 BC, was found

    in 1959. He was the nephew of the comic poet Alexis, and Philemon was his chief rival in both drama and for the

    affections of Glycera. Much of his work later found its way into composite adaptations, such as in the Roman

    Eunuchos. The author of the Flatterer and Adelphi --for 10 points-- name this Greek author of new comedies whose

    work found favor with Romans such as Terence.

    Answer: Menander

4. Resolution to this comedy's hijinks is achieved following the arrival of Sir Charles Marlow. The family of

    Constance Neville, who Mrs. Hardcastle hopes will marry her son, owns a casket of valuable jewels. One the way to

    the Hardcastle home, Young Marlow and Hastings believe they are lost and stop at The Three Jolly Pigeons where

    Mrs. Hardcastle's son, Tony Lumpkin, tells them they should stay at a nearby inn which is actually the Hardcastle

    home. Subtitled ―The Mistakes of the Night‖ and dedicated to Samuel Johnson --for 10 points-- name this play by Oliver Goldsmith

    Answer: She Stoops to Conquer

    5. Most of this collection's stories concern the city the author called ―Bagdad-on-the-Subway;‖ however, some of the stories concern the fictional banana republic of Valleluna. Including ―The Green Dorr‖ and ―The Furnished Room,‖

    another story centers on the Yuletide selflessness of Jim and Della. For 10 points-- name this O'Henry collection that thincludes ―The Gift of the Magi‖ and was named for New York’s early 20 century population. Answer: Four Million

6. It uses an excerpt from a posthumously published 1947 novel of the same name and concerns two sisters, one of

    whom dies in a 1945 car accident. Richard, a prominent industrialist, dies two years later, while Aimee dies 30 years

    later of a broken neck. The deaths are all linked by Iris Chase Griffen, Richard's wife, Aimee's mother, and the sister

    of Laura Chase. Much of the action is fantasy in which child carpet weavers who lose their sight from the work find

    new work as the titular people. Written as a novel-within a novel, For 10 points-- name this Margaret Atwood work.

    Answer: The Blind Assassin

7. During this man’s stay in Laingsburg he is helped by a young man in a green and gold track suit. On his way to

    Prince Albert the police pick him up and force him to work in a labor gang to clear away rubble on a train line. A

    substantial portion of his story is told through the journal of an anonymous doctor at a rehabilitation camp to which

    he is taken after being picked up at the Visagie farm in the middle of the Karoo, where he finally buries the ashes of

    his dead mother. Cursed from birth with a cleft palate, this is for 10 points-- what South African character of ambiguous race whose ―Life and Times‖ were chronicled by JM Coetzee? Answer: Michael K

    Folly & Glory Seed I:2

    8. This novel ends with a suggestion at dinner that the family it concerns go to the country soon to see the maples.

    The protagonist lacks affection for his wife due to her dearth of outer beauty, and often recalls her long dead sister,

    with whom he was secretly infatuated. The protagonist’s children also have marital problems; his daughter is beaten

    by her husband and eventually moves back home to Kamakura to keep the children safe, while his son’s affair with a

    war widow leads to his wife, Kikuko, having an abortion. For 10 points-- name this novel centered on the family of

    Japanese Shingo, a work of Yasunari Kawabata.

    Answer: The Sound of the Mountain

9. The Voltaire quotation ―The secret of being a bore is to say everything,‖ begins this novel that at the time of its

    1993 publication was the longest novel ever written in English. The work is set both in Calcutta and the imaginary

    North Indian city of Brahmpur five years after India gained its independence, and centers around the relations

    between four families: the Khans, the Kapoors, the Chatterjis, and the Mehras. Rupa Mehra is in search of the title

    character for her unmarried daughter Lata in, --for 10 points-- what novel by Vikram Seth?

    Answer: A Suitable Boy

10. This actor-son of a Danish sculptor wrote for his own stage talents the character Sir Novelty Fashion, who was

    the literary predecessor of Lord Foppington in Vanbrugh's The Relapse. In another work, considered the author's

    masterpiece, Foppington is contrasted to Lord Morelove who pursues Lady Betty. That work earned the praise of

    Alexander Pope. Later the author offered An Apology for his Life and his previous dramas, Love Last's Shift and The

    Careless Husband. For 10 points-- name this poet laureate who was ridiculed as the King of Dullness in the Dunciad.

    Answer: Colley Cibber

     11. Silvia Plath uses the phrases ―Limbs ponderous with richness" and "Hair heavier than sculptured marble" to describe this titular character. The original poem opens with the poet lamenting that "ein Märchen aus alten Zeiten"

    will not allow him to rest and tells the story of another sailor who is lured to his death on the rocks by the song of

    title figure. For 10 points-- name this poem that tells of a siren of the Rhine River, by Heinrich Heine.

