Overview of Activities - The Financial Services Roundtable

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Overview of Activities - The Financial Services Roundtable

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    Community Build Day August 5, 2006

    120 Builds Across the United States

    Overview of Activities


City: Statewide

    Company: BancorpSouth

    Partner: Reading is Fundamental BancorpSouth organized their own back-to-school book drive for 600 children in 6 schools in 6

    low-to-moderate income communities in Huntsville, Guntersville, Birmingham, Opelika, Fort

    Deposit, and Gulf Shores. The banks donated books and raised money for schools to purchase

    books and supplies.


City: Anchorage

    Company: State Farm

    Partner: Habitat for Humanity -- Anchorage

    State Farm employees built carports on existing condos (a great need with the weather) in the

    nd32 and Spenard Mountain View, a low income area in Anchorage.


City: Scottsdale

    Company: American Reliable Insurance Company an affiliate of Assurant

    Partner: US Army

    The company has adopted two U.S. Army units stationed in Iraq and sends care packages every

    quarter. This quarter, through contributions from employees, 250 “Misty Mates” were purchased. Misty Mates are personal cooling systems which can lower the temperature by as much as 30

    degrees. These Misty Mates, as well as other personal items and toiletries, were packaged by

    employee volunteers and shipped over to Iraq. Employees also volunteered with St. Mary’s

    Westside Food Bank, packing over 900 emergency food boxes and inspecting and sorting over

    4,000 pounds of food that had been donated from various local sources, including food drives

    and grocery stores.


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    City: North Little Rock Company: State Farm

    Partner: Argenta Community Development Corporation (CDC) NeighborWorks


    State Farm volunteers worked with Argenta volunteers and members of the North Little Rock

    city administration to exchange and install long-life energy efficient light bulbs for residents

    who traded in their old bulbs. This event took place in the CDC area, which consists of

    primarily low-income homes and apartments, and will result in long-term energy savings and

    lower utility bills for the residents. On hand for the event were Congressman Vic Snyder (D-

    Arkansas); Patrick Hays, Mayor of Little Rock; and State Senator Tracy Steele.


    City: Orange County Companies: Countrywide Financial Corporation, State Farm, Mellon Financial


    Partner: Rebuilding Together Orange County

    Over 125 volunteers came together to give some TLC and some much-needed repairs to the

    Women's Transitional Living Center (WLTC), a non-profit community-based in Fullerton

    working to end domestic violence and offering comprehensive services for mothers and their

    children through its 60-room emergency shelter, its walk-in center, and through community

    outreach. Due to the overwhelming volunteer response, the project’s scope of work was

    significantly expanded to include several additional large-scale projects. WTLC is in their 28th

    year providing focus on prevention, education, advocacy, and support.

City: Sacramento

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    U.S. Bancorp employees volunteered for the Special Olympics soccer tournament.

City: San Diego

    Company: U. S. Bancorp

    U.S. Bank employees donated school supplies to military children in need, as a part of Operation



City: Denver

    Company: Countrywide

    Partner: Rebuilding Together Denver

    Volunteers from Countrywide worked with Rebuilding Together Denver to assist a disabled

    homeowner living on his own. Unable to lift, bend, or twist due to a back injury from his work

    as a machinist, the homeowner was overjoyed to see the home in which he had raised his family

    given some much-needed attention. Volunteers from Countrywide weatherized windows,

    replaced the bathroom tile, replaced the rear entry door, painted the entire home’s interior,

    installed smoke detectors, and repaired the exterior porch pillars. Congressman Bob Beauprez

    (R-7th/CO) and his wife Claudia participated in the build.

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City: Denver

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    Employees from U.S. Bancorp donated school supplies for children in need as part of this

    School Supply Drive.

City: Denver

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    Employees from U.S. Bancorp participated in the Walk to Cure Diabetes.

    City: Southern Colorado Company: U.S. Bancorp

    As part of the Bear Hugs for Kids program, U.S. Bancorp employees donated and distributed

    teddy bears to children of families victimized by domestic abuse.


    City: New Haven Company: Wachovia

    Partner: Room with a New View

    Wachovia employees will be renovating and painting the space for Room with a New View a

    local home for abused children.


    City: Middletown Companies: Citigroup, Bank of America, Principal Financial Group, Wachovia

    Partner: Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County

    Employees of Citigroup, Bank of America, Principal Financial Group, and Wachovia

    volunteered to install drywall at homes being constructed by Habitat for Humanity in New

    Castle County. Congressman Michael Castle (R-At Large/DE) addressed the participants in the

    build, as did Chris Coons, the New Castle County Executive.


