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    thRecommendation for Sustainable Tourism Network Workshop on 5 May 2005

    (On behalf of LATA)

Ladies and Gentlemen:

     My name is Somphong DAYVIENGXAY, Management Committee of LATA and Managing Director of

    Ken Lao Tour Co. Ltd.

     On behalf of the LATA, I would like to thank you to all the concern parties “sustainable tourism

    network give an opportunity for LATA to attend in this workshop and recommendation.

     I was approved by the chair of LATA to present some information on organizational structure and the

    purpose of establishing LATA. I want to propose, beside the presentation about the LATA. I would prefer to be

    suggested how to improve and contribute to the sustainable tourism development. By this occasion, we

    should raise this issue to exchange information.

Lao Association Travel Agency (LATA)

    Part I

    Organizational Structure

    Lao Association Travel Agency (LATA) was official established on 22/9/2004. It a one component to

    assemble both private and public tour operators national and international. They are operating in Lao PDR

    to be one association to implement the Lao government policy and regulation on tourism activities.

     LATA is the social organization of juristic entity, there is no objective of any political, non-profitable

    and benefit from our operation.

    LATA is operating and follow by government Law and LATA’s regulation

    LATA under umbrella of NTA and Chamber of Commerce. At the present, there are 36 tour operation

    members in 62 registered tours. There are 8 public tour operator, 4 private and 14 joint venture public and

    private, 18 in Vientiane Municipality and Luang Prabang.

    After the LATA was established on 22/9/2004. On 02/10/2004, LATA organized the conference to

    vote for the first committee. In the committee there are 7 members and 3 advisors:

7 Managing committee:

1 Chair: Ms. Vayakone PHOTHISANE

    2 Vice-Chairs: Mr. Souvankham CHINDAVONG, Mr. Bouakao PHOMSOUVANH

    4 Councils: Mr. Hoth PHANIVONG, Mr. Chandaleth PHETSILISENG, Mr. Khamphone PHONSENA and

    Somphong DAYVIENGXAY.

    The determination position of LATA Chair, Vice Chair depends on the vote.

3 advisors committee:

    1. Mr. Vilay PHEAR HOUAPHAN

    2. Mr. Khamphieng MANICHIT

    3. Mr. Khampoun VONGPASETH


    The internal organizational structure of LATA consist of 4 Units namely:

    1. Finance Administration Unit In charge of Mr. Bouakao and Mr. Souvankham

    2. Promotion and Reception Unit In charge of Mr. Somphong and Mr. Hoth

    3. Foreign Relationship and Cooperation Unit In charge of Ms. Vayakone and Mr. Chandaleth

    4. Management and Support members Unit In charge of Mr. Khamphone and Mr. Bouakao

    Further more, there are 3 service group;

    1. Ms. Vayakone PHOTHISANE

    2. Mr. Souvankham CHINDAVONG

    3. Mr. Bouakao PHOMSOUVANH

    Part II

    LATA general principles and objective/goals

     According to the LATA’s position was determined the own significant objectives for 29 articles, on this

    occasion I want to raise only the most 4 important issues related to the sustainable tourism development.

Issue 1; To study the development method and protect management of benefits for tourism business

Issue 2; To advise exchange and disseminate technical knowledge, gather marketing data information for the

    members to improve and extend their own business on the basic method mentioned.

Issue 3; To support the cooperation, equality, the exchange ideas, defense the illegal competition, resolve

    the conflict among members.

Issue 4; To collaboration with NTA and related local authority to improving the services and develop of

    tourism resources in country wide to be reached standard and quality.

Studying regulation, development strategy and protect management of rights, benefits for tourism


In fact this work is the sensitive work. It needs the actual information to be the evidence for identifying the

    business tourism management and development strategy correctly. Macro-organization works directly with

    this work is NTA. Earlier NTA identified regulation for tourism management and development in each period,

    due to the tourism industry is quick developing in Lao PDR. The work of NTA is also increasing especially

    after the approval from government to promote to authority (equal ministry). Therefore, LATA

    establishment is a preliminary stage of business organization. It is very necessary for NTA to collect actual

    information from Micro-organization. In order to contribute in development and management of business

    benefits effectively…Currently, the LATA is collaborating with locals to collect information. The data

    collection prefer the sincere from the members and the information from the members must have

    objective to protect rights of the members and benefits for national tourism activities.

*The consultation, exchange and dissemination technical knowledge, gather marketing information in

    order for member to improve and extend their own business based on the mentioned method issue of


    - After the LATA establishment, although LATA faced with many troubles, limited budget, fund, no

    permanent office, but managing committee are always carry on the work both connecting national and

    international, consulting, and request for the necessary assistance. Request for offices with NTA, request for

    the technical assistance from international (especially SNV) to organize the workshop on planning which was

    held in Lanexang Hotel on 28/0 1/3/2005. SNV supported very well and the office from NTA was approved.


