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    A story about a couple

    张海娟(Alinna) 10070220 英语二班

    John and Marry have been married for more than 20 years, and now they are both felling fed up with each other. The only reason why he asked Marry to marry him was that he was too poor at that time. But now he has his own career, and he wants some more beautiful girl to be his wife. So he has been trying so hard to find some shortcuts to dump her.

    Today is their anniversary of twenty years marriage. So John suggests to Marry, Darling, do you want a special calibration of our

    twenty years marriage? I really want to go have a lunch with you on the cliff at the seaside. You can see the beautiful ocean just under our feet, and both of us can enjoy ourselves, and…” Ok! Marry says without a

    hesitation. Only two of us, right? she adds. “Yes, only two of us, we

    can do anything we like, and no one will bother us. John answers

    happily. After preparing the stuffs they need, they keep driving for more than two hours to the cliff in the countryside.

    As soon as they get off the car, Marry runs excitedly to the edge of the cliff which is very high and rough. And there are hundreds of rocks under it. While John is standing by his car, an idea comes into his mind. He knows this is a good time to push this ugly woman into the ocean and everyone will think that her death is an accident. His face is looking more and more serious. At the same time, his wife is thinking too. --- How can

she kill her bald and old husband without his notice? She doesn’t love

    him anymore because he is not a handsome and charming gentleman anymore. And she is also trying to dump this old man and find another good-looking guy. So she plans if he runs to push her down to the cliff,

     How she will squat down. And then her husband will be gone forever

    clever I am! She says to herself.

    This is a couple who marry each other not because of love, but money and appearance. They are not a really qualified couple. At least, there is no real love between them.

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