UK Literacy, Eating and Activity for Preschool and Primary Youth

By Michele Wood,2014-05-20 12:15
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Develop nutritional habits to maintain a healthy weight; Develop daily routineSummer Feeding Program Coordinators. ? Afterschool Program Coordinators

    UK Literacy, Eating and Activity for Preschool and Primary Youth (LEAP)

    Literacy Eating and Activity for Preschoolers was developed in 2005 by a committee with representatives from the University of Kentucky, Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Kentucky Department of Education. Funding for the program has continued with funding from the Health Education through Extension Leadership (HEEL), the Food Stamp Nutrition Education project, and the Kentucky Department of Education. The curriculum (consisting of 10 storybooks) includes a facilitator’s guide and newsletter for parents. Facilitator’s read a story introducing nutritious foods and/or health concepts, conducts food tasting activity and physical activity with students. In 2005 2006, over 25,000 preschool students and their parents were reached.

    In 2008, ten additional books are being added to the curriculum which is appropriate for children in preschool through grade 3 (primary years). Facilitator’s guides for the additional books include the Kentucky Core Content and evaluation tools as well as nutrition, physical activity and other enrichment ideas.

    Input Output Outcome and Impacts

    Activities Participants

    Select additional LEAP Curriculum committee Short term Financial Resources

    storybooks to expand

    LEAP (Dec. 2007) Process Evaluation Health Education through Extension

     County agents, program assistants Leadership (HEEL)

    Develop facilitator’s LEAP Curriculum committee and volunteers will report reaching Purchase of

    guides nutrition at least 12,000 students each year ? additional copies of storybooks

    activity, physical ? reproduction of facilitators guide

    activity, enrichment Outcome ? support materials

    activity that align with 50% of students will demonstrate Fund staff for development of additional

    Kentucky Core proper hand washing techniques curriculum materials and evaluation tools

    Curriculum standards 50% of student will report eating a Kentucky Department of Education (KDE)

    and parent newsletters variety of foods Purchase of one set of books for each

    (March 1, 2008) 505 of students will report being county

     physically active 30 minutes or

    Pilot test books and Agents and program more each day Food Stamp Nutrition Education

    facilitator’s guides. assistants in Fleming, Pike, Purchase of

    (March 2008 May Calloway, and Ohio counties. ? additional copies of storybooks 2008) ? food demonstration supplies

     ? support materials

    Conduct train the LEAP Committee ? duplication of evaluation forms

    trainer event for County agents, Program ? duplication of parent newsletters

    county agents and assistants, and volunteers

    program assistants Medium Term Materials

    (Summer 2008) ? Develop nutritional habits to Ten original story books

     maintain a healthy weight Ten additional story books

    County agents, County agents, Program Facilitator’s guides with parent newsletters ? Develop daily routine that program assistants and assistants, and volunteers Food demonstration equipment includes 60 minutes or more volunteers will conduct Food supplies for demonstrations of physical activity to maintain lessons in preschools, a healthy weight and lifestyle

    Head Start, Early Start, Long Term People and Community Partners Elementary classes and Reduce the number of overweight afterschool and/or youth and adults in Kentucky Target audience: summer programs. ? Preschool students, with concentration (2008 2010) on low income students in Head Start, Early Start Process evaluation data County agents, Program ? Elementary schools with 50% or higher will be collected that assistants, and volunteers free and reduced school lunch includes the numbers participation of hours and the ? Parents/guardians of students number people reached. LEAP Curriculum Development Committee Outcome evaluation including: Pam Sigler, Peggy Riley, Jackie will include number of Walters, Linda Dunsmore (KDE), Karen students who Jones (LFCUG Health Department), Linda demonstrated food Lancaster (Cabinet for Health and Family safety practices (proper Services), Donna Fryman, Cristy Honacker, hand washing when LaDawn Hale, Judy O’Bryan doing nutrition activities), eating a variety of foods (tried ? County Extension Agents for Family the healthy snack and Consumer Sciences provided), being ? County Agents for 4-H and Youth

    Development physically active for 30-

    60 minutes per day, or ? Kentucky Department of Education

    complete other (curriculum, nutrition services, Head

    learning / evaluation Start, in-home child care)

    tool objectives (2008 ? Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Public

    2010) Services (Maternal and Child Health,

    Food Stamp Program)

    ? Local school systems (Head Start,

    Early Start, primary grades) ? School food service directors ? Preschool Operators’

    ? Summer Feeding Program


    ? Afterschool Program Coordinators ? Volunteers

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