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Jonathan K London





    Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley. 1995-2001

    Environmental Science, Policy, and Management.

    Specialization in rural social science and natural resource policy.

     Dissertation: “Placing Conflict and Collaboration in Community Forestry”

MCP University of California at Berkeley City and Regional Planning. 1993-1995

     Specialization in community-based environmental planning.

     Master‟s Project: “Community-design for King Estate Park, Oakland.”

BA Brown University Environmental Studies, Honors, Magna cum laude. 1987-1991

     Honors Thesis: Amazônia in the American Mind: The U.S. Rainforest Movement”

     School for International Training: Brazil-Amazon Studies. Fall 1989

    Independent Research Project: “Riberiños and the Reservoir: Social Impacts of the Tucurui



    Environmental justice

    Education for sustainability

    Environmental/ natural resource policy

    Community and youth participation

    Political ecology

    Rural development

    Social movements


    Ford Foundation. $50,000. Research on environmental justice in the Central Valley. Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety. $7500. Research on environmental justice.

    Great Valley Center, $30,000: Central Valley Community Well-being Indicators Report Plumas Rural Services, $12,000: Participatory evaluation of rural planning collaborative W.K. Kellogg Foundation, $500,000 over 4 years, Capacity-building for Youth In Focus Walter Johnson Foundation; $450,000 over 6 years, Youth-led action research James Irvine Foundation, $365,000 over 3 years, Youth-led action research Cricket Island Foundation, $225,000 over 3 years, Youth-led action research Surdna Foundation, $200,000 over 3 years, Youth-led action research


    UC Davis, Academic Federation: Nomination for Excellence in Teaching Award National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: (1998) Ford Foundation Community Forestry Graduate Fellowship: (1997) ESPM Departmental Block Grants (1998, 1997, 1996, 1995)

    Social Science Research Grant, UC Berkeley (1997)

    Phi Beta Kappa (1991)

    President's Community Service Fellowship, Brown University (1990) LONDON: VITA 2007 1


    Establish new research center within the College of Director,

    Agricultural and Environmental Sciences: develop inter-Center for the Study of

    disciplinary and collaborative research and outreach Regional Change

    2007-present projects on regional change; raise extra-mural funds.

    Conduct research on equity issues in rural development Senior Researcher

    within the Environmental Justice Project of the John Muir UC Davis

    2006-present Institute for the Environment and the California

    Communities Program.

    CRD 164: Community Change Organizations, Lecturer

    CRD 240: Theories of Community Development UC Davis

    2005-present CRD 440: Professional Community Planning Field


    University Extension: “Planning for Rural Community


    Developed and taught an undergraduate summer institute Instructor,

    course, “Community-based Environmental Education.” University of

    Massachusetts, Dartmouth


    - Conducted research with Dr. Nancy Peluso on relations Graduate Researcher,

    between the federal government and Native American Department of

    relative to public lands management. Environmental Science,

    - Conducted research with Dr. Louise Fortmann for a book Policy and Management,

    on forest land tenure in California. U.C. Berkeley

    1995-1997 - Developed literature review for Dr. Louise Fortmann on

    the correlation between land concentration and rural


    Assisted Dr. Louise Fortmann in organizing and teaching Graduate Student

    Sociology of Natural Resources. Taught three discussion Instructor

    sections. ESPM U.C. Berkeley


    Conducted research with Dr. Randolph Hester on making Graduate Researcher

    American cities more democratic and ecologically sound. Department of Landscape Architecture, U.C. Berkeley




    Co-founded and directed a non-profit organization that Executive Director

    builds youth leadership through youth-led research, Youth In Focus

    1999-2005 evaluation and planning in the Central Valley and San

    Francisco Bay areas. Leadership included strategic

    planning, writing articles and presenting at regional and

    national conferences, board development, and fund

    raising. Raised and managed $2 million over five years.

    Facilitated environmental planning and design projects with Project Manager,

    a focus on community involvement. Moore Iacofano Goltsman


    Development and implementation of research and Program Associate,

    education projects on well-being in forest communities, and Forest Community

    collaborative natural resource management in the Pacific Research

    1995-1998 West.

