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Mr David Rossiter, Regulator, Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER) WASEA also supported the World Renewable Energy Network (WREN) 2007

    WASEA AGM ACTIVITY REPORT st1 July, 2006 30 June, 2007

Once again the previous 12 months have been a busy time for the Association. The focus was to

    increase profile and be identified as the peak body for sustainable energy in Western Australia.


The Association organised a number of events to give members and stakeholders an opportunity to

    network and be informed of any issues which may directly impact them. WASEA held the following

    breakfast events from July, 2006 June, 2007

    ? Dr Alan Lloyd, Former Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency discussed his role

    as Secretary of the Cal/EPA.

    ? Mr Christian Langen, Managing Director, Conergy Pty Limited discussed the flourishing solar

    energy industry in Europe.

    ? Mr David Rossiter, Regulator, Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER) provided an

    update of the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) program outlining recent legislative


    ? Dr Roy Green, Chair, Greenhouse and Energy Taskforce, specified how WA could reduce its

    greenhouse gas emissions in the stationary energy sector.

    ? Hon Tony McRae, Former Minister for Climate Change and the Environment discussed his vision

    for the Climate Change Portfolio

    ? Rt Hon Helen Liddle, British High Commissioner to Australia discussed the British Prime

    Minister’s response to Climate Change.

    ? Hon Kim Chance, Minister for Agriculture and Forestry was the keynote address at the biofuels in

    Western Australia Seminar. He discussed the launch Biofuels Taskforce’s final draft report

    ? Christof Ruehl, Chief Economist, BP discussed BP’s recent Statistical Review of World Energy

In addition, WASEA held an industry briefing at Piney Lakes Environment Centre

    ? Senator Rachel Siewert, Deputy Chair, Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee gave

    an overview of the Interim Report from Australia's future oil supply and alternative fuels inquiry

Following the success of the 2006 Biofuels and Bioenergy in Western Australia: Issues and Challenges

    conference, WASEA once again partnered with the Sustainable Transport Coalition and organised a

    half day Seminar to examine what has happened over the past year in biofuels. The half day Seminar

    examined issues such as the economics of biofuels production, the future of biofuels in WA and Peak


WASEA organised the book launch of Dr Mark Diesendorf’s latest book Greenhouse Solutions with

    Sustainable Energy. This book critically assesses the various technologies that have been put forward

    as solutions and proposes feasible scenarios and policies for the implementation of those technologies

    which are ecologically sustainable.

WASEA invited Dr Peter Lyons, a physicist and the co-creator of the Window Energy Rating Scheme

    (WERS) plus thermal modeling programs for skylights and window films, to speak to industry about

    Thermal comfort. The Seminar covered such topics as glazing energy performance, windows and

    comfort, the BCA and modeling tools.

    The release of Al Gore’s documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ saw the community connect with Climate Change. The Association worked with the film distributors United International Pictures (UIP) to organise the first public screenings of the movie. Invitations were extended to all Members of Parliament, heads of Government departments, members of the Greenhouse and Energy Taskforce, industry heads, stakeholders and WASEA members.

    WASEA also supported the World Renewable Energy Network (WREN) 2007 Conference: Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in the Asia Pacific Region. To tie in this international conference with the local community, WASEA organised a community screening of Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient

    Truth’. Advertised through the local Community newspaper, over 500 community members and conference delegates attended the free screening at the Hoyts Millennium cinema in Fremantle.

    The Mayor provided a welcome to the audience members and after the movie was screened the audience were invited to stay and listen to a presentation on how climate change is affecting Western Australia by Dr Ray Wills. A question and answer session was then held with the audience and panel members who included:

    ? Dr Ray Wills, WASEA Chair and Manager - Sustainability Services Snowy Mountains

    Engineering Corporation (SMEC).

    ? Hon Alannah MacTeirnan, Minister for Planning and Works.

    ? Matt Porter a lawyer with Minter Ellison who recently completed training with Al Gore. He is

    now qualified to give the same Climate Change presentation as seen in the movie to groups.

    ? Mr Rob Gulley, co-ordinator of Environment House. Members of the public were invited to ask questions relating to climate change and greenhouse.

    WASEA also supported the International Day of Action on Climate Change. This event saw over 5,000 community members to walk in support of action in response to climate change.

Industry Support

    Regular emails and the WASEA website have proven to be effective tools in communicating with members on a regular basis.

    The WASEA website includes media releases, event information, downloads, submissions and general information of interest to members. Information is updated on a weekly basis. WASEA website has recently been redesigned and will enable easier navigation and further information.

