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    We can’t offer you a raise, Alternatives (noun) Other options

    but let’s discuss an


    We're better to settle this Arbitration (noun) conflict that is

    between us, because a addressed by using a formal arbitration will cost

    neutral third party both of us money.

    We bargained on the last Bargain (verb) Try to change

    issue for over an hour someone’s mind by before we agreed.

    using various tactics.

    I'll accept a raise of one Bottom-line (noun) The lowest one is

    dollar per hour, but that's willing to go my bottom-line.

    We are willing to Compromise (verb) changing one's

    compromise on this issue mind/terms slightly because it means so much

    in order to find a to you.


    I think we can offer all of Concession (noun) A thing that is

    these concessions, but not granted or accepted all at once.

    I confronted my boss about Confront (verb) present an issue to

    being undervalued, and someone directly we're going to talk about

    things on Monday.

    It would be great if we Consensus (noun) An agreement by all

    could come to a consensus

    by 5:00 P.M.

    When the discussions came Deadlock (noun) point where neither

    to a deadlock we wrote up party will give in a letter of intent to continue

    the negotiations next week.

    We've been haggling over Haggling (verb) arguing back and

    this issue for too long now. forth (often about


    I'm planning to high-ball High-ball (verb) make a request that

    my expectations when I is much higher than open the discussion.

    you expect to receive

    I was expecting my boss to Low-ball (verb) offer something

    low-ball in the initial offer, much lower than you but he proposed a fair salary

    think the opponent increase.

will ask for

    After a bit of log-rolling we Log-rolling (verb) Trade one favor for

    came to an agreement that another pleased both of us.

    His positive body language Receptive (adj) open to/interested in

    demonstrated that he was an idea receptive to our


    His ultimatum was that if I Ultimatum (noun) a final term that has

    didn't agree to give him the serious raise he asked for, he'd quit

    consequences if not today without two week's

    notice. met

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