cherish your oranges

By Nicole White,2014-05-02 10:07
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cherish your oranges

    According to the author(orange has rare characters that distinguish it from othersIt is perennial(health giving(delightful(and honestBetween

    the lines(apparently he is not only talking about a fruit(but also

    suggesting what kind of people we should cherish and try to be

    Too often we become slaves to those blooming faces and terTIpting liesIt is human nature to listen to flattering words and blindly believe

    themIf a fdend persuades us or our parents prevent us from doing what we stubbornly prefer(it is certainly annoying before we calm down and give h a second thoughtSo the author displays enough wisdom by his recognition of the preciousness of the healthgiving character

    Just like the fish can hardly feel the water he is inwe may neglect

    those nice people who are always around usWe take them for granted and seldom express our gratitude towards them(the pleasure of whose

    company we have been enjoying and accustomed to unconsciouslyA

    little boy will cast his usual toy aside if he fancies a new oneSimilarly(

    when the berries are in season(will we remember the sweetness of orange9 The author is such a wise man that he is not numb with the commonly seen fruit and can still admire its beautyHe is also lucky for he

    doesnt lose this great pleasure to feel enjoyable

    And maybe we should reflect on ourselveswhen we encounter

    those people who have the personalities of an orange(have we treasured


    After reding the essay(this question is frequently haunting me

    who are the oranges of my life and have l treated them fainy? 0nce a classmate always found fault with me out of jealousy(I

    couldnt help feeling offended and disturbedYet my closest friend

    didnt break up with that foe as I expected(instead(she urged me to

    compromise with her1 fen betrayed and attacked from the person whose support I needed mostBut later on(tortured by the tightened relationship(

    I couldnt concentrate on my studyFinally(without acknowledging

    anyone else in advance(1 went to the foe to apologize first and we became reconciled after talkingThen l told n to my friend who has persuaded me to dO the right thingShe felt so happY for meIt is

    very interesting that this close friend has a nickname of orangeYes(

    she is an orange in my universiV life and fortunately we have been good

    friends since I entered this wOr廿1y living campus

    About four years ago(when 1 was still an ignorant adolescent who always went to extremes(l somehow felt distasted for talking with my dad(which almost broke his heartThe day I took the college entrance examination(having been overwrought made me feel like nauseatingI


    didnt know whether 1 would have the courage to go through the exams

    Just when 1 was waiting in front of the test center(desperately

    helpless(I suddenly caught sight of a most familiar face in the crowd

    that looked so worded yet still lovingIt was my dad whom I had already told to go homeNot until then did I realize that he was being there for meand l needed him so much

    And now we often chat through cell phone(he has assumed a new

    rolea bosom friendHe is such a handsome(humorous and charming

    friendIt is odd that l didnt find and appreciate that earlierNowadays

    1 will give him a high remark,?he is an orangehe must be a sweet

    one with delightful fragranceOf course(this big orange is one 1 will cherish and love with all my life

    Talking of my father reminds how my parents behave towards each otherMy mother(in the eyes of people outside my house(may be an

    averagelooking middleaged womanMy fatherin everyones

    eyes(was and is a handsome manLast time my mum told me that my dad said he felt her eyes were even more beautiful than when they were young and unmarriedShe giggled when saying these wordsAnd an?

    other daymy dad told me that the dress my mum wore these days were very lovely(and he said she looked five years youngerThat reveals

    to me their feelif_lgs towards each otherI felt so lucky that after more than twenty years(they can still care for each other and be aware of the other ones goodness(which seems so sweet and amazingAs

    their child(yes(I give them my filial pietyBut after all they themselves are each others best orangemost helpful and longest companion in lifeThey seem like two oranges on one stem that either one relies on the other and either one loves the other

    We all have oranges around us(I am pretty sureBut it is a pity

    that some of us may have carelessly forgotten them or neglected them

    Find your oranges and cherish themThis sounds easier than doing

    You need wisdom(sharp eyes(and a sensitive heart to complete the taskHowever(you dont have to doubt how to get this discerning power(because you have read this wit?article f?m which you will be

    enlightenedThis is truly an edificatory essay that I believe has benefited numerous readers(me included(and will do many more in the fu?





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