Kababayan at UC Irvine

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Kababayan at UC Irvine

    Kababayan at UC Irvine

    PCN Dance and Logistical Coordinator Application

     thThank you for your interest in wanting to become a dance or logistical coordinator for Kababayan’s 27

    annual Pilipino Cultural Night. It is because of students like you who have taken the initiative to become a leader within Kababayan that PCN has become the largest production of the year by Kababayan as well as an essential part of Kababayan history and tradition.

Coordinator Requirements:

    - Must have at least one year of experience participating in Kababayan’s PCN.

    - Must have and maintain a satisfactory academic record. (2.0 GPA)

    - Must be a PAID Kababayan member prior to submitting this application.

     ndrdththName: STEFANIE MONTEMAYOR Year: 2 3 4 5

Cell: (626) 922 8592 Screen Name: stefunki Email:

Position Applying for (mark up to 3 and number in order of preference):

    ___ Kordilyera ___ Senior ___ Commercials

    ___ Maria Clara ___ Traditionalist ___ Costumes

    ___ Modern _2? Choir/Music _1_ Programs

    ___ Muslim ___ Skit Director ___ Props

    ___ Rural ___ Business and Marketing ___ Tickets

Short Answer Questions (please answer on a separate sheet of paper)

    1) Describe any leadership position(s) that you have had. How will these experiences help with the

    position you are applying for?

    2) Describe any experiences/qualifications that would be pertinent to the position(s) that you are

    applying for.

    3) What are your commitments for the upcoming year (i.e. work, school, clubs, etc.)?

    4) Describe one time management technique that you use and one way you handle stress.

    5) What are three leadership qualities you feel a PCN board member should possess and why?

    6) In a few sentences, critique your experience of PCN last year. From this, describe some new

    concepts or ideas you would like to see in the production of PCN.

    7) If you could pick anyone, dead or alive, fictional or non-fictional, to be your co-coord, who

    would it be and why?

Important Information:

    ; Applications may be submitted to Kristin Eliazo, Xavier Hernandez or Jonathan Baucas, or

    may be placed in the PCN Folder of the Kababayan mailbox at the Cross Cultural Center.

    ; Applications are due no later than 5:00pm on Friday, October 14, 2005.

    ; If you are not a paid Kababayan member, we will not accept your application. ththth; Must be available November 19 to attend the Kaba Conference and November 5-6 to attend a


    ; Upon submitting your application, you must also sign up for an interview date and time. One of

    the PCN coordinators will contact you to confirm your interview time.

    ; If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Kristin (323-633-4121), Baucas

    (323-401-8409), or Xavier (714-305-6166), or email

    ; For important dates, deadlines, and information about PCN, please visit

    Thank you for your interest and good luck!

    PCN Dance and Logistical Coordinator Descriptions

    All Coordinators:

    ; Attendance at all weekly Kaba general meetings (Thursdays, HSLH @ 7pm) ; Attendance at all PCN Board meetings (biweekly Winter quarter, weekly Spring quarter) ; Help publicize and promote all Kababayan and PCN events to PCN cast and Kababayan members. ; Help to ensure that all cast members maintain satisfactory GPAs and work with the Academics

    Coordinator (Paul Nathan) for academic help.

    ; Act as a leader and positive role model for general members, cast, crew, etc. ; Publicize Kaba's 27th annual Pilipino Cultural Night.

    ; Help in fundraising and budgeting for your individual suite/group, as well as PCN in general. ; Work with other leaders in our community, such as Kababayan Board, to make our production as

    fulfilling as possible.

    ; Research and learn about aspects of Pilipina/Pilipino American culture. ; Share your knowledge about aspects of Pilipina/Pilipino American culture to fellow Coordinators,

    cast members, Kababayan members, and the PCN audience

    ; Grow in knowledge and appreciation of Pilipina/Pilipino American culture. ; Help to create unity within the entire PCN cast.

    ; HAVE FUN!

    Performance Suites:

    Cultural Suites

    ; Research, choreograph, and teach dances that are innovative as well as culturally accurate ; Maintain updated lists of all necessary props and costumes

    ; Maintain updated rosters for logistical coordinators

    ; Take attendance of suite practices for tickets

    ; Collect deposits/payments from dancers and pass them on to appropriate logistical coordinators ; May be asked to perform outside of PCN


    ; Coordinate Modern Try-outs in January

    ; Maintain updated rosters for logistical coordinators

    ; Take attendance of suite practices for tickets

    ; Keep Kaba informed of all Kaba Modern events (competitions, performances, etc.)


    ; Work on Performance suite for Seniors

    ; Take attendance of suite practices for tickets

    ; Work with alumni coordinator to publicize P-Grad to the Seniors


    ; Film raw footage of all practices and events for PCN behind the scenes montage ; Brainstorm and storyboard commercials

    ; Cast for commercials

    ; Film, edit, and produce commercials for both PCN and PCN DVD


    ; Either create an original idea or select a submitted idea for the PCN skit ; Work with skit synopsis writer (if applicable) to write script for skit ; Coordinate auditions with PCN coordinators to cast for skit

    ; Take attendance of suite practices for tickets


    ; Organize music

    ; Conduct choir

    ; Research, choreograph, and teach music that is innovative as well as culturally accurate

    ; Work closely with dance coordinators to find music that may help them and their suite.

    ; Work with skit and help with any music that they may need

    ; Maintain updated rosters for logistical coordinators

    ; Take attendance of suite practices for tickets

    ; Collect deposits/payments from dancers and pass them on to appropriate logistical coordinators

    ; May be asked to perform outside of PCN

Logistical Suites:


    ; Inventory props owned by Kababayan

    ; Work with all performance suites to see if there are any additional props that need to be made for

    the production

    ; Recruit a stage crew to help during Bren Week as well as PCN itself.

    ; Work with the skit coordinators for stage set-up and take-down during the production. Costumes

    ; Inventory costumes

    ; Wash costumes

    ; Be in charge of costume distribution within UCI’s PCN and for anyone else that borrows



    ; Take attendance of PCN and Kaba Board members at all Kaba and PCN events

    ; Compile attendance records of all suites, as given by the coordinators

    ; Organize system to sell tickets at Saturday practice

    ; Organize “will call” for the day of PCN.

    Business and Marketing

    ; Coordinate fundraisers for PCN with local businesses

    ; Solicit donations from community organizations and alumni


    ; Take pictures at all practices and events to put in Kaba yearbook, website, and PCN program

    ; Work with all coordinators to take suite pictures, coordinator pictures, etc for the PCN program.

    ; Develop a system to hand out PCN programs to the cast members and to the general audience

    during the show itself.

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