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    Unit 5 Music


    1. Get students to know how the Monkees began and the development of the band

    2. Let students learn about different types of music 能力目标

    1. Enable students to learn to talk about different kinds of music 2. Develop students’ reading ability by learning to read about the text


    1. Arouse students’ great interest in music and let them like music

    2. Develop students’ sense of cooperative learning


    1. Let students learn more about different kinds of music 2. Get students to know the development of the Monkees 教学难点

    1. Develop students’ reading ability

    2. Enable students to learn to enjoy different kinds of music 教学方法

    -based teaching and learning 1. Task

    2. Cooperative learning

    3. Discussion

    4. Question

Teaching produces

    ?. Warming up

     1). Warming up by sing a song

     Let’s begin our class, good afternoon, everyone. Are you nervous now? If so, let’s

    sing a song together to let you relaxed.

     2). Are you still nervous now? If yes, let’s listen to some beautiful songs and then try

    to tell me what types of music they are.

    a. folk music

    b. country music (“Country road take me home”)

    c. jazz

    d. rap (Jay Chow)

    e. Rock& Roll

    Until now, we have learned five types of music. Are you sleepy?


     1). Answering questions

     Here, I want to ask you a question “what famous bands do you know?”

     For reference: Super Junior, SHE,东方神起,零点,达达乐队

     2).showing pictures

     Now, I’ll show you some pictures and please tell me their names, ok?

     For reference: Zero point, Westlife, Beyond(short movie), the Flowers , the


     3). Talking and sharing

     Look at this picture, Do you know the band of this picture? Do you know

    anything about the Monkees? Who can tell me ?

     For reference: It is a band with 4-person that was very popular in the 1960S in America and as well as a TV show of the same name and it modeled on The

    Beatles. The band used techniques rarely seen on TV at that time. Now it is still popular in the world today.


    1. Asking students to read

    Do you want to know more about the Monkees? Lets study a story about the

    Monkees, it is called The Band That Wasnt. And try to tell me how did the

    Monkees form? Who can read the passage? (Para 3)

    2. Reading silently and try to retell how it formed

    Now read the passage silently again and try to retell how the Monkees formed. 3. Retelling how the Monkees formed according to the given information.

     TV organizers

     In a newspaper

     One musician three actors

     A TV show

     Play jokes on as well as sing

     (based loosely on the The Beatles)

    4. Reading the passage again

    You know, the Monkees was consisted of one musician and three actors, most of

    then couldnt sing, they just pretended to sing on the stage. Will people like them?

    Will they popular? With these questions lets go on with the test. And try to find

    the answers to these questions.

    1. Which two musical bands were mentioned in the passage?

    2. When did the Monkees break up and when did it reunite?

    3. When did the Monkees celebrate their time as a real band?

    Have you finished? If you know the answer, stand up as quickly as possible,ok?

    1. the Monkees and the Beatles

    2. 1970” “in the mid-1980s

    3. 1996

    5. Doing true or False questions

    Read the passage again and then well do some true of false questions, if it is

    false try to correct it.

    1. The writer believes that most of us have dreamed of being a famous

    musician or singer. T

    2. Bands in American are all formed by high school students. F

    3. It was" The Beatles" that started in a different way. F

    4. It was hard for the TV organizers to look for good rock musicians. T

    5. At first," The Monkees" didn't play their own songs. T

    6. They can earn some extra money if they form a band to play in the street.


    7.The Monkees broke up in about 1790 and it reunited in the mid-1980s.


     was successful because they were serious about their 8.The Monkees


    9. The Monkees played one or two songs a year written by themselves.


    10. They produced a new record in 1996.


     Just now, weve learned how the Monkees formed. Now lets review. TV

    organizers wanted to find 4 musicians who can play rock music, they put an ad in a newspaper. Unfortunately, they only could find one who was good enough and they had to find 3 actors to instead. These actors they werent good at singing, they played

    jokes on each other as well as sing. They were based loosely on the Beatles.

    However, they broke up in 1970 and reunited in the mid-1980s. Now, lets do a


     “The Monkees” was formed in 1960s in the USA. It began as a TV show.

    The m________ of the band played j_______ as well as played music.

    In fact, it wasnt a r______ band at the very beginning. Most of the musicians were only a_______ who p___________ to sing the songs when they were on the stage. They became popular because of their a________ performances. After a year or so, they became more s________ about their work and started to play their own i____________ and write their own songs. However, the band b_____ up in about 1970 and r________ in the mid-1980s.

    ?. Discussion

     Just now , we talked about music and the Monkees. People form different countries can understand music, black people , white people and our Chinese people all can understand it. Music is a world language, everyone can understand it, but What are

    the advantages of music? Discuss it with your partners.

    ?. Question

     Until now, weve finished how the Monkees formed and the development of it. Do you have any questions? If no, I have one, why the title is The Band That Wasnt?

    ?. Listening to a song given by the Monkees

     During the whole class , we talked about the band The Monkees do you want to

    listen a song given by them? Lets listen to a beautiful given by the Monkees “I’m a


    ?. Homework

    Until now, we finished all the tasks, your homework is to write a passage about music. Class is over.

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