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Financials II includes inter-company accounting, multiple company consolidation capabilities, account allocations, cash-flow forecasting, and electronic

    ???? Business SolutionsAxapta Microsoft Business SolutionsAxapta

    MicrosoftFinancial Management helps you effectively Financial Management provides you with fast, increase your business while maintaining reliable and comprehensive accounting, financial control over your financial management reporting and analysis capabilities. It lets you processes. extend the appropriate information access to your Key Benefits: business community, so that you can improve the

    efficiency of your existing accounting processes. ? Helps you increase your business without Microsoft Axapta Financial Management is part introducing constraints of Microsoft Business SolutionsAxapta, a ? Improves the efficiency of your financial customizable, scalable and global Enterprise operations enabling strategic planning activities. Resource Planning (ERP) solution that provides ? Manages your cash flow effectively you with a fast and powerful way to gain a

    ? Helps ensure regulatory compliance competitive advantage.

    ? Provides greater insight of your finances and Microsoft Axapta Financial Management thereby improves your ability to make the right consists of several individually packaged decisions offerings:

     ? Microsoft Axapta Financials I and

    Financials II

    ? Electronic Banking

    ? Fixed Assets

    Financials I includes General Ledger, Bank

    Management, Accounts Receivable and

    Accounts Payable functionality.

    Financials II includes inter-company accounting,

    multiple company consolidation capabilities,

    account allocations, cash-flow forecasting, and

    electronic banking, an add-on to Bank

    Management is available that supports the import

    and export of payment files to financial

    institutions in several countries.

    Fixed Assets allows you to manage the entire

    lifecycle of your fixed assets.

    Increase your business without geographic


    Extend your businesses across the globe by

    running Microsoft Axapta Financial Management

    in multiple languages. You can use multi-

    currency functionality to manage currency

    exchange rates and thereby help ensure the

    accurate exchange rate adjustments needed to


    meet accounting requirements in different Assets and others, are part of one system and countries. database, a transaction in one module is With Microsoft Axapta Financial Management, automatically updated in corresponding accounts you can purchase and activate additional in the general ledger. This automatic, real-time functionality as the need arises. You can updating of data helps ensure fast and accurate structure your business to maximize tax financial reporting. Connectivity with the general treatments and favorable business conditions in ledger lets you trace each transaction to its origin, foreign markets. You can employ the extensive so you can verify and analyze transactions tax module to choose from a wide range of immediately or on demand for external or options for tax calculations, posting and internal audits. You can ensure the security of reporting. A truly comprehensive solution, critical data by allowing information access or Microsoft Axapta Financial Management approval privileges based on job function or uniquely provides critical local market other criteria. functionality to help you do business across Easily customize your solution for maximum

    efficiency borders.

    Increase user productivity by readily customizing Help ensure legal and regulatory compliance

    the user interface or online Help features to Since all Microsoft Axapta modules, such as

    match your specific business terminology and Project, Logistics, Trade, Production, Fixed

Tracing a transaction from a ledger account to its origin (The transaction can be followed to the original document, for example, a sales invoice.)


processes. With customizable Web-based portals,

    you can control the flow of information and only

    give users the information they need. Information

    portals are based on familiar Microsoft standards, multiple budget assumptions to deal with which eases training and lowers training costs. dynamic market conditions where a single, fixed Increase your focus on strategic budget for the fiscal year is not realistic. management Speed data analysis with financial With Microsoft Axapta Financial Management, dimensions you can meet demands for faster turnaround of Define and work with multiple financial accurate financial results. You can easily dimensions across various Microsoft Axapta consolidate results online across multiple Financial Management modules to track profit, companies. And you can leverage built-in XBRL cost centers, departments, regions, products lines (Extensible Business Reporting Language, an or any other measures from any reporting unit. open standard for exchanging financial reports Dimensions deepen analysis capabilities without among users) within or outside your organization complicating your chart of accounts. in order to eliminate manual reporting activities. Extend your solution to suit your needs With the help of Microsoft Axapta Financial Increase the value of your Microsoft Axapta Management, your financial team can plan and Financial Management solution by purchasing execute from a single corporate database, thereby complementary offerings. Monitor and optimize reducing time-intensive, repetitive administrative your business performance by establishing Key tasks and letting them move from strictly tactical Performance Indicators (KPI) from Microsoft activities to more strategic ones. Business SolutionsAxapta Balanced Scorecard. Effectively manage your cash flow With Balanced Scorecard, you simply map your Microsoft Axapta Financial Management helps accounting and business operating metrics into a provide you with a clear insight of your financial framework for strategic analysis. statusat all times. You can analyze your With Microsoft Axapta Enterprise Portal, your liquidity with cash flow forecasts and optimize employeeson site or remotewon't waste time the management of your foreign currency. With looking for information, because the information the Microsoft Axapta Bank Management module, they need to make accurate and quick business you can reconcile your accounts, set up checks decisions is delivered directly to their Web and monitor and report deposits, payments and portals. balances on bank accounts. You can use the With Microsoft Business SolutionsAxapta electronic payment option to import customer Business Analysis, you can get advanced payments automatically into your payment multidimensional reporting and analysis features journal or make vendor payments with clear using on-line analytical processing (OLAP). This visibility into all your accounts to help you solution extends your ability to analyze financial manage your cash flow more effectively. data using multiple dimension data cubes and Enjoy flexible data analysis options pivot tables. Monitor and analyze transactions with the For more information about Microsoft Axapta powerful drill around and drill to detail To learn more about Microsoft Axapta, contact capabilities of Microsoft Axapta Financial your local Microsoft Business Solutions Office Management. Generate financial reports with or Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner flexible advanced reporting tools with multiple at the following Web address. They have the output options. Import and export data between expertise to meet your specific business needs. Microsoft

