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Regional Lifestyle



    Factual Programming

    Regional Programming

    Cláracha Gaeilge, Multiculture and Education Programming

    Entertainment Programming

    Daytime & Lifestyle Programming

    Young People’s Programming

    PLEASE NOTE: Closing Date for receipt of all submissions is thMonday the 27 of August 2007 at 12 noon.

    RTÉ Independent Commissions 2008

    RTÉ Television offers viewers Irish public service television of a quality, range and ambition not found on any other channel. From News and Current Affairs to Drama and Sport, from Entertainment to Factual, Regional and Cláracha Gaeilge, from Young Peoples to Lifestyle, RTÉ continues to deliver a mixed general interest schedule to the Irish public, with programming designed to serve all of our viewers, of all ages and taste, countrywide.

    RTÉ Television sources many of it’s programmes from the independent production sector. Programmes are

    commissioned across a wide range of genres, with the ambition of bringing to our viewers high-quality, engaging and stimulating Irish television programmes. Our commissioning decisions are driven by our ambition to offer value for money, and diverse, Irish made content on our mainstream public service channels which are available to all Irish television viewers.

    For 2008, RTÉ is looking for Factual, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Educational, Regional, Young People’s, Multi-

    cultural, Education programming agus Cláracha Gaeilge for RTÉ ONE and RTÉ TWO. Drama proposals are accepted throughout the year.

    All of our commissions must be original, distinctive in their own genre, focused on their target audience, and offer a clear sense of how they will enhance our service to our viewers. We are looking for the best available creativity and talent in the sector, and will particularly welcome new talent in appropriate roles, including front of camera.


Please note:

    The discussion of, or initial interest in a proposal does not represent a commitment to commission by RTÉ and should not be understood as such. Commissioning decisions will reflect the quality of proposals received and the scheduling priorities operating at the time. RTÉ's financial position will also be a factor.

    Any proposals previously submitted to RTÉ in categories listed here, and which were rejected on a first reading in a previous Round, should not be re-submitted and will not be reconsidered.

    Proposals which clearly do not belong in any of the categories identified, or which are not clearly marked according to category, will not be accepted for

    consideration in the Round.


Guidelines for Submitting to RTÉ

RTÉ has updated its commissioning processes by introducing an

    electronic system by which producers can submit programme

    proposals or ideas.

In order to submit programme proposals or ideas to RTÉ e-

    Commissioning, producers will need to register first with RTÉ (see Producers can begin to register from thWednesday 6 June 2007. Please note that registration will close thfor one week only from Friday 17 August 2007 prior to the closing date of submission deadline.

In addition, please note the following:

    1. For the 2008 commissioning round RTÉ Independent

    Productions will only accept submissions online made through

    the e-Commissioning system.

    2. We will begin accepting online submissions from Monday the th25 of June 2007 through our new online e-Commissioning

    system which will be available on:

    3. If additional material needs to be sent by post producers will

    need to tick the relevant tick box on the e-Submission form.

    Each e-Submission will receive a unique reference number.

    Producers should clearly mark this reference number on all

    additional support material or DVD’s and send to:

     2008 Commissioning Round

    Independent Productions



    Dublin 4.

    ? Proposals must be submitted to RTÉ e-Commissioning by thMonday 27 August 2007 at 12 noon.

    ? It will not be possible to make submissions after the deadline.

    Please refer to RTÉ’s e-Commissioning Terms and Conditions

    on for further details.


Guidelines for Submitting to RTÉ

Producers should concentrate on identifying the key points of their

    proposal. The following may be used as a guide.

? What is your idea / the editorial synopsis?

    ? What is the format, if applicable?

    ? What is the storytelling style?

    ? What is the outline budget?

If production or presenter talent is attached this will not be

    regarded as binding; however the e-Submission should make it clear

    whether the individuals involved have been approached / have

    agreed, or are merely aspirational.



    Popular Documentaries

Documentary policy for 2008 will confirm 2 trends in recent Factual


One is the ongoing shift away from general single documentaries toward an

    emphasis on popular short series. The True Lives strand of general single

    documentaries will not be commissioned this year. Single documentaries of

    exceptional potential and value may be pursued, but it is important to point

    out that only one documentary of this sort was commissioned out of last

    year‟s Round.

The other significant development is the expansion of Factual documentary

    commissioning into the premier Monday 21:30 slot. In both 2006 and now in

    2007 extra budgets have been provided across the year for additional

    documentary flows into this high-demand, high-performance schedule slot.

    The opportunity for producers to win commissions and high audiences, with

    the potential for recommissions or other business growth with RTÉ, is marked.

Commissioning into the Tuesday and Thursday slots at 22:15 remains as high

    as ever alongside this expanded Monday requirement.

The message across all output is the same. Producers should focus on strong,

    competitive peaktime series ideas in which compelling characters, storylines

    and revelatory social or life experience scenarios are clearly evident. Ideas

    concerning relatively soft narratives, or centring on subjects and issues rather

    than stories and characters, are unlikely to be pursued.

Schedule slot guidelines are as follows:

    RTÉ ONE Monday 21:30

The intention here is to offer viewers high-impact documentary series capable

    of holding a 30% share across their run. Landmark documentary items

    offering unusual access or revelation or compelling human interest, or

    generating discussion about Irish society or public affairs, have succeeded in

    this slot. Examples have included The Asylum, Haughey and In Search of the

    Pope‟s Children, Surgeons and The Hospice and Future Shock: Property Crash.

