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    WHEREAS, The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama for The University of

    Alabama at Birmingham (hereinafter referred to as “University”) and Company, (hereinafter

    referred to as “Facility”) desires to set out in writing the terms and respective responsibilities of

    the two institutions for the clinical education of students in the School/Department, etc.,

    (hereinafter referred to as “School/Dept”).

    The University and the Facility agree as follows:

A. Facility Responsibilities:

    1. To provide instruction and supervision appropriate for the student’s level of

    preparation and continued learning. However, it is understood that students shall not

    be used in lieu of professional or staff personnel and shall be under appropriate

    supervision at all times.

    2. To share in the responsibility for the education of School/Dept students through the

    cooperation and assistance of its staff and employees along with the faculty of the

    University. Only those employees who are qualified by education, experience and/or

    professional credentials may serve as clinical/adjunct faculty.

    3. To maintain accreditation status by the appropriate accrediting agency.

    4. To make available first aid and emergency care for illnesses or accidents occurring

    on the premises. All other medical and dental costs are the responsibility of the


    5. To maintain records and reports on each student’s performance and provide a

     written evaluation of each student’s performance to the University.

    6. To request withdrawal or dismissal of any student whose performance record or

    conduct does not justify continuance in clinical education at this Facility.

    7. To orient the student to the Facility and its rules and regulations.

B. University Responsibilities:

    1. To send the Facility only such students who have successfully completed the

     requirements for the clinical education component of the curriculum.

    2. To take action regarding any student whose performance record or conduct does

     not justify continuance in clinical education at the Facility.

    3. To support rules and regulations governing students that are mutually agreed upon

     between the University and the Facility.

    4. To designate a faculty member to coordinate and act as the contact person with a

     designee of the Facility.

    5. To assign students to clinical education only when mutually arranged by the

     University and the Facility.

    6. To maintain channels of communication for exchange of information with clinical

     faculty by on-site visits when practical and by telephone in other instances.

    7. To provide proof of insurance for students while on clinical assignment.

C. Student Responsibilities:

    1. To follow the administrative policies, standards and practices of the Facility.

    2. To be responsible for transportation and living arrangements when not provided by

     the Facility.

    3. To be prepared to present proof of enrollment in an acceptable hospitalization plan

     upon arrival at the Facility.

D. Terms of Agreement:

    1. This Agreement shall become effective (DATE) and continue indefinitely. This

    Agreement shall be reviewed by both parties annually hereto and shall automatically

    renew itself for a period of one year unless either party desires to terminate the

    Agreement and gives the other party one hundred and eighty days notice of intention

    to terminate.

    2. The Facility and UAB agree that there shall be no discrimination on the basis of race,

    color, creed, sex, national origin, age or handicap, in the assignment, acceptance,

    and activities of students in the program established by this Agreement.

    3. The number of students shall be agreed upon by the University and the Facility.

The Board of Trustees of

    The University of Alabama for

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham

By: ___________________________ By: _________________________

    Department Authorization Board of Trustees Authorization

By: ___________________________

     Company Authorization

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