    - The collaboration within the LATA managing committee is cooperate with many organization: Lao

    Aviation, Done Chan Palace Hotel, Lao Plaza Hotel, Thai Away… to advise and request for the collaboration

    on operation business for the LATA’s members. With the well achievement as a result (the detail of relation

    are flight arrangement, room rate….)

    - International contacting, there are associations in this area (South East Asia) was invited to visit

    LATA to attend many tourism fair as: Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal… this show that Laos is interested from international stage.

    - As we mentioned the objective above that LATA is a non-profit organization, but in fact is Mr.

    Anuj specialist mentioned in the workshop that: the word non-profit doesn’t mean that the association will not

    earn any income for LATA. Except the support wages for members, due to the LATA on activities which lead

    to the income resources to cover the expenditure (if there is only expenditure but there are not income, it

    could not carry on) because the government didn’t cover budget for LATA. Therefore, at the present LATA

    must find the fund support itself, also implement the roles to members by regulation issued. LATA try to

    support their members to attend the seminars and tourism market fair which are both held in national and

    international to gain more experience directly to this filed in regional and international. Bring all the knowledge

    to improve the services to up to date in each period. Earlier there were many LATA members had opportunity

    to joint tourism activities in South East Asia and Europe.

    - Fund raising to balance the expenditure of LATA, managing committee is searching for many

    ways, organize many process to find income as: organize occasions, special tourism processing caravan both

    in national and international.

* The Supporting cooperation, equality, exchange ideas, defense the illegal competition, resolve the

    conflict among members.

    - The supporting cooperation for equality within LATA’s member. This is very priority issue to be

    solved, because the tourism services in Lao PDR. Now it is turning to the competition due to the support

    among the members is weak, without directly exchange information…………….there is no workshop in

    countrywide. It seems as no LATA. The main problem is from the managing committee of LATA are not spent

    much time due to their own business which cause to work delay.

    - The illegal tourism competition. This is the main issue that the members should attend and follow

    up on how LATA solve this problem?......This issue is a high priority because it closely related to the

    sustainable tourism. If there are still keep on illegal competition, it will lead to the conflict among them and at

    the end, it will go bankrupt. This situation happened for Lao tourism in 90-97 which caused to some

    companies which lack of tourism experiences had to close down due to they could not compete with other,

    Therefore, LATA doesn’t want this event to happen even now as future in Lao tourism area again. Sometime

    this confliction include guests are taken by force, transfer guests, amend transfer guest contact…

* The collaboration with NTA and related local authority to improving the services and develop of

    tourism resources in country wide to be reached standard and quality.

    - This is also a important objective, due to the last period all the tourism support and development

    issues was only NTA (Macro-organization) in charge of. For this reason, there were some successful and

    some not, because the real problem were in business such as their own capacity (Technician, fund) include

    the condition that lead to the difference market competition. The LATA establishment is to be a focal point to

    brainstorm the ideas and effect the problem happened with members to LATA and submit to NTA and LATA

    should be follow up the result and inform to members.

    - The collaboration with other related businesses: Hotels, restaurants, Lao Aviation and locals are

    the major role for LATA, because it relate to the budget expenditure, administration. Previous some

    expenditure was contributed to activities, this fund was contributed by managing committee. Therefore, this

    work will be delay if we don’t have enough funds. In the future plan of LATA which draw up by supporting from SNV, the last workshop focused on income resources of LATA to achieved the work. Many plans are

    according to the drift income: according the request international support which we don’t know who will give

    the assistance.


    * Tour guide issues

    - This is a objective was raised in the workshop, the tour guides are important role in case of tourism promotion, protect competition of illegal regulation and resolve the problem among the staff.

    - In the point of view of committee suggest to set up the a unit to manage the tour guide, due to the currently there are tour guide call (free land guide) move to depend on this or that tour operator by unpaid,

    without any taxes to government regally. Furthermore, they are private operate guide the tourists to the

    protected areas, officer warned and fined them. This situation become to take by force of guest, sometimes

    guides advertise themselves to international tour leader to snatch guest through other company. it makes

    company be in difficulty situation, in case of company is still have debt.

    - LATA had the policy to solve the problem about tour guide, raising awareness of role and responsibility and capacity building on profession tour guide. To organize the workshop to exchange ideas

    and information between them on tourism and languages. Each tour guide use their own knowledge and work

    separately. Tourists are happy with the good guides, for the weak guides feel unhappy, they don’t know how weak they are. This problem should be solve together and built up good roles for national tourism.

     Remark: The propose will give the example of problem to compare with the real situation.

     Thank you.


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