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Sample Lesson Plan

    Background information

    Students: 40 Junior high school student, Grade 1

    Lesson duration; 45 mins

    Teaching objectives:

    By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

    1. say in English the names of jobs;

    2. ask and answer questions about ones jobs;

    3. use interview strategies to find out information and take notes; 4. present the interview results confidently to other students; 5. learn to be good listener and brave to ask questions in English. Teaching contents: vocabulary of jobs

    What does your mother/father do? Hes a policeman.

    Anticipated problems:

    Students may have difficulty in naming some unfamiliar terms of jobs Teaching aids: tapes, blackboard, chalk, PPT, picture, white papers Type of the lesson: vocabulary, speaking

    Teaching procedure:

    Step 1. Review (10 mins)

    a) Warm up: a song: What do you do? (with flash)

    b) Students write the names of jobs they already know on paper.

    c) Students draw pictures of jobs, and share them in groups.

    d) Students volunteer to present their pictures and words.

    e) Teacher summarizes, and writes the words on board. Step 2. Learn the new words (15 mins)

    a) Use pictures and actions to introduce the words. Use the structure: what does he/she do?

    He/She is a

    b) Students learn to say the words with the help of pictures.

    c) Pair-work. One does actions, the other guesses the names of the jobs. Step 3. A task: Use what is learnt to do an interview (10 mins)

    a) Group- work. An interview.

     Mothers job Fathers job




    b) Volunteers to present the result

    Step 4. More practice (10 mins)

    a) play a guessing game. Work in groups of four. One student writes the name of a job on a

    piece of paper, and others guess by asking questions. Teacher demonstrates first.

    b) Use PPT to show some celebrities and ask students to name their jobs. Such as Yang

    Liwei, Beckham, and some ordinary people of different jobs. Optional activities and homework:

    Optional activity: Work in pairs and find out your partners IDEAL jobs. And ask your partner to

explain why.

    Homework: Write a short paragraph to introduce the jobs of your family members to your friends.

    Reflection: (to be written immediately after the lesson)

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