    City: Jacksonville Company: LaSalle Bank Corporation

    Partner: Housing Partnerships of Northeast Florida NeighborWorks America

    LaSalle partnered with the Housing Partnership of Northeast Florida to do various home repair

    projects for a recent accident victim who now suffers from paraplegia. Volunteers constructed

    and installed a wheelchair ramp leading into the house, made alterations to the bathroom for

    wheelchair accessibility, performed various landscaping projects, and painted the home’s

    exterior. Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D-3rd/FL) addressed the volunteers.

City: Miami

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Companies: Countrywide Financial Corporation, Mellon Financial Corporation, State

    Farm, Wachovia

    Partner: Rebuilding Together Miami

    Fifty-nine employees from Countrywide, Mellon Financial Corporation, State Farm, and

    Wachovia volunteered on various home repair projects for homeowner Hattie Marshall. Mrs.

    Marshall, a retired personal chef who is in her 90s, moved to Miami in 1937 and she has owned

    and occupied the project house since 1957. Volunteers worked on several projects, including

    termite treatment, repair of a roof leak in the carport roof leak, painting the exterior and interior,

    landscaping, repairing the wood floor, and replacing the carpet. They also installed new hand

    rails at the kitchen and front entrances of the home. State Senator Frederica S. Wilson and City

    of Miami Commissioner Linda Haskins participated in the build.

City: Tampa

    Companies: BB&T, Raymond James, New Century Financial Corporation, Northern

    Trust, State Farm, Wachovia, Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of Ohio

    Partner: Community Development Corporation of Tampa (CDC of Tampa)

    NeighborWorks America

    One hundred volunteers rehabbed the Belmont Heights Baseball Field, a historic site which

    became the training ground for major league baseball legends, including Dwight

    Gooden. Volunteers repaired and painted the field’s concession stands, bathrooms, sidewalks

    and dugouts, as well as replaced sod and fencing. Tom James, Chairman & CEO of Raymond

    James; Steve Bartlett, President and CEO of The Financial Services Roundtable; State Senator

    Lesley Miller, Jr.; Mayor Pam Iorio; Tampa City Council Chairperson Gwen Miller; and Tampa

    City Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena also participated in the event.


City: Roswell

    Companies: ACE Group, World Financial Group, Inc., BB&T, Wachovia, State Farm,

    Merrill Lynch, SunTrust

    Partner: Habitat for Humanity North Central Georgia

    One hundred and eighty volunteers worked alongside the Kerzazi Family as they realized their

    dream of homeownership as they constructed a Habitat for Humanity home over the course of 8

    weeks. Originally from North Africa, Abdelmalek Kerzazi and his wife, Fatna Habhoub, came

    to the United States and settled in Georgia. Now a family of four with son Oussama and

    newborn daughter, Mariam, the Kerzazi family is thankful for the opportunity to own their own


    Also participating in this build were Mayor Jere Wood and North Fulton County Commissioner

    Lynn Riley


    City: Honolulu Company: Bank of Hawaii

    Partner: Habitat for Humanity -- Honolulu

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Employees from Bank of Hawaii worked on a new house in the Papakoleo Community in Oahu

    for a native Hawaiian family. The site of the new home is in the “Hawaiian Home Lands”,

    which is property set aside for Native Hawaiians. In attendance at the build were U.S. Senator

    ndDan Inouye (D), Congressman Ed Case (D-2/HI), and Al Landon, Chairman and CEO of Bank

    of Hawaii.


    City: Pocatello Company: State Farm

    Partner: Southeast Idaho Safe Kids

    State Farm partnered with Southeast Idaho Safe Kids to conduct a child safety seat check in

    Pocatello at the Pocatello City Hall. Local police and fire crews brought their emergency

    response vehicles on-site and conducted tours for the kids and answered questions.


    City: Chicago Company: New Century Financial Corporation

    Partner: Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago NeighborWorks America

    Over 150 volunteers from New Century Financial Corporation put the finishing touches --

    landscaping, painting and cleaning up -- to houses and facilities in the Auburn-Gresham

    community. The Auburn-Gresham community has been designated as a Model Blocks project

    by the City of Chicago. As part of this project, the city and state have provided grants for

    energy and green technology upgrades to many homeowners on these blocks. Most of the

    residents in these neighborhoods are senior citizens. Forty-four families were helped during the

    event which was attended by State Senator Jacqueline Collins and Alderman Latasha Thomas.