    In July, WASEA completed its SEDO grant and published the last edition of THIRTY/TEN, a 20 page industry publication which contained stories on Sea Level rise in WA, BASIX, the Western Australian Renewable Energy Target (WARET) etc. This publication was posted to over 800 industry


    Over the last few months WASEA has been meeting with Members of Parliament to discuss issues relating to energy efficient building design, government grants and initiatives, sustainable energy policy development and renewable energy access just to name a few. More recently we have been setting up meetings with all Cabinets Ministers to discuss how climate change is relevant to their particular portfolio. The aim is to clearly demonstrate that Climate Change issues are not only relevant to the Minister for Climate Change but are relevant across all portfolios.

Ministers met so far include:

    ? Hon Kim Chance, Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; the Mid West and Wheatbelt;

    Great Southern

    ? Hon John Ford, Minister for Regional Development; Fisheries; the Kimberley, Pilbara and


    ? Hon Fran Logan, Minister for Energy; Resources; Industry and Enterprise

    ? Hon David Templeman, Minister for the Environment; Climate Change; Peel

    ? Hon. Michelle Hopkins Roberts, Minister for Employment Protection; Housing and Works;

    Indigenous Affairs; Heritage; Land Information

WASEA was invited to participate in launch of the Five Star Plus initiative with Hon Michelle Roberts.

    WASEA provided industry support for this initiative and looks forward to strengthening this initiative.

WASEA has also been involved with work being undertaken by the Health Department of WA in

    identifying the impact of climate change on community health and working towards developing

    adaptation measures to minimise the negative impacts of climate change on Western Australians.

    WASEA has been involved in Stakeholder consultation during this process.

WASEA assisted the Greens in developing the Western Australian Renewable Energy Target (WARET)

    Bill which was passed in the Upper House late last year. If legislated, this would see a licence

    requirement will be placed on all energy retailers to source a percentage of their energy from renewable

    energy sources. The Association met with various members of Parliament and discussed how this

    legislation would assist industry.

WA SEA Inc. also established its own Photovoltaic Working Group. Members of the PV industry meet

    on a regular basis to discuss issue relevant to them, including; feed in tariffs, RRPGP fringe of grid

    program, net metering etc. The Association also lobbied for the Minister for Energy to form a PV

    Industry Working Group to identify what are the barriers to the take up of PV and how these can be

    overcome. Three WA SEA Inc. members are part of this Taskforce as well as representatives from

    Synergy, Western Power, Horizon and Office of Energy.

WA SEA Inc. continued to represent our various members on various Working Groups such as:

    ? High Level Stakeholders Group on Greenhouse

    ? BASIX Industry Reference Group

    ? Sustainable Energy Roundtable

    ? WARET legislation working group

    ? State of the Environment Energy Working Group

    ? Minister for Energy’s PV Working Group


WA SEA Inc. drafted a number of submissions on behalf of our members in response to a number of

    reports. These submissions included:

    ? Draft Rural Renewable Energy Program (RREP) Guidelines for Small Projects (up to 30kW).

    ? Draft Rural Renewable Energy Program (RREP) Guidelines for Medium Projects (typically

    30kW to 2MW).

    ? Possible Design for a National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme

    ? High Level Stakeholder Group on Greenhouse Feedback Next Energy & Offsets Working

    Group Reports

    ? Proposed draft drafting instructions for possible legislation to accommodate geothermal

    resource exploration and production in Western Australia

    ? National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Bill 2007 (the Bill)

    ? Western Power’s proposed improvements to the Mid West region's transmission network.

    ? Feedback on the Draft Report on Study of Grid-connect Photovoltaic Systems - Benefits,

    Opportunities, Barriers and Strategies


WASEA has drafted over 30 media releases in the past 12 months (all these media releases can be

    found on our website

The topics covered in Media releases have included:

    ? The State and Federal budget

    ? Climate Change

    ? Support for initiatives such as World Environment Day, the National Carbon Test, Turn off

    your lights campaign etc

    ? Housing efficiency

    ? Mandated renewable energy

Dr Ray Wills has also given a number of presentations for various organisations including:

    ? Conservation Council of WA

    ? Glyde in Community Centre

    ? WA Power Conference organised by Terrapinn Media

    ? Department for Industry and Resources

    ? Chamber of Minerals and Energy

    ? Princess Margaret Hospital

    ? Department of Agriculture

    These presentations discuss issues such as climate change, how climate change is affecting WA and

    sustainable energy.

Supporting activities

The Perth Home Ideas Centre is building a ‘Sustainable Home’ within its City West premises. The

    ‘Sustainable Home’ will be a one stop shop where householders can visit and access information on

    good design plus energy and water efficient products and services. WASEA is involved in targeting our

    members to be part of the display and also generally promoting the display.

WASEA is involved in developing a climate change game targeted at school children. The game

    works by using a blue tooth enabled mobile phone, which participants will use to receive clues direct to

    their mobile phones and go on a journey throughout the Perth CBD and learn about how climate

    change is affecting certain areas in Perth (the game will deal with issues such as sea level rise,

    temperature increases, decreasing rainfall etc).

WASEA supported the inaugural walk against warming.

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