Should people make important decisions alone

By Ellen Robinson,2014-04-29 09:26
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Should people make important decisions alone

Should people make important decisions alone?

Important decisions are those that will have a significant influence on a persons life. The decision

    is difficult to make because the circumstances and the implications are complex or the consequence are considerable. As a result, they often get help from their families or their friends, it will get a better understanding with the situation. Get information from others avoid careless decision and incomplete view;however;it is need the person himself/herself to make decision in

    the end.

    First;discuss the important decision with others can be beneficial, especially when you have no enough experience with the problem in hand. Some people who have similar process will give you suitable and useful advises. For instance, different decisions between go further education after graduate from university and find a job are hard to make, and it is helpful to talk with others who has made this decision before. People will give you different answers, the person who join in work would persuade you find a job and the person who go further education would said that go on study is better than enter the service. Listening to both of advises and it will let you get your best decision after take deeply consider about it, and people will be able to learn from other persons


In addition, one should consider others opinions and feelings of the people who will be impacted

    by your decisions. For example, in a family, a husband want to use the deposit money to buy a

    new car, first, he must ask his wife and get some advises about whether to buy the car or which kind of car. If the husband make the decision all by himself and do not tell his wife, it would be a quarrel with them after he bought the car. Buy a car will impact many aspect of their life together, so make decision alone is inappropriate for this situation.

    However, everyone have to make the final decision by himself/herself, others can not help you to make decision at all except give you some constructive advises. Ultimately, the person who has to live with the decision should take careful considerate with the problem and be responsible to the advises given by others such as friends, family members and make the final decision by himself/herself.

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