    Answer: “Die Lorelei”

12. Seth Beckwith, the gardener, serves as a chorus and commentator throughout this drama. Marie Brantome's son

    Adam approaches the central family to seek revenge, but falls for Christine. After Christine poisons her husband

    Ezra, her daughter Lavinia plots with brother Orin to kill Adam Brant in retaliation, resulting in their mother's

    suicide. Consisting of The Homecoming, The Hunted, and The Haunted, For 10 points--, identify this dramatic

    trilogy loosely based on Aeschylus' Orestesia by Eugene O'Neill.

    Answer: Mourning Becomes Electra

13. He collaborated with Jean Aurenche on his first play, Humulus the Mute, and was his decision to write dramas

    was influenced by Jean Giraudoux's Siegfried that he saw as a teenager. His clash with General de Gaulle can be seen in The Fighting Cock and Le Songe du Critique, and he was known for grouping his plays under adjectives like ―jarring,‖ ―costumed,‖ ―pink,‖ and ―failures.‖ For 10 points-- name this French playwright of Traveller Without

    Luggage, Antigone, and Becket.

    Answer: Jean-Marie-Lucien-Pierre Anouilh

14. In this poem's third stanza the poet speaks of "A heart whose love is innocent!" and "A mind at peace with all

    below." First appearing in the poet's Hebrew Melodies, the poem's central figure is Mrs. Wilmot. Prior to speaking of "One shade the more, one ray the less / Had half impair'd the nameless grace" the poet claims that "All the best of

    dark and night meet in her aspect." For 10 points-- name this poem whose subject's looks are compared to darkness

    by Lord Byron.

    Answer: “She Walks in Beauty”

    15. This novel, whose title derives from an expression meaning ―angry,‖ is narrated by the protagonist’s niece, who begins by telling of her aunt’s birth in the middle of a kitchen. In the first chapter the protagonist’s sister Rosaura is

    offered by Mama Elena after she rejects Pedro Muzquiz’s request for the protagonist’s hand in marriage. Though the lovers are killed in a fire before they can be married, the narrator promises that the protagonist will live on as long as

    people continue to prepare her recipes. For 10 pointsname this novel centering on Tita de la Garza by Laura Esquivel.

    Answer: Like Water for Chocolate or Como aqua para chocolate

    Folly & Glory Seed I:3

16. During the search of a Portuguese liner, the protagonist of this novel finds a suspicious letter but burns it instead

    of turning it over to the proper officials. The protagonist attempts to finance a vacation to the Cape Colony for his

    wife and falls into debt with a Syrian merchant whose later forces him to smuggle gems after he catches him sending

    comprising letters to Mrs. Rolt. Centering on Major Scobie who in the end uses evipan, an angina drug, to commit

    suicide --for 10 points-- name this novel by Graham Greene.

    Answer: Heart of the Matter

17. The stage directions for this play call for a half-hidden piano that is never used. The work was the fist part of a

    trilogy whose other components were Each in His Own Way and Tonight We Improvise. Madame Pace is a dressmaker and brothel owner who employs two of the title characters, who interrupt a performance of Mixing It Up

    to explain their dilemma to the Stage Manager. For 10 points-- name this criticism of theatrical production by Luigi


    Answer: Six Characters in Search of an Author or Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore

18. The poem's eighth and last section ends with an apostrophe by the poet and the escape of this title character from

    the Kumans. He is the grandson of Oleg and is married to Yaroslavna whose laments for her lost husband are

    prominent in the work. He is compared to an ermine, a white duck, a gray wolf, and a falcon after Ovlur aids his

    escape. He is forced to escape after he is captured due to foolishly ignoring the bad omen of a solar eclipse prior to

    his assault on the Polovetsians. For 10 points-- name this central character whose campaign is the subject of an

    anonymously written Russian national epic.

    Answer: Prince Igor Svyatoslavich (svya-toh-SLAH-vihch)

19. Jerome Kilty's Dear Liar was adapted for the stage from the correspondence between Mrs. Patrick Campbell and

    this author. The influence of Ibsen is visible in his comedy centering on London slum landlordism, Widowers'

    Houses, and he contrasts Bluntschli and Saranoff in one of his ―Pleasant‖ plays. Said to have made King Edward VII

    laugh so hard that he broke his chair with his John Bull’s Other Island --for 10 points-- name this Irish dramatist of Mrs. Warren's Profession and Arms and the Man.