    These are programmes that generate significant levels of media reaction and

    public discussion and that stand out in the television listings.

Upcoming commissioning in this slot includes:

    New series from David McWilliams

    Modern political history -- further series in Haughey / Fine Gael mode Future Shock: more episodes in 2007 and more in 2008.

    Documentaries on drug use and addiction in society


    Budget norms: Up to a maximum of ?135,000 per hour.

RTÉ ONE Tuesday 22:15

In addition to showcasing most of the Arts and History documentary output,

    this slot features strong general documentary material ranging from

    observational to strong story narratives. Stories from contemporary or recent

    Irish life are the priority. Output indicative of this slot‟s objectives includes

    The Family Silver, Junior Doctors and Raging Bulls and audience shares of 25% or over are sought.

Projects currently in development for this slot include docs of:

    Shifts in Irish employment

    Sex tourism

    Irish-British relationships

    Prominent murder cases

    andThe Family Silver [Series III].

    Budget norms: Up to a maximum of ?120,000 per hour.

RTÉ ONE Thursday 22:15

This slot alternates between Factual, Lifestyle and Factual Entertainment

    output and the documentary material playing into it will usually be of a lighter

    type, often with durations of 25‟ or 40‟ rather than full hours. Recent output

    of the type sought includes Chain Reactions and So You Want To Be Taoiseach? and again audience share targets of 25% or over will be the norm.

    Budget norms: Up to a maximum of ?120,000 per hour.

An important note across all Documentary output is that subjects

    and treatments capable of appealing strongly to female viewers, and

    to adults 18 to 35, will be valued as part of the documentary mix.



Arts Documentary

The message in Arts documentary blends continuity and change.

We will continue to commission and screen Arts Lives documentaries which

    blend biography and critique, as well as journalistic pieces on issues in the

    Irish arts with a strong cultural resonance. In the biographical genre, recent

    pieces such as Nuala Ní Dhommhnaill Taibhsí in mBéal na Gaoithe and Paul

    Durcan The Dark School illuminated not only the work of their subjects but

    the society and personal circumstances which formed them; and in doing so

    both attracted and held significant audiences. And the approach of Charlie

    Haughey Patronising The Arts combined substantial journalism with a wit and lightness of touch which sat very well in an arts documentary strand.

    We will also welcome strongly authored pieces either within Arts Lives or in a separate, themed short series of strong documentaries. Strongly articulated

    assessments of Irish society, whether by practising artists or by arts critics

    and journalists, offer an opportunity to view the way we live from a particular

    and creative point of view. Proposals for one or more pieces and for

    durations from 26 through 40 to 52 minutes are welcome.

Beyond Arts Lives and these authored pieces, we are looking also for

    proposals which will engage the public and the television audience in the

    literary, visual, musical and performing arts. Producers are invited to bring

    forward series and / or event programming ideas which will capture the public

    imagination on a wide scale and engage with the creativity of Irish people

    past, present and future. All formats and all modes of presentation and

    interaction may be considered, though strong TV schedule delivery remains

    the core.

Transmission: TX of all programming is likely to be on RTÉ

    ONE post 22:00 but innovative proposals

    may be scheduled in other slots.

Budget: Region ?120,000 per hour



History Documentary

    The Hidden History strand has shown strong popular appeal across 3 seasons and further ideas for this series strand are required.

Successful proposals will feature a compelling narrative, key elements of

    revelation and / or fresh analysis centring on important historical events and

    characters, and will be likely to be delivered with strong production values

    within RTÉ‟s commissioning budgets.

Factual programmes also seeks additional History projects, in single doc or

    short series form, to continue varying our output beyond the Hidden History

    strand. Authored or presenter-led projects will be valued, as will fresh

    approaches to engaging with, investigating, re-evaluating and visualising key

    strands, issues, arguments and personalities in Irish history. Series should

    ideally consist of maximum of 4 episodes of 40‟ or 52‟ length.

Note that due to existing project commitments we will NOT be seeking

    projects centred on the following:

    ? ancient/Celtic history;

    ? Cromwell‟s campaign in Ireland;

    ? Irish genealogy examined through scientific investigation;

    ? personal and family genealogies pursued through personal or celebrity


As History programming falls within the remit of the BCI‟s Sound and Vision

    Fund, some projects suitable for future submission to the Fund will be

    expected to be received through this RTÉ Round. Producers should be careful

    to pitch projects at realistic and appropriate budgetary levels, while remaining

    aware that if projects ultimately are to be funded solely by they must remain

    within achievable budgetary limits.

Transmission: Normally Tuesday 22:15 RTÉ ONE

    Budget: ?135,000 per hour if realisation involves drama

    recons, extensive archive rights etc.



RTÉ TWO Factual series

Proposals are sought for a late evening weekly series aiming to capture

    popular culture, events, street life and other moving targets of interest to the

    18 to 30 age group.

This programming is intended to be low-budget, informative and entertaining

    and to fill a gap in schedule provision for this key audience demographic.

    Content and style should be fresh, witty, sharp and of the moment. New

    presenter talent may be key to the successful proposal, but programming in

    which the format and feel are the star elements will equally be welcomed.

    May suit first-time directors, young programme teams and be a jump-off point

    for fresh production and presenter talent. In this context, strong proposals

    competitively priced will be favoured.

No of Episodes/Duration: 12 x 25‟ episodes in first run

Transmission: Post 21:00 weeknight, RTÉ TWO

Budget proposed: Up to max ?25,000 per episode.



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