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Dear All

    I apologise in advance for the length of this e-mail but the information it contains is important and should be read through and understood.

    Most of you will soon be required to submit an assignment or a piece of coursework – if you have not done so already - and to ensure that this process runs as smoothly as possible I would be grateful if you could observe the following points:

    Unless instructed otherwise by your module leader, you must submit one hard copy

    of the assignment in either of the Postgraduate Assignment Submission Boxes which

    are located outside the Student Support Office (Room GE46) on or before the

    submission deadline.

    Please note that module leaders do not usually set deadlines later than 4:00pm.

    You must also submit a soft copy via the Turnitin facility on Vital. Turnitin is a

    plagiarism and collusion detection system and if you do not submit your coursework

    via this facility then your work will not be marked. Failure to submit an identical

    version via Turnitin compared to the hard copy may result in a penalty being applied.

    The submission via Turnitin must also be on or before the submission deadline.

    You must complete the green-backed Individual Coursework Assessment form which

    is available from outside the Student Support Office. This form requires you to

    complete your name, student id number, module code, module title, the title of the

    question attempted and the date submitted. You must also sign and date the

    submission form. Please use a ball-point pen when completing these forms.

    Please DO NOT remove the green page from the back of the assignment

    submission form. This page will show a carbon copy of the module leader’s

    feedback and will be handed back to you with your assignment, showing your mark.

    If you remove this green page your feedback and mark cannot be provided.

    The completed form should be attached to the copy of the assignment. The form

    should be stapled securely to the assignment and posted in the Postgraduate

    Assignment Submission Box. If the assignment is too big to fit in the box or if you are

    having difficulty using the staplers which are left for your use near the Submission

    Boxes, please visit the Student Support Office for assistance.

    Receipts are not supplied by the Student Support Office so if you require a receipt

    when submitting your coursework you must bring one with you for completion by a

    member of the Office staff. This receipt should include your name, student number

    and the details of the module for which the work is being submitted.

Please note that failure to submit your assignment correctly may mean that the work is not

    marked and will be graded as a non-submission.

    The assignment feedback sheet – which will include your mark and the module leader’s comments – and your coursework will be returned to you approximately 3 weeks after the original submission date (where possible).

    You will be contacted by Mary O’Brien via e-mail to notify you when the marked coursework is available for you to collect from the Student Support Office. In normal circumstances you should collect the work within 2 weeks of receiving the e-mail announcement. Please do not

    visit the office to check if coursework has been returned by the module leader – you will be notified via email as soon as it is available.

    If you notify Mary upon receipt of the e-mail that you are unable to collect the coursework within the timescale specified, we will put the work to one side for you to collect at a later agreed date. If you do not notify us of any delay in collecting work, you must formally request via e-mail that you collect the work at an alternative time, to be agreed by the Student Support Office. Work that has not been collected will be posted out to students at the end of each semester.

Please ensure you are aware of the coursework submission date and time.

    If an assignment is submitted after the deadline without an extension having been granted to the hand in date, 5 marks will be deducted for every day it is late for up to 5 working days. Assignments that are more than 5 days late cannot be accepted and a mark of zero

    will be awarded for this piece of work.

    If you know you will be unable to submit a piece of work on or before the deadline set by your module leader, an extension may be granted by your Director of Studies on medical or other exceptional grounds. Please note that the following would not be considered appropriate reasons for granting an extension:

    Computer problems; minor illness such as a cough or cold that lasts less than 7 days

    (self-certification will not be accepted as evidence); pressures of paid employment;

    job interviews (unless in exceptional circumstances e.g. the interview is overseas);

    several assignments being due for submission on or around the same date; other

    commitments e.g. sports or voluntary work; inadequate planning or time

    management; any event that could have been anticipated.

    Extension Request forms are available from outside the Student Support Office.Please note that the completed form (signed by your Director of Studies), together with any

    supporting evidence such as medical certificates, should be submitted to the Student Support Office no later than 48 hours prior to the original submission deadline. Your Director of

    Studies must sanction all extension requests and sign the form, but it is courteous to notify the module leader concerned that an extension has been granted.

    Please be aware that your Director of Studies is under no obligation to automatically grant an extension if a request is made. Your request will be considered with the utmost confidentiality and a copy of any requests made will be kept on your file, whether they are approved or not.

    I do appreciate that this is a large amount of information to pass on in on e-mail, but it is vital that you read through, understand and adhere to the guidelines detailed above.

    If I can be of any further help, or if you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards and best wishes


Joanne Warbrooke

    Assessment Administrator

    Student Support Office

    University of Liverpool

    Management School

    Chatham Street


    L69 7ZH

    Tel: +44 (0)151 795 3104

    Fax: +44 (0)151 795 3004


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