    Answer: George Bernard Shaw

20. This man’s poem ―On the Picture Screen‖ lauds the Twelve Peaks of his home region. A free translation of one

    of his poems beginning ―While my hair was still cut straight‖ was published by Ezra Pound under the title ―The

    River Merchant’s Wife.‖ Works such as ―Self Abandonment,‖ ―Sick Leave,‖ and ―Drinking Alone Under the

    Moon,‖ speak of his alcholism that led to his death by drowning. For 10 points-- name this Tang Dynasty writer renowned as the ―Poet Immortal‖ and a rival of Du Fu.

    Answer: Li Po or Li Bo or Li Bai

21. Colin of Glenure, known as the Red Fox, hunts one of the characters in this novel. The protagonist along with

    Alan Breck Steward kills Mr. Shuan, the first mate of the Covenant, and its captain Hoseason. Upon disembarking deep in loyalist territory, Alan, a Jacobite, has to run with the protagonist to Mr. Rankeillor, the protagonist’s family

    lawyer, who convinces his uncle Ebenezer of Shaws to give the protagonist the money he needs to live and help

    Alan. For 10 points-- name this novel about David Balfour by Robert Louis Stevenson.

    Answer: Kidnapped

     22. Briefly the editor of the Analectic magazine, his later works included Bracebridge Hall, Tales of a Traveler, and

    The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, USA. He studied law under Judge Josiah Hoffman, but it was his satirical

    magazine, Salmagundi, that led him to begin work on his A History of New York. Known for The Alhambra and The

    Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon, For 10 points-- name this American author of ―Rip Van Winkle‖ and ―The Legend

    of Sleepy Hollow.‖

    Answer: Washington Irving

23. The 42nd line of this poem, "The like was ne'er in Epsom blankets toss'd" alludes to the 1688 drama The Sullen

    Lovers. Just as Aeneas passed Rome to his son Ascanius, the poet imagines the namesake third-rate poetaster

    passing the empire of dullness to the satire's subject, "Who stands confirmed in full stupidity." A response for the

    attack on the poet in The Medal of John Bayes, --For 10 points-- name this satirical poem, the work in which the

    true blue Protestant, Thomas Shadwell, is lampooned by John Dryden.

    Folly & Glory Seed I:4

    Answer: ―Mac Flecknoe, or A Satire upon the True-Blue-Protestant Poet, T.S. ‖

     24. Winning the poet his first poetry prize from the National Urban League, this poem first appeared in Opportunity Magazine. The poem unites an observing narrator and a performer who works in a "dull pallor of an old gas light."

    The performer works on Lenox Avenue and sings a song of despair "far into the night" but is able to drain anxiety

    through music and escape to bed, sleeping "like a rock or man that's dead." For 10 pointsname this 1923 poem about a Harlem nightclub piano player by Langston Hughes.

    Answer: The Weary Blues

25. He has hair the color of ripe orange rind, gray eyes, and a contemptuous mouth. Despite being expelled from the

    Stanton Institute of Technology, he is still hired by the Manhattan Bank Company. One of his later projects prompts

    Elsworth Toohey to anonymously arrange for him a commission for the Stoddard Temple of the Human

    Spirit.Contrasted with Peter Keating, by the novel’s end he has married Dominique Francon. For 10 points-- name

    this architect, the protagonist of Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead.

    Answer: Howard Roark (Accept Either)

26. In A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Stephen Dedalus fantasizes about betraying this character with the

    line ‖Madam, I never eat muscatel grapes.‖ She begs the title character of her novel for the life of her son, Albert, who remains at the end her only hope for a better life. Although she betrays the title character at the beginning of

    the novel, she redeems herself by revealing the wickedness of her husband Fernand Mondego. For 10 points-- name

    this love of Edmund Dantes in Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo.

    Answer: Mercedes

27. Ten years before his death, this author wrote a dramatic monologue concerning an alms box pilferer entitled

    ―Holy Willie's Prayer.‖ His brother Gilbert is partly responsible for the fantastic stories surrounding the

    circumstances under which his poems, such as ―The Cotter's Saturday Night‖ and ―Comin thro' the Rye,‖ were

    written. He attributed much of his style to his study of Allan Ramsay and Robert Fergusson, although one critic

    hailed him as a ―heavenly-taught ploughman.‖ The author from whose work John Steinbeck named his novel Of

    Mice and Men --for 10 points-- name this poet of ―Auld Land Syne‖ and ―A Red Red Rose.‖ Answer: Robert Burns

28. He was rumored to own a video library of some 3,000 films, and like one of his major characters, he learned

    English from movies. His play Mystery of the Rose Banquet failed as a result of a fire in a London theater, and the

    film version of his novel Heartbreak Tango led to a royalties dispute. One of his works is structured as a dialogue

    between two prisoners, a homosexual and a young revolutionary. For 10 points-- name this Argentine author of

    Betrayed by Rita Hayworth and Kiss of the Spider Woman.