City/areas: Chicago, Fox Valley, Lake County, Moline, Sterling

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    Partners: Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity, Lake County Habitat for Humanity, Chicago

    Habitat for Humanity

    U.S. Bancorp employee volunteers worked with several Habitat for Humanity organizations,

    including the Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity and the Lake County Habitat for Humanity, as

    well as the Chicago Habitat for Humanity in a variety of building, repair, and remodeling

    projects throughout the month of August.

    City: Chicago Company: U.S. Bancorp

    Employees from U.S. Bancorp volunteered with the United Way-Big Brother/Big Sisters’

    Development Network to organize a school supply drive for underprivileged children in the

    Chicagoland area.

City: Bloomington

    Company: State Farm

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Partner: Habitat for Humanity McLean County

    State Farm employees volunteered for two projects. The first, involving Operation Patriot Build

    House and Women Build House, constructed a house for a serviceman and his family. For the

    second project, State Farm's Military Affinity Group (MAG) partnered with State Farm's

    Hispanic Employee Resource Organization (HERO) and the United Auto Workers (UAW)

    Veterans Committee to build a Habitat Home for a veteran armed services member. On hand at

    the event were Steve Stockton, Mayor of Bloomington; Illinois State Representative Dan Brady;

    Illinois Wesleyan University President Robert Wilson; and Bloomington Alderman Mike


City/area: Northern Illinois

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    U. S Bank employees teamed up with 4-H for a state-wide canned food drive.

City/area: Various throughout Central Illinois

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    U.S. Bancorp employees volunteered with several United Way Certified Agencies throughout

    Central Illinois to do various projects to enhance the community, including painting, cleaning,

    and grounds keeping.


    City: Evansville Company: American General Financial Services

    Partner: Habitat for Humanity -- Evansville

    American General Financial Services partnered with the Evansville Habitat for Humanity to

    sponsor the building of an entire house. In addition, American General employees served as

    volunteers. Rick Geissinger, CEO of American General Financial Services, Inc. participated in

    the build, as did State Representatives Suzanne Crouch and Phil Hoy.


Cities: Centerville, Ottumwa

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    Volunteers from U.S. Bancorp provided assistance to a non-profit organization known as the

    NEST. The NEST helps young mothers with the needs of their babies.

    City: Des Moines Companies: Citigroup, John Deere Credit, Wells Fargo

    Partner: Greater Des Moines Area Habitat for Humanity

    Employees from Citigroup, John Deere Credit, and Wells Fargo volunteered with Habitat for

    Humanity to work on a Habitat house, including pre-framing of the walls and work on the deck

    and basement. U.S. Senator Grassley's (R-Iowa) wife Barbara even stopped by to lend a hand.

    City: Des Moines

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Company: Principal Financial Group

    Partner: Greater Des Moines Area Habitat for Humanity

    Principal Financial Group partnered with Habitat for Humanity to sponsor and construct an

    entire Habitat house.

City/area: Dubuque and Eastern Iowa

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    U.S. Bancorp employees donated school supplies for needy children.

    City/area: East Central Iowa Company: U.S. Bancorp

    U.S.Bank employees prepared and served meals to the homeless and hungry throughout various

    communities in east central Iowa.


City: Kansas City

    Company: State Farm

    Partner: Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC)

    Employees from State Farm volunteered through the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC)

    to assist with the launch of LISC’s new NeighborhoodsNOW campaign in Kansas City. Four of

    10 urban neighborhoods (Ivanhoe, Oak Park, Vineyard and Palestine) are adjacent to the 39th

    Street Corridor that is part of the LISC-KCPD Crime and Safety Initiative (CSI) partnership that

    State Farm invests in nationally. The Community Build Day event centered on beautification

    and clean up, as well as housing rehabilitation in a neighborhood along the strategic 39th Street



City: Louisville

    Company: National City

    Partner: Company Initiative National City volunteers worked on the rehab and conversion of the historic Saint Columba

    Catholic School into the St. Columba Senior Apartments, Ltd., an affordable housing complex

    for seniors with 75 units.

    City/area: Southern Kentucky Company: U.S. Bancorp

    U.S. Bancorp, along with the Southern Kentucky Development Network, and the American Red

    Cross, co-sponsored a table at the "Gone to Dogs" charity event.


City: New Orleans

    Company: State Farm

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Partner: Rebuilding Together New Orleans

    State Farm partnered with Rebuilding Together as a part of Rebuilding Together’s New Orleans

    Work Week to mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina August 21-25, 28, 29.


    City: Portland Company: UnumProvident

    UnumProvident is worked with the Sweetser Family Institute of Portland, Maine, which offers

    mental health and substance abuse services, to paint and landscape.

