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     ?U Ayxz.com Info ?U

     ?q?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?È Url:http://ayxz.com


     ?U ?U

    Mail:fepa2008@hotmail.com ?U ?U

     ?U ?U

    BBS:http://bbs.ayxz.com ?U ?U

     ?U ?t?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?s


    ???U ?U

     ?U Ayxz is a website providing you with the best latest cracks, ?U

     ?U keygens and sn everyday. We promise that all softwares and cracks in?U

     ?U our website are FREE for download! Your satisfaction and support will?U

     ?U encourage us to keep going and improve day by day, thank you guys ?U

     ?U for all supports. ?U

     ?U ?U

     ?U ?U

     ?U We sincerely welcome all you guys to release your softwares, ?U

     ?U chinese translations, cracks or patches in our websites, sharing them?U

     ?U with others in need will be very helpful, really appreciate that. ?U

     ?U ?U ???U??Copyright: Copyrights is preserved by the original author. ?U

    ???U ?U

     ?U INFO: This software was collected from internet and arranged ?U

     ?U by Ayxz, we are not involved in any technical or copyright ?U

     ?U issues. Only FREEWARES will be collected, all softwares ?U

     ?U provided are only for reference, please don't reuse them as ?U

     ?U any commodities in business. All softwares should be deleted ?U

     ?U in 24 HRS. It's possible that some of the files were infected ?U

     ?U by viruses or the file is broken,please try and scan the files?U

     ?U with antivirus softwares by yourself, if you don't agree with ?U

     ?U everything listed above, please stop using it, thank you. ?U

     ?U ?U

     ?U How to use: 1. If file with .Reg extension is in the zipped file, ?U

     ?U please double click the file to add it to your ?U

     ?U registry. ?U

     ?U 2. If file with .EXE or other extensions are found in ?U

     ?U the zipped file, please install or copy the files ?U

     ?U into your installation directory properly, then quit ?U

     ?U the setup program and use the crack file or keygen ?U

     ?U to regist the software. ?U

     ?U ?U

     ?U ?U

     ?U Unlock the files.zip or files.rar with the

    password:www.Ayxz.com ?U

     ?U ?U

     ?U Thank you for reading this info ?U

     ?U ?U

     ?U PS: If you wanna rerelease the software in another website, please ?U

     ?U keep this info file included, thank

    you. ?U

     ?U ?U

     ?U ENJOY! ?U

     ?U ?U

     ?U ?U

     ?U ?q?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?r


     ?U ?U ?U ?U

     ?t?T?T?T?T?T?T?T?È Everyday Software,Everyday Update!


     ?U ?U


Please view NFO files!Good Luck!Thanks!^_^

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