    Researched and co-authored “Coordinated Resource Researcher,

    Management” for the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project. Sierra Nevada Ecosystem

    Project (SNEP)


    - Developed and raised funds for programs on international Program Coordinator/

    forest protection, indigenous people, and environmental Environmental Educator,

    education. Pacific Environment and

    - Developed and taught programs on global environmental Resources Center

    1992-1994 issues for primary and secondary school students.


Peer-reviewed Journals / Book Chapters

London J. (in press). Challenges of Sustainability in Youth-led Participatory Action Research:

    Lessons for Community Development. Children and Youth Environments. Special Issue on

    Youth Participation.

    Richardson, James and J. London (2007). “Strategies and Lessons for Reducing Persistent Rural

    Poverty: A Social-Justice Approach to Funding Rural Community Transformation” in

    Community Development: Journal of the Community Development Society. Special

    edition on Poverty, Guest edited by John Allen and Bruce Weber.

Suleiman, Ahna Ballonoff, Samira Soleimanpour, and London J. (2006) “Youth Action for Health

    LONDON: VITA 2007 3

    Through Youth-Led Research.” Co-published simultaneously in Journal of Community

    Practice (The Haworth Press, Inc.)Vol.14, No. 1/2,2006, pp.125-145; and: Youth

    Participation And Community Change (ed: Barry N. Checkoway, and Lorraine M.

    Gutiérrez) The Haworth Press..

    London, J., Paul Starrs and Louise Fortmann (2005). “Power Plants and Forest Plans: Two Decades

    of Mobilization in a Mountain Forest Community.” In Lee, Robert and Don Field (Eds.)

    Communities and Forests: Where People Meet the Land. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State

    University Press.

    London, J. (2005) “Youth-led Research.” In, Sherrod, L., Flanagan, C.A., & Kassimir, R. (Eds.).

    Youth Activism: An International Encyclopedia. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing


London, J., Kristen Zimmerman, Nancy Erbstein (2003) “Youth-led Research, Evaluation and

    Planning as Youth, Organizational and Community Development.” New Directions in

    Evaluation. No. 98, Summer 2003. American Evaluation Association.

    London, J. (2002). “Native American Management of Non-Timber Forest Products on National

    Forest Lands” in McLain, R., E. Jones, (Eds.) Non-timber Forest Products in the United

    States. Lawrence KS: University of Kansas Press.

Kusel, J., S. Kocher, J. London, L. Bittulph, E. Schuster (2000). “The Effects of Displacement

    and Outsourcing on Woods Workers and Their Families” Society and Natural Resources


London, J. (1998). “ The Quincy Library Group, Northern California” in Poffenberger, M. (Ed.)

    Communities and Forest Management in Canada and the United States: A Regional Profile

    of the Working Group on Community Involvement in Forest Management. Berkeley, CA:


London, J. (1998). “Common Roots and Entangled Limbs: Earth First! and the Growth of Post-

    Wilderness Environmentalism on California‟s North Coast” Antipode: A Radical Journal of

    Geography: (Capital and Nature in the American West) 30(2):155-176.

Manuscripts Under Review/ In Production

London J. and Bradshaw, T. “Towards a New Rural Pattern Language: Agency, Equity and the

    Global” Under review: Rural Sociology: Journal of the Rural Sociological Society.

    Erbstein, N. and London J. “The Missing E: The Role of Education in Community

    Sustainability/Community Sustainability as a Framework for Education Research and

    Practice” In preparation for Community Development: Journal of the Community

    Development Society.

    Shilling, F, and London J. “Towards More Democratic Water Management in California: Assessing LONDON: VITA 2007 4


    London, J. (2000), “Youth-led Research, Evaluation and Planning: The Experience of Youth In

    Focus” Focal Point, Summer 2000. pp 34-35.

London, J. (1996). Book review: “Beverly Brown Hears Voices in Timber Country: A Review of

    Beverly Brown‟s „In Timber Country: Working People‟s Stories of Environmental Conflict and

    Urban Flight‟” The Common Property Resources Digest, No. 29: 11-12.

London J. (1994). “Legal Developments in Nepal: 1993” In Gunther Handl (Ed,) Yearbook

     of International Environmental Law, Volume 4: 1993. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

London J. (1993). “Legal Developments in Nepal: 1992" In Gunther Handl (Ed,) Yearbook of

    International Environmental Law, Volume 3: 1992. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

London, J. (1989) “The Benefits of Working with Nature: Solar Aquatics Sewage Technology”

    The Buzzard’s Bay Project Quarterly Report. Boston: EPA Region 1.

