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? Knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers and health care providers regarding breast feeding in Ismailia, Ninth Scientific National Conference,

    Suez Canal University

    Staff Members Data Base

Name: Mohamed Ibrahim El Kalioby

    Position, Career/Employment (employers, positions and dates):

    ? Professor of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, SCU (June 2001 till now).

    ? Dean of college of Medical Sciences, University of Science & Technology,

    Sana'a, Yemen (Sep. 2006 to Aug. 2008).

    ? Head of Family Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, SCU (Feb. 2006 to

    Aug. 2006).

    ? Ass. Professor of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, SCU (March 1996 to June 2001).

    ? Lecturer of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, SCU (Oct. 1990 to March 1996).

    ? Ass. Lecturer of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, SCU (June 1981 to Oct. 1990).

    ? Resident of Pediatrics, Ain Shams University Hospital (July 1978 to June 1981).

    ? House Officer, Cairo University Hospital (March 1977 to Feb. 1978).

E-mail Address: , &

    Affiliation and official address: 3, Kambeez St., Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

    Education (degrees, dates, universities):

    ? MD Pediatrics, SCU (Egypt), 1990.

    ? MSc Pediatrics, Ain Shams University (Egypt), 1980.

    ? MBBcH, Cairo University (Egypt), 1976.


    ? Main field: Pediatrics

    ? Other fields of interest:

    ? Neonatology / Medical Genetics / Respiratory diseases

    ? Management

    ? Quality assurance


    ? Honor certificate from Egyptian Medical Syndicate (March, 2000) as an ideal


    ? Certificate as the best Dean in University of Science and Technology, Sanaa,

    Yemen, of academic year 2006/2007.


    Membership of Professional Societies: Egyptian Society of Pediatrics

    Scientific Meetings:

    ? Workshops:

    Coordinator of some workshops in FOM/SCU as:

    th? International Workshop (18) about Community based and Problem solving

    medical education in March 2004.

    th? Qualifying of medical university lecturer (11) in April 2005.

    th? Human resource development in health management and leadership (7) in Dec.

    th2005 & (10) in Dec. 2008.

    Trainer in:

    ? Workshops in "Quality Assurance and Accreditation" held by "University

    Education Development Center" in cooperation with "Faculty and Leadership

    Development Project (FLDP)" since May to Sep. 2006.

    ? Workshop in "Curriculum Development" in Faculty of Medicine, Azhar

    University, Cairo, Egypt (23-24/2/2005).

    ? Annual International Workshop in "Community based and Problem solving

    medical education" in FOM/SCU since March 2004.

    ? Bi-annual workshop in "Qualifying of medical university lecturer" in FOM/SCU

    since March 2004 to 2006.

    ? Annual workshop in "Human resource development in health management and

    leadership" in FOM/SCU since 2005.

    Trainee in:

    ? Workshop in "Health Research Ethics Training Initiative in Egypt" Sponsored by

    Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Meryland,

    USA, University of Meryland, School of Medicine, USA in collaboration with

    Ministry of Health and Population, Cairo, Egypt (24-25 Dec., 2005)


    ? National Peer-Reviewers Workshop in "Accreditation of Egyptian Health

    Professions Education Institutions" (9-10 June, 2005) Arranged by WHO in

    Alexandria, Egypt.

    ? Training of trainers workshop on Neonatal Care (7/2 to 11/2/1999) in Luxor,

    Egypt, organized by Healthy Mother/Healthy Child Project in collaboration with

    George Washington University.

    ? Conferences:

    ? The LeaderNet Seminar about “Coaching for Professional Development

    and Organizational Results” held by Management Science of Health

    (MSH), Cambridge, USA, (31/3 to 4/4/2008). ? Training courses:

    ? Online "Virtual Leadership Development Programme" held by Management Science

    of Health (MSH), Cambridge, USA (28/1 to 25/4/2008)

    ? Course in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine presented by the George Washington

    University Medical Center & the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington

    DC, USA (18/10 to 6/11/1999).

    ? Regional course of health management and leadership (15/11 to 28/11/1998)

    organized by Center for Research and Development in Medical Education, Suez

    Canal University.

    ? Training course of Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases in National Research Center, Cairo,

    Egypt (6/12 to 17/12/1992).

    ? General lectures:……………………………………………………………..