    Answer: Manuel Puig

29. "In deepest grass, beneath the whisp'ring roof" is where at the end of this poem's first stanza the author spots the

    titular personification of the human soul and her lover. Throughout the poem the poet uses thou to refer to the title

    character and describes her as "Fairer than Ph{oe}be's sapphire-region'd star, / Or Vesper, amorous glow-worm of

    the sky." The poet concludes that he will leave "a casement open at night," to let the warm love in of --for 10 points-

    - Eros and the title goddess in this poem by John Keats.

    Answer: “Ode to Psyche”

30. This character receives a note while on a plane trip to California from Schwartz, who stays behind in Nashville

    and commits suicide. He was deeply in love with his dead wife, Minna Davis, and works closely with his writers

    including Wylie White, who hopes to marry Cecilia, his partner Brady's daughter. He has a passionate affair with

    Kathleen Moore because she resembles his wife, before meeting with Communist organizers over concerns about

    his movie studio. FTP, identify this film producer, F. Scott Fitzgerald's Last Tycoon. Answer: Monroe Stahr (accept either!)

     th31. The 148 poem of this collection suggests that all the rivers of the world cannot quell the author’s desire, while

    the first poem begins ―You who hear the sound in scattered rhymes.‖ According to an introduction to one of this by rdTheodor Mommsen, though its author may have called it Rarum Vulgarium Fragmenta. The 333 considers

    Folly & Glory Seed I:5

    bringing his ―sad verse‖ to the ―harsh stone that hides my precious treasure‖ For 10 points-- name this collection of 366 poems, many of which are addressed to Laura by Francesco Petrarch.

    Answer: Canzoniere or Rime of Petrarch

32. He has a son Rudy die as an infant and was known to one character as ―Henry Flower.‖ After getting into a fight

    over his Jewish heritage, he goes to a fireworks display and masturbates. The son of Rudolph Virag, who committed

    suicide, his wife conducts an affair with Blazes Boylan and on June 16, 1904 he takes to his home the student

    Stephen Deadulus. For 10 points-- name this title character whose odyssey is followed in James Joyce's Ulysses.

    Answer: Leopold Bloom

33. This series follows twelve interwoven fictional narratives and includes characters like Eveline Hutchins, Charley

    Anderson and Ada Cohn. Mixing fiction and non-fiction, it includes twenty-seven short biographies of historical

    figures like Eugene Debs, sixty-eight "newsreels" or collections of slogans, song lyrics, newspaper headlines,

    excerpts from political speeches, and fifty-one "camera eye" autobiographies. Following the rise of American

    materialism, FTP, identify this trilogy consisting of The Big Money, The 42nd Parallel, and 1919, written by John

    Dos Passos.

    Answer: The USA Trilogy

34. This novella opens with a recess at the 1884 Melvinski trial where we meet the title character's friend Peter.

    Peter visits his friend’s home and we learn about a bruise the title character received four years prior, after Peter

    day-dreams about his chances for a promotion. Among the characters portrayed are the title character's wife,

    Praskovya, and his servant Gerasim, whose attitudes towards the titular event are contrasted. For 10 points-- name

    this Tolstoy novella that centers on a Russian judge's death.

    Answer: Death of Ivan Illich OR Smert Ivana Ilicha

35. After spending a year at Indiana University, he wrangled a job with the Chicago Globe before publishing short

    fiction such as ―Higger Jeff‖ and ―Old Rogaum and His Theresa‖. After having a nervous breakdown, he became the

    editorial director of the Butterick Publishing Company before publishing his semi-autobiographical ―The Genius‖ and his "Trilogy of Desire." For 10 points-- name this author of An American Tragedy and Sister Carrie

    Answer: Theodore Dreiser

36. In the early part of this novel, the central female character sets a signal fire at Mistover Knap to draw the

    attention of the proprietor of the Quiet Woman Inn. That designing woman loses interest in the proprietor and then

    marries the title character, but they become estranged and in the novel's culminating action at Shadwater Weir, she

    and the proprietor drown. Ending at Rainbarrow Hill where the title character harmoniously stands following the

    death of his wife Eustacia Vye --for 10 points-- name this Thomas Hardy novel named for Clym Yeobright.