INVITED SPEAKER (partial list):

2007 “Communities and Sustainability: Making the Connection” Opening remarks at the Division

    of Agriculture and Natural Resources coordinating conference. (Lead conference organizer).

    UC Davis.

    2007 “Complex Theories of Poverty and Implications for Complex Practice” Speaker and

    moderator of plenary session on Theories of Poverty and Policy. National Poverty Summit.

    Bethesda MD.

2007 “Planning for Rural Community Sustainability” University of California Extension. One-day

    training for professional planners.

2007 “Environmental Justice and Clean Air in the Sacramento Metro Region” Presentation to the

    Cleaner Air Partnership of Sacramento.

2007 “Challenges of Sustainability in Youth-led Participatory Action Research: Lessons for

    Community Development.” Doing and Debating Development seminar, UC Davis

    Department of Human and Community Development.

    2007 “Innovations in Community-based Focus Group Methods.” Training for the Community

    Liaison Program/ Public Service Research Program. John Muir Institute of the Environment.

    UC Davis.

2006 “Turning Towards the New Central Valley: Challenges and Opportunities of Diversity for

    UCCE.” Cap-note address at the University of California Cooperative Extension, Central

    Valley Region Conference.

    2006 “Youth-empowerment, youth incarceration in the Central Valley.” Community and Regional

    Development 2: Ethnicity in Communities.


    2006 “Youth-led action research for community change” Community and Regional Development

    152: Local Governance.

    2006 “Participatory action research methods.” Community and Regional Development 160:

    Research Methods.

    2005 “Participatory action research methods.” Community and Regional Development 160:

    Research Methods.

    2004 “Youth-involvement in program evaluation.” Community and Regional Development 168:

    Program Evaluation.

    2001 “Conflict and Collaboration in Community Forestry.” UC Berkeley Environmental Politics

    Working Group.

2000 “New Perspectives on Community Forestry.” Main Family Forestry Lecture. UC Berkeley.

2000 “Participatory field methods for community research” UC Berkeley Department of

     Environmental Science Policy and Management, Doctoral Field Methods Seminar.

1999 “Forestry Policy and Politics in the United States” UC Berkeley Department of Geography.


    London, J. (2007) “Power, Agency, Equity in a Global Rural”. Presented as part of a panel on

    Structural Racism and Rural Poverty. Rural Sociological Society Annual Meeting. Santa

    Clara, CA: August 2-5, 2007.

London. J. and Livéanos, R. (2007) “California State Agencies Response to Environmental Justice.

    Presented at the University of Michigan conference in Environmental Justice. Ann Arbor, MI:

    June 7-9, 2007.

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    Great Valley Center annual conference. Sacramento, CA: May 8-9, 2007.

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    Presented as part of a panel on Re-envisioning Rural Geographies. Association of American

    Geographers Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA: April 17-21, 2007.

    London J. (2006) “Political Ecology of Youth Erosion: Action Research in the Central Valley.”

    Presented as part of a panel on action research with rural communities at the American

    Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. March 7-11, 2006.

    London J. (2006) “Health Equity by Design in Rural Places” presented at Healthy Places:

    Redesigning Communities to Foster Environmental Health and Social Equity. University

    Extension. Davis. June 7, 2006.


London J, (2005) “Rural Philanthropy and the Central Valley Partnership.” Presented as part of a th Annual Meeting. San Diego CA. panel on Rural Philanthropy. Council on Foundations, 56

    April 10-13, 2005.

London, J. (2005). “The Power and Pitfalls of Youth Voice in Community Design: Lessons from San

    Francisco.” Presented at Community Taipei 2005: International Community Planning Forum.

    Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. October 30 - November 1, 2005.

London, J. (2004) “Finding a Place that Fits Community Forestry.” Presented as part of a panel on thCommunity and Place Attachment, at the 67 Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological

    Society, Sacramento, CA, August 11-15, 2004

London, J. (2004) Organizer and Panel Chair, “Strategies for Rural Community Empowerment: thLessons from the National Rural Funders‟ Collaborative.” Presented at the 67 Annual

    Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society, Sacramento, CA. August 11-15, 2004,

    London, J. (2003) “Youth-led Action Research: A Response to Spatial Inequality In the Central

    Valley.” Presented at the Rural Sociological Society Meeting, Montreal, Canada,

     July 26-30, 2003.