    ? A reviewer of Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal (EMHJ) edited by Regional Office for the

    Eastern Mediterranean of WHO since 2001.

    ? Papers :

    ? Evaluation of the role of postnatal Ambroxol in the prevention and treatment of respiratory

    distress syndrome in preterm neonates, Sultan Qaboos University Med Journal, Vol. 6, No 2, 41

    46, Dec 2006.


    ? A study of cardiac murmurs among primary school children in Suez Canal area, The Egyptian

    Heart Journa, Vol. 55, No 2, 387 392, June 2003.

    ? Chlamydia Pneumonia respiratory infection and bronchial asthma in Egyptian school children,

    Egypt J of Pediatrics, 17, 4, Dec, 781 794, 2000.

    ? Granulocyte Colony - stimulating Factor in diagnosis of neonatal sepsis, Med. J. Cairo Univ., 68, 1,

    (Suppl), March:147-152, 2000.

    ? Cryptosporidiosis among infants and children with diarrhea in Ismailia, Egypt, Al-Azhar J of

    Pediatrics, 3, 2, June, 1 10, 2000.

    ? Prevalence of Haemophilus Influenzae type b meningitis among children below five years in Suez

    area, Egypt. J. Med. Microbiol., 9, 3, July: 477-484, 2000.

    ? Factors affecting the outcome of early childhood Pneumonia, Al-Azhar J of Pediatrics, 3, 1,

    January: 127-139, 2000.

    ? Sonographic measurement of liver and spleen of Egyptian infants, Al-Azhar J of Pediatrics, 3, 1,

    Jan, 1 - 10, 2000.

    ? Role of iron therapy in the treatment of breath holding spells, Med J Cairo Univ, 67, 4, (Suppl),

    Dec: 85 91, 1999. ? Quality of life in handicapped children, Egypt. J. Psychiat., 22: 2. July: 195-207, 1999 ? Effect of some stool preservatives on the detection of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts using

    direct immunofluorescent assay, Abaza, S.M., El-Shewy, K., Kalioby, M.I., Ismail, O.A., Suez

    Canal Med. J. Oct. (2):209 -15, 1999.

    ? Maternal risk factors in infantile vitamin D deficiency rickets, Menoufiya Med. J., 9, 2, July

    (Suppl): 265-272, 1997.

    ? Effect of protein energy malnutrition on visual evoked potentials in infants and young children,

    The medical Journal of Cairo University, Jan 1995.

    ? Nutritional status of preschool children in Sinai, The New Egyptian J of Medicine, l0, 6: 2860 - 65,

    June 1994.

    ? Serum lead: Relation between maternal and cord levels, The Medical J of Cairo University, 62, 3:

    169-176, 1994.

    ? The role of parasitic infestations in iron deficiency anaemia among school children in Ismailia,

    The New Egyptian J of Medicine, 11, l: 403-406, July 1994.

    ? Knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers and health care providers regarding breast feeding in

    Ismailia, Ninth Scientific National Conference, The Egyptian Association of Community

    Medicine; Dec 1993.

    ? Effect of a training program of health care providers on the indicators of breast feeding, Ninth

    Scientific National Conference, The Egyptian Association of Community Medicine; Dec 1993. ? Breast feeding promotion in practice. Facts for action for health professionals. Baby & Mother

    Friendly Hospital Initiative. MOH. ESBMF. UNICEF. WHO, Cairo; 1993.

    ? Visual acuity assessment of primary school children in Ismailia City, Twenty eighth Annual

    Congress, Arab Medical Union, 1993.


? Effect of passive smoking on the growth of children, The Medical J of Cairo University, 60, 4:

    945-949, 1992.

    ? A study of intelligence and its relationship with some family variables, Egyptian J of

    Contemporary Psychology, 1, 3: 273-296, 1992.

    ? Serum alpha-1 antitrypsin and alpha-2 macroglobulin in protein energy malnutrition, Al-Azhar J

    of Microbiology, 12: 48-53, 1991.

    ? The impact of annual immunization program with oral polio vaccine on the prevalence of paralytic

    poliomyelitis, Egyptian J of Occupational Medicine; 15, 1: 85-88, 1991,

    ? Acute respiratory infectin clinical signs and symptoms study. Unpublished (in cooperation with

    Child Survival Project, Ministry of Health, Egypt and WHO); 1991.

