Addendum A - Attachment 7

By Sam Ray,2014-05-07 17:01
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Addendum A - Attachment 7

    University of California, Office of the President

    RFP #UCOP/Office Furniture/2009


As of 1/8/2010, the University of California main contact for the above RFP is no longer

    Darryl Sweet. It has changed to:

Alan Moloney

    Phone: (510) 987-0824


Please note that any bids submitted must be sent to Alan and NOT Darryl:

F. Instructions for Submitting Bid Proposal


    One (1) original bid proposal with SIGNED RFP Cover Sheet WITH YOUR BUSINESS CARD must be

    received on or before, but NOT later than 4:00 p.m. PST, 1/22/2010 at:

     University Of California Office of the President (UCOP)

     ATTN: Alan Moloney

     1111 Franklin Street th10 Floor Strategic Sourcing

     Oakland, CA 94607

     Late bid proposals or bid proposals sent via facsimile (FAX)

     will not be accepted.

     Bidders shall prepare and return their ONE (1) ORIGINAL HARD COPY response to this RFP on 8 1/2”

    X 11”, (30% pre-consumer/50% post-consumer) paper in the format of the RFP. Bidders are highly

    discouraged from providing binders, pamphlets, sales brochures, etc… Copies shall be submitted

    electronically via e-mail as explained below.

A copy of the entire RFP must be returned with your signed original hard copy bid proposal. Hard copy bid

    proposal (original) must follow the format specified in this RFP under Section I item G-see below

    “Proposal Format Guidelines” (TABS NUMBERED AS 1-8). Original hard copy bid proposals must be signed by a company officer authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the bidding firm. The

    submission of a signed bid proposal will confirm understanding and acceptance of all requirements, terms,

    and conditions of the RFP unless specific exceptions are taken and alternative language or provisions are

    offered by bidder.


Also, ONE (1) additional copy of your bid proposal must be sent ELECTRONICALLY via e-mail to . Your electronic copy of your bid proposal must be complete and ONLY

    include under Section I item G-see below “Proposal Format Guidelines” (TABS NUMBERS AS 1-5 ONLY and no pricing).

    REQUIRED from each bidder is one (1) original hard copy bid proposal and one (1) ELECTRONIC copy per the deadline instructions above. The electronic copy of your bid proposal SHALL NOT include any pricing information, bidder’s financial statements, annual reports, insurance certificates, or legal forms

    (only the original hard copy proposal shall have this information).

Original hard copy bid proposal must be sealed and marked: RFP #UCOP/Office Furniture/2009 - Closing Date: 1/22/2010, 4:00p.m. PST

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