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    7:30 P.M.

     rdThe regularly scheduled meeting of the Mantorville City Council was held on October 23, 2000.

    Members present: Diane Carlson, Mark Lamphere, Dick Leonard, Diane Wilke and Bob More

    Also present: Roger Petersen, Mark Stevens, Mike Murphy, Randy Carlson, Greg Haskin, Corey Raymond, Mark Norgaard, Rich Hefti and J.J. Williams

Mayor Carlson opened the meeting at 7:30 p.m.

     thMINUTES October 9 meeting: Motion by Member More and second by Member Lamphere to

    approve the Minutes as written. Motion carried unanimously.

    WARRANT LIST: Motion by Member Wilke and second by Member More to approve payment of the Warrant List in the amount of $4,585.84. Motion carried unanimously.


    Mr. Stevens said that they have been unable to find someone to be the ice rink attendant for the

    upcoming season. Council agreed to have the Maintenance Department put up the rink but not

    move the warming to the park unless an attendant is found. As in past years, a port-a-potty will

    be put in place next to the rink.

    • Motion by Member More and second by Member Wilke to approve Dave Leth and Mark Stevens ndattending the SE Section meeting of the MWOA on November 2. Motion carried unanimously.

    • Mr. Stevens reported that the Dodge pick-up has been sold for the asking price of $3,000. th• City wide leaf pick-up will be November 6.

    • Mayor Carlson thanked the Maintenance Department for the prep work done for the Open thHouse on October 9.


    • Motion by Member Leonard and second by Mayor Carlson to reimburse the EDA’s expenses

    totaling $2,386.11 for the year 2000. Motion carried unanimously. The EDA’s 2001budget will be thfinalized for presentation at the November 13 Council meeting.

    • Member Leonard gave a brief overview of the County EDA/HRA that was recently approved by

    the State legislature.

    • Member Lamphere reported that ATV’s are an ongoing problem within the City limits. He will

    check with area towns to see how they handle the 4-wheelers.

BONESTROO & ASSOCIATES: Mark Norgaard, Rich Hefti and Corey Raymond gave a presentation thabout their engineering firm. The firm of Yaggy Colby will give their presentation at the November 13


PUBLIC HEARING Conditional Use Permit requested by Gregg Haskin: The purpose of the

    request was to operate a small welding shop in an accessory building located on his property at 28 Leprechaun Lane. Mayor Carlson mentioned a correspondence from a neighbor requesting the Council deny the permit. There being no other comments, pro or con, there was a motion by Member Wilke and second by Mayor Carlson to close the Public Hearing. Motion carried unanimously. Member Lamphere mentioned his concerns about excessive noise. City Attorney Roger Petersen read Article II (2.2)(32) of the Zoning Ordinance which defines a home occupation. Mr. Haskin stated that hours of operation would be normal daytime hours, most of his work would be on-site, not done at his home, and that noise would be minimal. Motion by Member Lamphere and second by Member Wilke to deny the Conditional Use

    Permit as not meeting definition of a Home Occupation or the requisite conditions for a Conditional Use Permit as set forth in the Zoning Ordinance. Motion carried unanimously.

     th Street West: Mr. Murphy was present to discuss the parking situation in front MIKE MURPHY 111 6

    of his house that he considers his driveway. Patrons of the Senior Citizen center directly across the street continue to park in the area even though he recently posted it as “Reserved Parking”. The Council was in agreeance that the area is part of the street, not part of the yard and that Mr. Murphy could not post it as reserved. He was encouraged to talk to the Senior Citizens as a group and explain the thsituation or to put in a driveway coming into his yard off from 6 Street.

    CITY ATTORNEY’S REPORT: Mr. Petersen distributed proposed Ordinance No. 144 “An Ordinance Establishing Rates, Termination of Water Service and Re-connection Charges and Other Charges and Remedies for Existing and Future Sewer and Water Service Within the City of Mantorville” which repeals Ordinance No. 108 and proposed Ordinance No. 145 “An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 131 of the

    City of Mantorville Regulating Sewer Service Charges”. Motion by Member More and second by Member Leonard to adopt both Ordinances as written. Motion carried unanimously.


    Mayor Carlson reported on several meetings she recently attended and/or will be attending in

    the near future;

    the annual Fire Department/Township contracts were tabled;

    Motion by Member Leonard and second by Member Lamphere to approve the resolution

    amending the Joint Powers agreement with SE Service Cooperative. Motion carried unanimously.

    that the City Clerk research prices of a new copier and return with several options at the next

    Council meeting;

    MN Rural Water Association is sponsoring a seminar on Securing Financing for Small Systems

     Motion by Member More and second by Mayor Carlson to reimburse expenses of anyone

    wishing to attend; thline item budget discussion will commence at the November 13 meeting;

    Council discussed recent inquiries about the City owned property north of the ballfields

    consensus was to hold on to the property for future parkland;

    photos of 2 unkempt properties in the City were distributed Motion by Member More and

    second by Mayor Carlson that the City Attorney cite the owners under Ordinance No. 128

    (referred to as the Debris Ordinance). Motion carried unanimously. thMotion by Mayor Carlson and second by Member More to set November 27 at 8:00 p.m. as the

    date for a Public Hearing to consider adoption of the County’s Comprehensive Plan as it pertains

    to Mantorville. Motion carried unanimously.

    Mayor Carlson said that she will be reviewing minutes from the year 2000 for any unfinished

    business before the Council.

    ADJOURN: Motion by Mayor Carlson and second by Member Wilke to adjourn at 10:05 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cheryll Selle

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