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    Microsoft Business Solutions, a division of ? applications and Microsoft Microsoft, offers a wide range of integrated, end-Axapta for easy document handling and creation. to-end business applications and services You can also analyze actual results against designed to help small, midmarket and corporate


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     Data sheet summary

    Module: Financials I Key Features Description

    GENERAL LEDGER ? Flexible setup of accounting periods

    ? Fast and reliable year-end procedure

    ? Multiple budgets

    ? Advanced options for transaction entry

    ? Journal approval procedures

    ? Recurring journals

    ? Validation prior to posting

    ? Automatic allocation according to predefined setup of accounts, dimensions and percentages??

    ? Extensive tax module for different types of tax calculation and reporting BANK MANAGEMENT ? Reconcile bank accounts

    ? Setup of checks

    ? Monitoring deposits, payments, and bank balances

    ? Electronic import of bank account statements available for some countries ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE ? Credit assessment

    ? Flexible terms of payment and cash discounts

    ? Advanced payment schedules

    ? Prepayments

    ? Draft handling (bill of exchange)

    ? Payment proposal

    ? Free text invoicing (non-stock invoicing)

    ? Extended options for interest calculation

    ? Options to setup unlimited number of different collection procedures

    ? Export and import formats for electronic payments

    ? Multiple currency handling and exchange rate adjustment ACCOUNTS PAYABLE ? Export and import formats for electronic payments

    ? Bridging accounts

    ? Promissory note handling

    ? Advanced payment schedules

    ? Payment proposals

    ? Option to match invoices to physical deliveries

    ? Option for separate handling of approved and unapproved invoices EASY TO USE ? Intuitive screen layout and structure

    ? User-adjustable menus, entry forms and reports

    ? Advanced sorting and filter options

    ? Built-in user Help including an integrated manual

    ? Option to e-mail and fax directly from Microsoft Axapta GLOBAL FUNCTIONALITIES ? Multi-language capabilities

    ? Comprehensive local market functionality

    ? Multi-currency and secondary currency handling

    ? Currency Converter

    ? Euro conversion

    ? Exchange rate adjustment handling

    ? Intrastat and EU sales list

    ? Country-specific bank formats for electronic payments and import of bank account statements

    DATA ANALYSIS ? Powerful financial dimensions for data analysis

    ? Flexible report generator

    ? XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language)

    ? Drill to detail and drill around capabilities RELIABILITY AND SECURITY ? Strong audit trail capabilities

    ? System controls and transaction validations

    ? Transaction approval

    ? Extended options for setup of access rights


    Data sheet summary

    Module: Financials II

    Key Features Description

    ADVANCED GENERAL ? Intercompany accounting LEDGER ? Global consolidations

    ? Account allocations based on predefined criteria for actual or budget amounts

    ? Cash-flow forecasting and currency requirement calculation

    Module: Fixed Assets

    Key Features Description

    ASSET MANAGEMENT ? Manages the full life cycle from acquisition, depreciation to disposition

    ? Maintains asset status information

    ? Improves control over fixed assets to drive accuracy and timeliness in your accounting results

    ? Supports five depreciation methods (straight line, declining balance, factor, manual percentage and


    ? Forecasts using fixed assets budgets

System Requirements

    TO OBTAIN ALL OF THE ? Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta 3.0 FEATURES MENTIONED IN ? Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta Financials I THIS FACT SHEET, ? Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta Financials II THE FOLLOWING MODULES ? Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta Electronic Banking AND TECHNOLOGIES ARE ? Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta Fixed Assets REQUIRED: ? Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta Enterprise Portal Framework

    ? Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta Business Analysis

    ? Microsoft Business Analysis Server 2000??

    ? Microsoft Internet Information Server

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