    Answer: Return of the Native

37. The Dylan Thomas poem ―And Death shall have no Dominion‖ features prominently in this novel. It begins

    with the protagonist being sent off to the title location by a man named Moddard. When he arrives, he finds out that

    Snow has gone crazy and that Gilbarian is dead, but it is not until his wife Rheya appears that he begins to realize

    that the ocean on the title location has the power to make dreams come true. For 10 points-- name this novel

    centered on psychologist Kris Kelvin, a work of Stanislaw Lem.

    Answer: Solaris

    38. This 1843 poem is centered on a performance of a tragedy entitled Man. The author describes the audience as, "An angel throng, bewinged, bedight / In veils, and drowned in tears, / Sit in a theatre, to see" the production whose

    hero is "A blood-red thing that writhes from out / The scenic solitude!" First included in the short story ―Ligeia,‖ --

    for 10 points-- name this work centering on the creature who eats the actors as the curtain falls in a poem by Edgar

    Allan Poe.

    Answer: “Conqueror Worm”

39. Gabriel has a recurring delusion that he is an Archangel and carries an old trumpet wherever he goes in this

    drama. Rose attempts to hold the family together by choosing to raise the baby her husband has with his mistress

    Alberta. Cory eventually joins the marines after his father refuses to let him accept a football scholarship in part

    Folly & Glory Seed I:6

    because he was unable to play professional baseball. For 10 points-- name this play concerning the breakdown of

    Troy Maxson's family, a work by August Wilson.

    Answer: Fences

40. Science and beauty are represented in this work by the author's two alter egos, the poet and the professor.

    Containing the statement, "Boston State-House is the hub of the solar system," the work ends with the title character

    and the schoolmistress engaging in a sentimental romance. The title character lives in a boarding house and the work

    consists of essays interlaced with accounts of his interactions with other boarders at mealtime. For 10 points--

    identify this collection by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

    Answer: Autocrat of the Breakfast Table

41. This author, whose life was chronicled by physician Linda Donelson, contracted syphilis from her nobleman

    husband in 1915. Her stories ―Anna‖ and ―Uncle Theodore‖ appear in the posthumously published collection

    Carnival. In one of her stories, a Prioress exchanges her soul with a demon, while in another, the opera singer

    Pellegrina Leoni loses her voice in a fire. Those stories, ―The Monkey‖ and ―The Poet,‖ appear with ―The Old

    Cavalier‖ and ―The Supper at Elsinore‖ in her collection Seven Gothic Tales. FTP, name this Danish author of Winter Tales and the autobiographical Out of Africa.

    Answer: Karen Blixen or Isak Dinesen

42. "Romance at short notice was her specialty" is the closing line of this short story. One character in the story

    speculates that the arrival of Spaniel is responsible for the running away of Framton Nuttel, who was referred to the

    rectory by his sister who had stayed there four years earlier. The female protagonist explains the titular object is thus

    because three years earlier her three uncles had gone hunting and never came back, and it was always left ajar

    should they return. For 10 points-- name this short story centering Ms. Stapleton's niece by Saki.

    Answer: “Open Window”

43. It opens with a dedication to Albert Schweitzer before describing a fictional town in the heart of America. It tells

    the stories of Clear Lake, California and the Midwestern Japanese beetles before linking rises in hepatitis and

    cirrhosis to products such as endrin, alrdin, and malathion. In response to it, President Kennedy appointed a

    Scientific Advisory Committee to investigate this work's claims concerning the use of DDT and other pesticides. For

    10 points-- name this work by Rachel Carson.

    Answer: Silent Spring

44. Though this author penned such treatises as Creative Unity and The Religion of an Artist, and the short story

    collection The Hungry Stones and Other Stories, he is best known for his poetry. His poem ―O Thou Hospitable‖ addresses a destitute pilgrim, and like the other poems in his collection The Cup of Leaves, emphasizes the principle

    of kapchada, or off-beat rhythm. His collection titled A Flight of Swans is a thematic extension of a previous work addressed to the deity Jivandevata. FTP, name this Bengali author of the poetry collection Gitanjali, the composer

    of two national anthems.

    Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

45. One character laments the curse of Kithairon at the end of this drama. Tiresias has a brief role in which in which

    he is accused of heresy by the King of Thebes whose mother is found among a group near Mount Kithairon

    slaughtering cattle. It features the appearance of a stranger of Lydia who claims his birthright as the son of Semele,

    and culminates in Pentheus’s savage murder by Agave. For 10 points—name this drama by Euripides that takes its name from the attendants of Dionysus.

     Answer: Bacchae

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