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PTSA Presidents Message - ausdk12caus



    PTSA President’s Message: The Power of Partnership

    ―You need to surround yourself with quality human beings that are intelligent and have a vision‖

     -Vince McMahon

    If I have done one thing right so far it is If you have yet to be involved in Hugo that I have followed Mr. McMahon’s Reid’s PTSA and would like to be, please advice, though I am not even sure if I can contact me at so we take credit for that, as so many of you can get you plugged in with this incredible stepped up on your own without my group of volunteers. There are jobs to fit prodding, and I am grateful. everyone and ways to help that anyone can

     fit into their busy lifestyle. It is a unique As Mr. Simoniello stated at our First Day time in the life of your family with a child Coffee, no great school is run alone. It or children in elementary and you don’t takes a team, a village, or a group of want to miss out on the opportunity to be parents with a purpose. That purpose at part of their success. Hugo Reid is to educate our children. Everything we do in the PTSA is toward We would love to have you join us and that end. surround yourself with quality and

     intelligent parents with a purpose. I am Our theme this year is the ―Power of proud to be a part of this wonderful group, Partnership.‖ We do this together. With the and am proud of the work we do. Partner teachers, administrators, parents, and with us today and enhance the elementary community in partnership we can school experience for your child. accomplish any goal. We are blessed to live in a community where partnership is -Paula Larimore Vento

    commonplace and PTSA membership is near 100%. 626-574-9197

     Paula Vento PTSA President

    Michael M. Simoniello, Jr. Principal

    Leslie Klipstein Editor

    Safety continues to be a top priority at Hugo Reid Principal’s Message School and an expression of this concern could be

     seen in the attendance of over half our staff

    members in a full day disaster survival workshop

    held during the summer break. This workshop

    was focused on earthquake preparedness but

    could be applied to any variety of scenarios

    regardless of the cause.

    Airway blockage/CPR rescue, bleeding control, shock treatment, evacuation procedures, search

     and rescue techniques, triage guidelines and more

    were all presented to staff in a very full day of TEACHER COLLABORATION DAYS presentations. I feel good about the number of BEGIN Hugo Reid teachers that participated in this On Wednesday, September 13, and continuing training because it truly takes a team to deal with each Wednesday throughout the school year, all these serious issues. Our staff attended this on a staff will be participating in grade level and team volunteer basis and received a Family Disaster Kit meetings to enhance planning, instruction and for their dedication toward making our school a overall school-wide performance on behalf of safer and more prepared unit. Our team took the your children’s education. This is made possible information shared and made minor revisions to through an early dismissal time at 1:20 for grades our present plan which gets better and more one through five and mid-morning expeditious each and every year. kindergarteners. Early bird kindergarteners will be

    I thank this staff of professionals for their serious dismissed at 11:20 each Wednesday. and dedicated approach to this responsibility. Every other day will have the same dismissal time as in past years at 2:35 with the exception of early

    COMPUTERS UPDATED bird kindergarteners who will leave at 11:55.

    Thanks to a very generous donation of forty Please remember that school begins everyday at Compaq Computers from Countrywide Financial 8:20 with the exception of mid-morning Institutions, Hugo Reid was able to remove and kindergartens.

    update forty classroom computers that were either Our entire staff is excited about this ongoing

    outdated or having unrepairable technical professional time to meet the ever increasing difficulties. The cost of this resource can be demands and pressures for quality instruction. overwhelming when a large number of machines This time will allow us to fine tune our programs need to be replaced so we’re most fortunate that with a specificity of purpose and ever improving

    Countrywide helped us out in this regard, bringing results. all rooms up to the level of district guidelines On behalf of our entire staff I thank you for your regarding numbers of machines and operational support of this schedule change from previous standards. years to allow us to better analyze the results of our efforts

    NO PARKING/STOPPING ZONE In an ongoing effort to maintain traffic and pedestrian safety a new red curb area has been DISASTER PREPAREDNESS marked directly across from the office and In recent weeks we were bluntly reminded about courtyard at the big school. This decision was safety risks related to flying and the need to be on reached as a result of several close calls with constant alert for any kind of terrorism or disaster.