London, J. and S. Knecaya Green (2003). “Pushing the Boundaries of Youth-led Action Research and

    Evaluation.” Presented at the Society for Applied Anthropology. Annual Conference. Portland,

    OR, March 6-9, 2003.

    London, J. (2002). Youth-led Evaluation: A Promising Practice for Philanthropy. Presenter and Co-

    Chair of Panel, “Youth-led Evaluation: Methods for Improving Grantmaking and Nonprofit

    Performance” at the Council on Foundations 53rd Annual Conference, Chicago, IL April

    29-May 1, 2002.

London, J. and R.L. Carver (2002), “Taking Youth Voice Seriously: Youth-led Research and

    Evaluation. Symposium Session. American Educational Research Association. New Orleans,

    LA: April 2002.

    London, J. (2001) “New Directions for Community Forestry” Presented at the Rural Sociological

    Society Meeting. Albuquerque, NM. August 16-18, 2001.

London, J. (2001) “Youth Development, Organizational, and Community Benefits of Youth-led

    Research and Evaluation.” Mini-Plenary on Youth-led Research and Evaluation. The Search

    Institute Conference on Healthy Youth/ Healthy Communities. Indianapolis, IN, November 1-

    3 2001.

London, J. (2001) “Youth Development/ Community Development,” Presented at the Sierra Business

    Council Annual Conference. Sutter Creek, CA. October 6, 2001.

    London, J, (2001) “Youth, Community and Sustainability” Training workshop at the Oregon

    Sustainability Forum. Portland Oregon. September 6, 2001

London, J. (2000) “Engaging Youth in Community Sustainability” Presenter and Co-Chair of Panel

    on Youth and Community Sustainability. National Network of Forest Practitioners Annual

    Meeting. Fairlee, Vermont. October 25-28, 2000

    LONDON: VITA 2007 8

London, J. (2000) “Engaging Youth in Socio-Economic Monitoring” Presenter and participant in

    working group on socio-economic monitoring in rural communities. Ashland OR.

     October 19-20, 2000

    London, J. (2000) “Engaging Youth in Community Indicator Projects” Presenter and participant in

    the Community Indicators Workshop. The Great Valley Center. Redbluff CA.

     October 10, 2000

    London, J. and K. Zimmerman (2000). “Representing Youth In Indian Country: Community

    LORE‟s Youth REP program.” Presented at the 23rd Annual California Indian Education and

    Youth Leadership Conference. Anaheim, CA. April 13-15, 2000.

    London, J. (1998). “Locating A Critical Place for Community Stewardship: Ethnicity, Class, and

    Resource Access in Northern California” Presenter and Chair of panel “Contesting Claims:

    The Cultural Politics of Natural Resource Use in the American West” International

    Association for the Study of Common Property, Vancouver B.C., June 10-14, 1998.

    London J. and J. Kusel (1996). “The Social Watershed as Commons: Coordinated Resource

     Management in the Northern Sierra” Paper presented at the Conference of the

     International Association for the Study of Common Property. University of California at Berkeley. June 5-8 1996.

London J. (1994). “Common Spaces and Contested Places: Community Forestry Narratives from the

    Middle Hills of Nepal” Paper presented at „SPACE‟: The U.C. Berkeley South Asian Studies

    Conference. Berkeley, CA: March 25, 1994.


    Antipode: Radical Journal of Geography

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    Department of Sociology.

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    Department of Human and Community Development

    LONDON: VITA 2007 9

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    Perspectives.” Department of International Agricultural Development. Independent Research.


CONCUR Training Programs. Berkeley, CA.

     Negotiating Effective Environmental Agreements, 1993

     Facilitating and Mediating Effective Environmental Agreements, 1994


American Association of Geographers

    California Institute for Rural Studies (President of the Board)

    Community University Research Alliance and Action for Justice (Board of Directors) International Society for Natural Resource Management

    National Network of Forest Practitioners

    Pacific Rim Participatory Community Design Network

    Rural Sociological Association

    Society for Applied Anthropology

    Youth In Focus (Board of Directors)

    National Rural Funders Collaborative (former Steering Committee member) Central Valley Partnership for Citizenship and Civic Engagement (former board member)

LONDON: VITA 2007 10

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