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english composition

     Amy Chen

     Tianjian apartment 261221

    Nanchang University Jiangxi

     Dr Martin King

    Zhongguanchun 226 Beijing

     Amy Chen

    Tianjianapartment261221 Nanchang university Jiangxi mobilphone:18770080306

    CitizenshipLuzhou Sichuan provence

    Majorpolymer material and engineering

    Objective:Assistant of your institution of scientific research ;gain experience and knowledge; go on my research on polymer material

    Education Background

    September 2006 to July 2010, Nomber 4 middle school of Luxian Sichuan

    September 2003to July 2006,Jingjiting middle school Xiamen Fujian

    Main Skills:

    About English

    Have past the Test for English Major -4; fluent oral English, and good pronunciation.

    About Computer

    Have a good command of computer, knowing the basic maintain of hardware and software; had mastered the MACROMEDIA, which

    including Dreamweaver,Flash and Firework.Skilled in Microsoft Office, including FrontPage

    Work Experience

    Have part time job in Chenhong company during 2009 and 2010 summer holiday. Experiences on be a assistant of tutors lab.

    Many times of doing promotion sales for stores during the campus life.


    From 2010 to 2011, be the minister of the Network Department and Publicity Department of the Students Union.

    Awards & Honors

    In the year of 2009, awarded the "Model student stuff "prize of our school. In the year of 2008, won the first level scholarship of our school.

    In the year of 2008, won the "Excellent Student" prize of our school.


    Have intensive interest in traveling, photographing; Reading; movie


Strong sense of responsibility, good spirit of teamwork. Can

learn new things well in short time.

Dear Dr Martin King,

     Ms Wang,director of your research institute has informed me that you intend to hair an assistant administrator .Im very

    interested in your research institution and I would appreciate to be considered for the position .I believe I have equipped myself with the skills that you need in doing research.I see it as a great chance to study further and improve myself on all sides.Please regard this letter as my formal application.

     Accoding to Ms Wang ,you are looking for a scientist to help design and conduct study of polymer material.And on may 2014,I’ll received a bachelor degree in material science and engineering from Nanchang Univeisity .I think my formal training qualify me for this position.

     While in university ,I took part in all kinds of activities through which I acquired various skills ,for example,how to communicate with other people etc.Whats

    more ,I always focus my attention on study ,so my scores are not bad compared with other classmates.

     I worked as an assistant in my tutors lab ,I was so

    excited to join her team .And it was a great memory that I would never forget.I did her a favor when she was busy also gave her some of my opinions .She said she was so pleased that I was there

to give her a hand.

     May I arrange an interview to discuss my qualification

    in detail? You can reach me by calling 18770080306.Ill make

    myself available everyday.


    Amy Chen,

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