    students running across the street to meet parents Thank you to Lan Nguyen who organized and that were parked in this section, or students that ran our First Day Packet Stuffing with the were dropped off upon arrival on the north side of help of to Rosaria Schoenegger, Patty Soldo, Hugo Reid Drive running across the street instead Lisa Teriashi-Wong, Jennifer Jackson, Dana of using the crosswalks at either end of this block. Beckon and all who pitched in. I am aware that this leaves fewer parking spaces near the office; however, the inconvenience of Our First Day Coffee was a big success having to walk a bit further could save a life. thanks to Carolyn Prater who planned and There will be no stopping or parking on the executed this successful event. Thank you to north side of Hugo Reid. Please encourage all who helped welcome our new families. students to use the crosswalks at all times. Your Thank you to Patty Soldo for hosting our first support on behalf of keeping students safe is Teacher Treats day and treating our teachers needed and appreciated. to a wonderful lunch from Baja Fresh.

    BOARD VOTE UPDATE Our Back to School Picnic was a fun and th the Arcadia School Board On August 8festive night for the many who attended. The unanimously placed the Arcadia Neighborhood children had a blast running and dancing to Schools Health, Safety, Repair Measurethe deejay’s music. Lisa Teriashi-Wong was

    Measure I—on the November ballot. The Board’s the brains behind this event and I say thank action followed an extensive stakeholder-based you for a very successful picnic. Special input and planning process in which the District’s thanks to Brenda Halberstadt for supplying architects and facilities experts worked in extra napkins and forks! partnership with community leaders, parents, teachers, principals and other staff to hear their Let’s all thank Sheldon Wright for keeping our concerns and rank their school priorities. Measure Marquee updated each week!! I was designed specifically to address essential repairs, upgrades, and projects at each school, and I appreciate you all and thank you for the Board expects such upgrades will improve the partnering with me quality of education at every school, and allow us -Paula Larimore Vento

    to continue to retain and attract high-quality teacherswhile prioritizing fiscal accountability. 626-574-9197 With the help of our parents, teachers, stakeholders, and the community, Arcadia schools

    Rocky’s Readers Book Club will continue to be among the best in the state and

    the nation.

    -Michael M. Simoniello, Jr.

     Paula’s Partners ththRocky’s Readers is a book club for 4 and 5 I want to thank all of you who have stepped grade students who love good books. We will in to partner with us to get this school year off have prizes, book-related snacks, and, of to a great start. course, great book discussions. For the first time ever we began our year with We will meet in room 101 at lunchtime on a yard sale organized and run by Helen October 26, to discuss In the Year of the Boar Wong and Ka Man Chan. Thank you for your and Jackie Robinson by Bette Bao Lord. vision and creativity with a new idea. Other books will be chosen for the following


dates: November 30, February 22, April 12, Mantoux (TB) tests required and May 24.

    for Classroom Volunteers

     Watch for flyers on our specific upcoming

    book discussions.

     -Carol Misakian

     Rocky’s Readers Chairperson

    Are you helping in your child’s classroom,

    working in the library, Rolling Readers, or a room

     representative? Are you planning to chaperone a

     field trip?

     Legislative AlertUpcoming

    It is the policy of the Arcadia School District that thNovember 7 Ballot Issue all volunteers who are working with students have a current Mantoux (Tuberculosis) test. thThis November 7, there will be a school bond measure called Measure I on the ballot. The If you have had a Mantoux test within the last Arcadia School Board is calling for a $218 million three years, submit a copy of your negative test to dollar bond measure so that we can refurbish and the health office at the elementary campus. upgrade our schools. (Previous valid documents are still on file.) In order to continue, and even surpass, our If you need to update your Mantoux test, your current level of excellence, we must attend to our physician can provide this service for a fee or you 50-year-old schools. All schools, from elementary can have it done for free at the Monrovia Health to the high school, will see facility improvements Center, 330 W. Maple Ave, Monrovia (626) 256-if this bond passes. 1600. Their hours are: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri: 8 10 a.m. and Measure I will improve the quality of our 12:30 3:00 pm. education at our neighborhood schools; it will Wed: 10 a.m. 1:00 pm and repair roofs and deteriorating restrooms, upgrade 2:30 5:00 pm. school safety equipment and upgrade classrooms Tests are done on a walk-in basis. After you have and science labs to ensure that our students have the test, you will need to return on the day a safe and clean place in which to learn and the specified by the center (usually 23 days later) to tools they need to excel. No funds from Measure I have the results read. will go to any administration costs or teacher salaries. If the test is negative, you will receive a clearance certificate to turn in at the elementary office. Please join the Hugo Reid PTSA in lending your Contact the elementary health office (821-8356) support with a “Yes” vote on Measure I this thwith any questions. November 7. Thank you for your cooperation. Many thanks for your anticipated support! -Lan Nguyen -Adriana Lim th Executive V.P 5 V.P. Hugo Reid PTSA


