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     Animals Anita(張羽駸)2012F945

    With the development of the society, human being have been taken more and more space of animals, animals are losing their homes and be drived to a hopless and endangered corner.

    As is known to us all, every species plays an important role in the ecological chain . The deficiency of only one part would lead to serious consequences. It is quite obvious that we have to protect endangered animals because they are not only precious and irreplaceable, non-renewable natural resources, but also essential to the demand of people’s growing material and cultural needs, and the improvement of socialist spiritual civilization.

    So,how can we turn from rhetoric into action? We cannot just put up our slogans and do nothing about it. I’d like to focus mainly on the action be related to material

    and spirit.


     There is only so much land on the earth and so what we can do with this limitation. Some people believe that human needs for farmland, housing and industry should come first, but actually I think that the land should be set aside for endangered animals.

     Firstly, mankind’s need for land is constantly growing. If the demand is not checked in some way, humans will eventually exhaust all available land on earth. At that time, mankind will have no more room to grow, and all the wild animals will have disappeared, as well as other valuable resources. We have nothing to eat, the ecolohical balance has been broken, the earth is going down for sure.

     Secondly, humans are able to innovate and can use the land that they already possess in more efficient ways. Animals are unable to do this. Once their land is taken away from them they will die.

     The last but not least, endangered animals are an important part of the biodiversity of our planet. If they disappear, we cannot predict what the effect will be. Therefore, we should treat such animals as a valuable resource to be protected.


     Animals are not just animals, they may not as smart as mankind, but they are beautiful both in appearance and in spirit. They do everything by nature, they are unselfish and dedicated to nature. They are the children of nature, they follow the law of nature, they are the results of the survival of the fittest. Having them in our life is

    a way to show that human beings can live with animals without interrupting their lives. Also, with them listening we kinda have a spiritual heaven to throw our melancholy and sorrow.

     To sum up, the world’s endangered animals are an important resource and we

    should protect them by having a sense of concept of protecting them first and then setting aside some land for them. With mankind’s intelligence and innovation, we

    surely can build a harmonious environment where animals and people can live together.

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