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    J-1 Student Academic Training

General Information and Eligibility

    ; Student must be in good academic standing to be eligible. Academic Training must be directly related to field of

    study on DS-2019 during or after academic studies.

    ; J-1 Academic Training is approved for a specific job. During the authorized Academic Training period, a J-1 student

    is required by the U.S. Department of State to have continued adequate health insurance in effect, which covers

    sickness or accidents in order to maintain the J-1 status.

    ; Part-time employment counts as full-time Academic Training.

    ; The total training period is inclusive of any prior Academic Training in the United States as an exchange visitor, and

    may not exceed the period of the full course of study in the United States.

    ; Post-completion applicants must submit their Academic Training Request to SISS BEFORE their program

    completion date (e.g. End of last term for undergraduates or filing date for graduate students) and employment must

    start within 30 days of program completion date.

    Refer to the box that applies to your student status regarding maximum duration of Academic Training.

     Undergraduate and Doctoral students Non-degree (e.g. Education Abroad

    Graduate students Program) students

Duration Maximum18 months Maximum initial 18 months. Maximum 12 months or duration of

    of Possible 18-month extension program whichever is shorter

    Academic for post-doctoral research (i.e. 3 months of program of study = 3

    Training position. months of Academic Training).

    *Refer to application procedure Step 2 (i.e. Submit extension request

    for special instructions. prior to current program end

    date -#3 on DS-2019).

    Application Procedure

    STEP 1: Offer letter from your employer. The letter must indicate the specific dates of employment, number of hours

    per week and salary information. The letter should be on the company letterhead (emails are not acceptable).

    STEP 2: Request a letter of recommendation from your academic advisor, graduate advisor, or EAP advisor

    that includes the following:

    ; The goals and objectives of the specific training program, and an evaluation of the effectiveness and

    appropriateness of the program in achieving the stated goals and objectives

    ; A description of the training program, including its location, the name and address of the employer and

    training supervisor, number of hours per week, and dates of the training

    ; How the training relates to the student's major field of study

    ; Why it is an integral or critical part of the academic program of the exchange visitor student

    ; The completion or the expected completion date of the academic program (pre-completion applicants


    ; *EAP students must obtain letter of recommendation and approval from EAP Advisor with Academic

    Training Request Form, DS-2019, and employment offer letter. Student will then need to submit to SISS:

    Academic Training Request Form, EAP letter of recommendation and employment offer letter.

STEP 3: Complete a J-1 Student Academic Training Form (See below)

    STEP 4: Submit the above documents to SISS and your International Student Advisor will authorize the

    Academic Training in writing if the application is appropriate. The written authorization is employer

    specific. Contact SISS if there is any change of employer, BEFORE new employment begins.

    If the sponsor on your DS-2019 is not UC Davis, you need to contact the sponsor listed on your DS-2019 (see #2 on

    SISS, UC Davis, University House, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616 ? 530-752-0864 ? rev. April 09

    DS-2019) for any employment authorization requests.

    J-1 Student Academic Training Form

    PART I (to be completed by student) Name (last, first):

Local (U.S.) address:

    Phone number: Email:

    Major(s): Department:

    Program Completion Date: Degree Objective:


    Have you ever participated in Academic Training (AT)? Dates of previous AT (if applicable):

     yes no MM / DD / YYYY to MM / DD / YYYY

    NOTE: Please attach a letter of recommendation from your academic advisor, graduate advisor, or EAP advisor.

Student Signature Date

    Proposed Employment*

    Employer’s Name:

    Employer’s Address: Employer’s Phone Number:

Dates of Employment (Start and End dates): Part-time (20 max.) Full-time (20+)

    MM / DD / YYYY to MM / DD / YYYY

    *I’m requesting the above work authorization because I have received an employment offer for the specified employer and employment dates, and I understand that the employment authorization is for this employment and these dates only.

    PART II (to be completed by academic advisor, graduate advisor, or EAP advisor) Name (last, first): Title:

    Phone number: Email:

Academic Advisor, Graduate Advisor, or EAP Advisor Signature Date

     SISS, UC Davis, University House, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616 ? 530-752-0864 ? rev. April 09

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