    SCRIP News

    HELP HUGO REID EARN MONEY FOR YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION WITH Please don’t forget to renew/register

     eScrip every year!

    Every time you shop at Vons/Pavilions or

    Ralph’s, Hugo Reid receives up to 6% of

     the dollars purchased automatically. Last

     year, we made over $15,000 profit that can New!! Now you can find Box Tops be used for school supplies, facility on the bottom of Kleenex boxes updates, purchasing and maintenance of

    computers and printers and more. and on Ziploc products.

     DONT FORGET to sign up for the Box Tops Booster Club! Go to and register. Hugo Reid earns money for every family that registers. If you have any questions about the program, go to the Box Tops website, Please renew/register by October 31., or you may eScrip registration forms and scrip order contact me at form are available in the office at both campuses, or register on-line: -Jennifer Fang BTFE coordinator Vons & Pavilions: (Please search Hugo Reid School in the AEF program by zip code) WAMOOLA FOR SCHOOLS Ralph's:

     (Hugo Reid NPO # is 83466) strdBanking Days will be the 1 and 3 Friday

    of each month from 8:00 to 8:15 a.m. Win a Pizza Party!

    Deposits can be made in room 119 with From October through April, the class with Ms. Carroll at the Elementary Campus and the most scrip sales is invited to a Pizza in room 4 with Mrs. Dudley at the Primary Party in May. School.

    Scrip sale days: 8:10 am ~ 8:30am

    Elementary school - Wednesdays

    Primary school Fridays

     -Kaori Littler

     Scrip Coordinator


    and Smart & Final for giving us a 10% discount

    on the ice. Their generous donations demonstrate

    the power of community partnerships and helped make the Back-to-School Picnic a huge success!

    Additional thanks go to Richard Wong (my

    husband), for spending his weekend going to

    work to help make the flyers which saved

    PTSA money. Thank you Patty Soldo, Mr. Simoniello, Stacy Singh, Rosaria Schoenegger, and my mom Esther Teraishi for helping set The First Day Coffee helped kick off the up. Thank you to Cielo Ruiz, Angela Wong, 2006-2007 school year! We were pleased Marlene Pun, and Rosaria Schoenegger for

    helping with the tickets and name tags. Thank to see so many new parents in addition to

    you Carolyn Prater, Carla Thomas, Rosaria & all those returning.

    Theo Schoenegger, and Claudia & Rosamaria Thank you for coming out to support your (Rosaria's sister & niece from Italy) for all your children and Hugo Reid. help. Our PTSA 2006-2007 theme Thank you Tom, Millie, Becca, & Edward Vento,

    Esther Teraishi (my mother), Mr. Simoniello, Emi "POWER OF PARTNERSHIP"

    Powers, Dillion Gadoury, Jordan & Jason Soldo, is definitely off to a good start due to

    and Steven Wong for transporting the baked enthusiasm shown by all of you. goods to the bake sale table. If you were not able to make it to the First Day Thank you Ling Ling Chung, Carolyn Prater, Coffee, but would like to Carla Thomas, Richard Wong, and Candice sign-up to be a volunteer, Power for cleaning up after the picnic.

     please contact Paula Vento

    Special thanks go to Dave (Head Custodian) for at

    making sure the sprinkler system didn't come on this year and for having everything ready on A special thank you to Carla Thomas, time. Thank you Mr. Tony for all of your help Cielo Ruiz, Angela Wong, Wendee making sure the trash cans were always empty Nigolian, and Deborah Howard for all and for helping putting the tables and chairs away.

     their help in this important event!