    City: Portland Company: UnumProvident

    UnumProvident partnered with STRIVE, a program that assists young adults with intellectual

    and emotional disabilities, to paint and clean the STRIVE facilities and have lunch with the

    children attending STRIVE’s summer camp.

    City: Portland Company: UnumProvident

    Volunteers from UnumProvident painted rooms for Portland Adult Education, a wide-ranging

    community program that brings people and resources together for academic courses, for job

    skills or personal enrichment, and for special needs.

    City: Portland Company: UnumProvident

    UnumProvident employees volunteered with Day One, a substance abuse treatment center in

    South Portland Maine, to do gardening and painting projects at the facility.

    City: Portland Company: UnumProvident

    UnumProvident employees volunteered at the Lincoln Middle School on several landscaping

    and gardening activities.


    City: Baltimore Companies: AEGON Direct Marketing Services, Inc., BB&T, Citigroup, Monumental Life

    Insurance Company, State Farm

    Partner: Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity

    Volunteers worked on various projects, including framing work as well as some exterior clean-

    up work, including painting, for homes that are a part of a new cluster development for the

    Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity in the Patterson Park neighborhood. Attending the event were

    State Senator Joan Carter Conway; State Delegate Carolyn Krysiak; City Council member Jim

    Kraft (1st District);

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Congressman Benjamin L. Cardin (D-Maryland) represented by Michele Moghis; Shawn

    Darimian, Deputy Secretary for the Department of Housing and Community Development; and

    Stacy Spann, Assistant Commissioner of Project Finance for Baltimore City.


City: Boston

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    Partner: Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston

    U.S. Bancorp employees volunteered in building, repair, and remodeling projects with Habitat

    for Humanity of Greater Boston.


    City: Benton Harbor Company: State Farm

    Partner: Habitat for Humanity Benton Harbor /Brush with Kindness

    State Farm employees volunteered for a one-day build with the Benton Habitat for

    Humanity and Brush with Kindness, a program that repairs the homes of low-income families.

    Volunteers power washed, scraped, sanded, primed and painted the exterior of the home of the

    Whitfield family.

    City: Ypsilanti

    Company: ABN AMRO Mortgage Company

    Partner: Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley

    Thirty employees from ABN AMRO Mortgage Company volunteered to paint the interior of

    Rainbow House, which provides low income families with affordable housing, serving primarily

    the gay, lesbian, and transgender communities. This will be the very first Rainbow House in

    Michigan. On hand for the build were

    State Senator Elizabeth Brater and State Representative Alma Wheeler Smith.


    City: Minneapolis Company: U.S. Bancorp

    Partner: Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity/Brush with Kindness

    One thousand U.S. Bancorp employees volunteered with the Twin Cities Habitat for

    Humanity/Brush with Kindness every Saturday during the month of August to paint, landscape,

    and provide minor repairs to the home exteriors of low income families, a majority of whom are

    elderly, disabled, or who suffer from major illness.

City: Marshall

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    U.S. Bank employees donated blood to benefit the American Red Cross.

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City: Marshall

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    U.S. Bank employees volunteered for the Relay for Life, a fun-filled overnight event designed to

    celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of the American Cancer



City: Jackson

    Company: AmSouth

    Partner: Voice of Calvary Ministries NeighborWorks America

    AmSouth employees, along with Voice of Calvary Ministries, a NeighborWorks America

    organization, worked with the Voice of Calvary Ministries' SCORE program, which focuses on

    home repair projects for area senior citizens.


    Cities: Nevada, Rolla Company: U.S. Bancorp

    U.S. Bank employees participated in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Walk, a

    nationwide fundraiser for the American Cancer Society dedicated to rallying support,

    celebrating life, honoring those lost, and raising awareness.

City: St. Louis

    Company: State Farm

    Partner: Beyond Housing NeigbhorWorks America

    State Farm and Beyond Housing partnered on Community Build Day to repair the basketball

    court of the Pagedale Family Support Center. This included resurfacing the court, erecting new

    basketball hoops, and landscaping around the play area.

    Mayor Mary Carter and State Senator Rita Heard Days also participated in the build.

City/area: Southeast Missouri

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    U.S. Bancorp employees held a School Supply Drive in each of the bank’s Southeast Missouri

    branches for children who cannot afford school supplies. Collection boxes were be placed in

    each branch for donations of school supplies.

City/area: Southwest Missouri

    Company: U.S. Bancorp

    Employees of U.S. Bancorp volunteered with the United Way Day of Caring event, designed to

    assist area charitable organizations in a variety of maintenance projects for their offices/facilities,

    including exterior and interior painting, landscaping, and general clean up.


City: Billings

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