Australia Germany Business Conference 2008

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25 Sep 2008 Which forms of renewable energy are most viable in this context and what incentives are needed to promote them?

    Australia Germany Business Conference 2008

    ndWednesday 22 of October

    The Westin Hotel, Sydney, Heritage Ballroom

    Prosperity & Energy: Towards A Sustainable Future

    Amended Program 25 September 2008

8.00 9.00 am Registration and Coffee

    Official Opening of Conference

9.00 9.45 am Speakers:

    ? Ron Koehler, Chairman of the German-Australian Chamber (5 mins)

    ? German Minister for Economics & Technology - Michael Glos (20 mins)

    ? Ian Macdonald, Minister for Energy, Primary Resources etc. NSW (tbc.) (20 mins)

    SESSION 1: Sustainable Economies? The Current View

9.45 10.30 am The Australian and the German economies are facing tougher conditions due to the impacts of the global financial problems. Nevertheless, both seem to

    deal relatively well with these challenges. Bilateral trade and particularly bilateral investment are steadily increasing. Climate change, a fast growing demand

    in Asia, rising fuel- and food costs are questioning the sustainability of our economies further.


    ? Alan Oster, Chief Economist NAB (15 mins)

    ? rgen Fitschen , Member of the Group Executive Committee Deutsche Bank and Speaker of the German Business Delegation (15 mins)

    Followed by Q & A session

10.30 11.00 am Morning Tea


    SESSION 2: Energy Sustainability: Security and Efficiency

    11.00 am 12.30 pm Overview: From Sustainable Economies to Sustainable Businesses

    The economies and business environments are changing. This creates enormous challenges as well as opportunities for companies. Worldwide, some are struggling while others have developed fascinating new solutions. What lessons can be learned?

? Andrew Petersen, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

    Energy security is a fundamental political and economic issue in Germany and Europe. In Australia, this also seems to be an infrastructure related topic. Coal is the main and most cost-efficient energy resource in Australia. However, this resource faces the challenge of being made cleaner or at least providing solutions to its emissions problem. How can we encourage a cleaner energy production and use it more efficiently?

Panel Discussion: Each speaker gets 7 minutes as introduction and then panel discussion starts

? Albert Goller, Chairman and MD Siemens Ltd

    ? Peter Coombes, Manager Sustainability, Delta Electricity

    ? Dr Ulrich Jobs, Member of the Executive Board (COO), RWE AG

    ? Barry Hooper, Chief Technologist, Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies

Facilitator: Prof Eckhard Rohkamm, Deputy Chairman APA

    12.30 2.00 pm Lunch buffet-style, providing networking opportunities

    SESSION 3: The Price of Renewable Energy

    2.00 3.15 pm Emissions trading have already started in Europe. Feed-in tariffs are granted in Germany and several Australian states. Other mechanisms such as a carbon tax to effectively contain emissions also exist. Australia acknowledges emissions trading with some inevitability but industries and Government are still debating about the extent of the scheme. Are there lessons learned from the EU and German experience so far? Which forms of renewable energy are most viable in this context and what incentives are needed to promote them?

    Germany’s electricity generation mix has a significant share of renewable energies. In comparison, only a small portion of Australia’s electricity generation is sourced from renewable energies. The Australian Government intends to increase the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target, resulting in a changed energy mix. What kind of renewable energy will be used in the future and how? With or without a MRET, can a satisfactory return for investment be


Panel Discussion: Each speaker gets 5-7 minutes as introduction and then panel discussion starts

? Tobias Homann, Invest in Germany

    ? Martin Poole, Managing Director EPURON

    ? Alden Lee, Sales Director Asia and Pacific, Schott Solar


? N.N. Deutsche Bank Australia Project Finance (tbc)

    ? Jon Stamford, Partner, Deloitte Economics

    Facilitator : N.N. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) (tbc)

    3.15 3.45 pm Afternoon tea

    SESSION 4: Mobility: Innovation & Sustainability

    3.45 5.00 pm Rising fuel costs, emissions, changing transport choices and new markets drive shifting cost paradigms and arguably conflicting objectives. What does this mean for mobility, infrastructure, automotive and transport industry? Sustainable, efficient and more emissions-conscious technologies and systems are needed. Technologies and concepts such as fuel cells and “add blue” have the potential to achieve a cleaner mobility. Alternative fuels such as hydrogen and bio diesel are also regarded as viable solutions. Hybrid cars and a greater use of diesel could enhance mobile efficiency In transportation and logistics costs are rising and the „modal split“ is to be optimised. New concepts and technologies are introduced to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Australia is now demanding of a change of its infrastructure while seeking new developments. New ports and new transport models (public and private) are matters of public discussion. How are Australian, German and global companies dealing with these challenges?

Panel Discussion Each Speaker gets 5-7 minutes as introduction and then panel discussion starts

    ? Michael Kopka, Senior Vice President, Robert Bosch Group

    ? Guenther Seemann, Managing Director, BMW Group Australia

    ? Ron Koehler, CEO Schenker Australia Ltd

    ? Mark Birrell, Chairman of Infrastructure Partnerships Australia and Leader of Minter Ellison’s Infrastructure Group

    ? Marie Vamvakinou, MP Federal Member for Calwell

Facilitator: Peter Roberts, Australian Financial Review

Closing session 5.00 5.30 pm

    5.00 5.30 ? Prof Eckhard Rohkamm, Deputy Chairman APA (15 mins)

    ? Dr David Charles, AGA ( tbc) (5 mins)

Cocktail Reception as closing networking event @ The Westin 5.30

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