    I'm sorry if I forgot to mention anyone by name! -Carolyn Prater

    Everyone's help was deeply appreciated. I hope everyone had an enjoyable time at this annual community-building event, and that you’ll all join

    us next year for more food, music, fun and friends.

     -Lisa M. Teraishi-Wong I want to start off by saying a very special thank

    you to Trader Joe’s on Rosemead for their kind

    and generous donation of 15 cases of water for

    our Back-To-School Picnic. I would also like to

    thank Ralph's Market on Hasting's Ranch in

    Pasadena for donating a gift card of $25.00,

    Ralph's on Sunset in Arcadia & Pavilions on Baldwin for donating gift cards of $15.00 each,

    Cub Scouts Recruitment Night

     Attention all 1st-5th Grade Boys - if you

    are interested in becoming a Cub Scout,

    come to our recruitment night.

    When: Tuesday, October 3rd @ 7:00 p.m.

    Where: Hugo Reid Elementary Cafeteria.

    If you cannot make it but would like information contact Peter Howard, Cub

    Master: With the support from our president Paula (626) 446-6556 or Larimore Vento, the PTSA started the year

     off before school even began with a


     $400 was made which will be used to

    A NEW SCHOOL YEAR MEANS support our new Rocky’s Readers program

    A NEW PRODUCTIONand to provide additional books for our !

    libraries and classrooms.

Special thanks go to the following families

    & their children for giving up a Saturday

    to lend their big muscles and even bigger

     energy for this event. They did everything

    It's not too early to start thinking about from lugging items to setting up to selling

    your student participating in the Hugo & even cleaning:

    Reid Musical Theater group! 3rd, 4th and Dana Beckon, Ka Man Chan, Martha

    5th graders will have the opportunity to Medina, Mary McGinnis, Leslie Klipstein,

    stage, produce and act in Janice Clark’s Lan Nguyen, Rosaria Schoenegger, and

    original production! The group will begin Paula Vento.

    meeting the first Monday following the

    Winter Holiday break, and the show will Additional recognition goes to the dads

    go on right before Spring Break. More who supported us throughout. They are

    information will be available soon. If you Steven C., Tom V. and my hubby

    want to know more about how your child Ken.

    can benefit from this amazing experience, -Helen Wong Ung

    contact Lisa Mayhew at


    Calendar of Upcoming Events

    Family Reading Nights Noche de lectura familiar Wednesdays 6-7 p.m. - primary school library Miércoles 6-7 p.m. biblioteca escuela primaria

    Thursdays 6-7 p.m. - elementary school library Jueves 6-7 p.m. biblioteca escuela elemental

    October 2006 Octubre 2006

    3 Gift Wrap Assembly 3 Junta de venta de papel de regalao 10 Restaurant Night at 10 Noche de Restaurante - Pepper's

     Pepper's Mexican Grill Mexican Grill 11 Picture Day 11 Día de Fotos 13 Gift Wrap Orders Due 13 Entrega de órdenes de papel de 16-20 Candy Apple Pre-Order Sale regalo 18 School Site Council 2:45 p.m. 16-20 Pre-venta de manzanas

     (elementary library) acarameladas 23 Vision Screening 18 Reunión del Consejo Escolar 2:45 23-27 Red Ribbon Week p.m. (Biblioteca escuela elemental) 24 PTSA meeting 23 Chequeo de visión

     Business Meeting 8:30 a.m. 23-27 Semana de la Cinta Roja (Red

     General Meeting 8:45 a.m. Ribbon)

     (elementary cafetorium) 24 Reunión del PTSA. Asamblea 25 Candy Apple Delivery oficial 8:30 a.m. / Asamblea general 31 Haunted Halloween Happening - 8:45 a.m.

     Community Center 4 pm 25 Entrega de las órdenes de manzanas 31 Student Council Dollar Days begins acarameladas

     31 Fiesta de Halloween Centro

     Comunitario 4 p.m.

     31 Días del Dólar del Consejo


We are looking for someone to translate the calendar for our Chinese

    readers. If you are available to translate this part of the newsletter into

    Chinese each month, please contact Leslie Klipstein at (626)462-1446 or



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