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    SUBMIT FILE TO: Countrywide Home Loans thAddress: 1900 South State College, 4 Floor, Anaheim CA 92806

    SUBMISSION FAX: 714-242-7437

     (MUST HAVE: 1008, 1003, AND GFE)

    Business Partner: Source Code: Branch:789 Re Region: 11 Contact Name: CW Area Manager: Patrick O’Kane Address: AM Dir AM Direct Phone: 714-757-4221 Address: AM Email Address:

    PS Name & #: Christine Sumi 714-938-4522 Phone:

    FAX: PS Fax: 714-385-6317 Email Address: PS Email:

    email appraisals, send conditions, file ?’s

    Borrower(s): Sales Price:

    Co-Borrower(s): Stated Appr. Value: Property Address: Loan Amt.:

    City, State, Zip: Est. Closing Date: Finance Type: 80/20 Purchase Rate/Term Refi C/O Refi

    Property Type: SFR Lo Condo PUD 2 Units 3-4 Units Row Hi-rise Attached Detached st1 liens: 2/28 3/27 30 Yr. 40 Yr. 2/38 3/27 5/35 Levels DU/EA: Yes No CWBC Submission: Yes No Interest Only: Yes No Seconds: 30/15 20 yr. 15 yr. Doc. Type: Full Stated 12 Mo. Bk St. Occupancy Type: Owner 2nd Home Non-owner Other: Credit Comeback Loan

    Prepayment Penalty: 1 yr. 2 yr. 3 yr. 5 yr. None Rural Property: Yes No

    Risk Grade: Premier Plus Premier A- B C C- Grade Type: 12 Mon. Mort./Rent Hist. Renters Exp. Mid Fico LTV CLTV Max Debt Ratio = Landsafe Request ID# First Submission to SLG: RATE, MARGIN AND POINTS REBATE POINTS Add to Rate to get Rebate Start Rate (rate sheet) + Add-ons from rate sheet Important: Are all relevant boxes checked? 0.130% -0.250% + Add-ons 0.250% -0.500% + Add-ons from rebate Comments to Underwriter: 0.380% -0.750% + Pre pay add-on 0.500% -1.000% 0.690% -1.250% FINAL RATE = % 0.880% -1.500% REBATE 1.070% -1.750%

    1.250% -2.000% 1.440% 2.250% If quoted via email or phone, 1.630% 2.500% please fill out rate & rebate in 1.820% 2.750% box to the right. > > > > > > 2.000% 3.000%

     Complete new 1003 (2004) with applicable Government Monitoring Information (Race / Gender / Ethnicity) Face-to-Face application All information must be provided Non Face-Face (Phone, FAX, Mail or Internet) Information should be requested but not req’d to be provided by the borrower (s) – if borrower indicates “I do not wish to provide this information”, mark application accordingly. IMPORTANT: Government Monitoring disclosure must be provided to the borrower (s) prior to collecting this information. Complete 1003 (2004) with date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY) providing applicants age, will not be sufficient. Early Disclosures (GFE, TIL, State req’d, broker contract, etc.)

     Current paystub (needs to include last years W2) for all borrowers dated within 60 days of closing Copy of the past 12 months cancelled checks (front & back) for a privately held mortgage or lease purchase Copy of bankruptcy papers Completed copy of purchase / land contract, retail installment contract or lease-purchase agreement. (addendum, counteroffers etc.) Title Commitment with 12 month chain of title Homeowners Insurance Declaration Page Appraisal with original photos Closing Protection Letter from Title Company Mortgage Payoff/ Demand Other: Proof of Self-Employment: For 1 yr. YTD P & L and Complete tax returns 1040’s, 1120’s or K-1. For 2 years, 12 months bank statements with corresponding P&L. This quote constitutes a preliminary credit determination only and not a loan approval. A loan approval may be issued only after we have received and reviewed the complete loan package. Additional concerns and conditions may be addressed at that time.

Email with name of file, time of submission, name and

phone number w/ext. of broker/loan officer working the file. Thank you!

Equal Housing Lender ? 2004 Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. Trade/Service Marks are the property of Countrywide Financial Corporation and/or its subsidiaries. Sec. 32 (HOPEA) Loans are not allowed.

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