    ? Evaluation of the different methods of assessing nutritional deficiency in school children in field

    survey, Alexandria J. of Pediatrics, 3: 295-306, 1989.

    ? Prevalence of malnutrition among Egyptian school children in Suez Canal and Sinai areas. MD

    Thesis, Suez Canal University, 1987.

    ? Blood phenylalanin level in mentally retarded microcephalic patients. MS Thesis, Ain Shams

    University, 1980.

    ? Books:

    ? “Guidelines for Egyptian Hospital Nurseries” in collaboration with healthy

    mother/healthy child project, 2001 & 2004.

    ? Neonatal Care. Protocols for physicians, 1997.

    ? “Breast feeding guidelines” in collaboration with UNICEF, 1997.

    Supervision of M. Sc & Ph. D

    M. Sc:

     1) Relationship of parasitic infections and iron deficiency anemia during mid

    childhood in Ismailia, MS Ped, 1992, Ain Shams Univ.

    2) Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP) in malnourished infants and young children, MS

    Ped, 1994, SCU.

    3) Assessment of nutritional status of preschool children at Al Nasr and Rabaa

    villages (North Sinai) and planning for possible corrective measures, MS Family

    Med, 1994, SCU.

    4) Weaning practices and its effects on growth of infants and children in Ismailia

    governorate, MS Ped, 1995, SCU

    5) Factors affecting morbidity and outcome of Pneumonia among children under 5

    years hospitalized in Suez Canal University Hospital. A prospective Cohort

    longitudinal study, MS Ped, 1998, UST.


    6) Cross sectional study of the clinical significance of ultrasonographic measurement

    of liver and spleen of infants in Ismailia, MS Ped, 1998, SCU.

    7) Studying the effects of some stool preservatives on the detection of

    cryptosporidium oocysts using direct immunofluorescent assay, MS Parasitology,

    1999, SCU.

    8) Chlamydia Pneumoniae respiratory tract infection and bronchial asthma in school

    age children, MS Ped, 2000, SCU.

    9) Pilot study of invasive bacterial infections in children aged from 1 60 months in

    Suez governorate, MS Tropical, 2000, SCU.

    10) Mothers practices towards caring of their children (under 5 years) suffering from

    acute respiratory infections, MS Nursing, 2000, SCU.

    11) Developing job description for staff nurses working in neonatal intensive care

    units, MS Nursing, 2000, SCU.

    12) Assessment of knowledge and practices of mothers toward infant pain in Port

    Said, MS Nursing, 2002, SCU.

    13) Evaluation of teratogens as a risk factor for congenital heart disease, MS Ped,

    2002, SCU.

    14) Evaluation of cardiac murmurs in primary school children in Ismailia, MS Ped,

    2002, SCU.

    15) Assessment of knowledge and performance of nurses about the care of pre term

    neonates in Port Said hospital and Ismailia University hospital, MS Nursing, 2003,


    Ph. D:

    1) Evaluation of respiratory syncytial virus as a causative organism of acute respiratory

    infections among infants and young children in Suez Canal University hospital, MD

    Ped, 2003, SCU.

    2) The role of ambroxol in the treatment and prevention of respiratory distress syndrome

    in preterm neonates, MD Ped, 2003, SCU.

    3) Short term outcome of pulmonary balloon valvuloplasty in neonates and early infancy,

    MD Ped, 2004, SCU.

    4) Impact of a home care educational program for mothers having pre-term infants in

    General hospital in Port-Said, MD Ped Nursing, Under process, SCU

    Projects (Local & International):

    ? Local Projects:


    ? Co-principal investigator of the project of "establishment of quality assurance system in

    FOM-SCU" (2004/2006).

    ? International Projects:

    ? Co-Principal investigator of the project of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) Clinical

    Signs and Symptoms supported by Child Survival Project with WHO, 1990/1991.

    Teaching courses (Under Graduate & Post Graduate):

    thth? Under Graduate: Pediatrics course in 4 & 6 year medical students

    Pediatrics Nursing

    ? Post Graduate: Pediatrics course for MS & MD medical students

     Pediatrics Nursing for MS nursing students


     I am signing that all the above personal data are correct, and I agree to put it in

    the university Data Base.

     Dr Mohamed Ibrahim El Kalioby



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