The Stabilizer functions only outdoor properly, an indoor-use is

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The Stabilizer functions only outdoor properly, an indoor-use is

     WARNING: Stabilizer functions

     Battery only outdoors Aileron - 1 ESC Elevator - 2 ? Stabilizer

     1 - Aileron works in almost Throttle - 3 7 - Roll2 all weather, Sense Gyro - 4 6 Roll2 2 - Elevator day or night. Roll Gyro Sense - 5 1 - Roll o The system Nick 6 - Pitch does not Pitch - 6 2 Nick perform in 2 2 - IR Sense - 7 low stratus, smog, when it 1 is raining or in snow shower. PWR 1 - IR ? The infrared horizon has to be

    straight / near to straight or Regulator Battery ANT symmetrical.

    o Will perform well in even

    or in a slightly hilly site or

    in a valley between two ? If the sense is set too high ? If you hold the helicopter in mountains it. you can get an over-reaction the air above your head and o Among building or in a of the stabilization. tilt it, the swashplate must forest between the trees ? A new calibration at the always try to stay horizontally. the Stabilizer will work beginning of each day you are after the helicopter is flying on is recommended. ? No pitch-corrections should above the houses / trees ? Clean sensors with cotton-occur (usable infrared horizon). sticks or cotton tissue and o If the helicopter is above alcohol. 2-position switch for sense inclined plane, or in a flat country site, but close to Pre-Flight Check 1 - Position - calibration in the air, high hill/ big building, the -100% sense. infrared horizon is not ? Test before every flight with symmetrical and the sense set to 0% 2 - Position - 0% sense, the pilot helicopter will drift from ? Set the sense to the position commands are just conducted to the hill/building away. you want to fly with (min 25%) the servo. ? The wind direction has no and check with your hand, if influence on the stabilization, the corrections of the ? Takes off with 0% sense. but the helicopter will drift Stabilizer are right. ? When the helicopter is with the wind, if the pilot does hovering horizontally, switch not control against the wind. If the servo directions are correct, shortly to sense -100% and the swashplate will: back to 0% than land. Calibration & Flying ? Than program again the two- ? tilt only to the front, when position-switch in the ? A horizon calibration is covering rear 2 sensors transmitter: necessary before the first ? tilt only to the tail, when flight, after mounting the covering the front 2 sensors 1 - Position - 0% sense Stabilizer on your helicopter. ? tilt only to the right , when

    ? For the next flights you do covering the left 2 sensors 2 - Position - the % sense you want not have to calibrate, you ? tilt only to the left, when to fly with. can fly with the old covering the right 2 sensors calibration.

    surface (above is the gradation ? You can let the helicopter Ground calibration (beginners)

    from warm to cold). horizontally on the ground, but

     trim the roll to the opposite ? The helicopter must be

    side as hovering. After you In Flight Calibrate horizontally on the ground,

    calibrate, set the trimmer in houses, trees and cars must be

    neutral position. at least 32 feet away from ? Control the helicopter in

    ? If you do not follow these tips, the helicopter. stabile hover position, away

    the helicopter will drift ? Switch transmitter on. from you and in height 12-15

    slightly in flight and you must ? Switch receiver on. feet, so you can see the

    trim against that. A rightly set ? Red LED must blink in single aircraft is not drifting and also

    helicopter must hover with and pulsed mode. see the ground as reference.

    without stabilization without ? Push sensor unit button quickly ? Move the sense channel to -

    retrimming. and release. 100% shortly.

     ? Red LED will blink 10 sec. ? Land

     ? Move away from the helicopter ? In the moment you have

     at least 16 feet and stay reached Sense -100%, the

    exactly behind it or exactly in horizon position is saved.

    front of it. ? Put the sense to the position ? In this way you are staying you want to fly with.

    between the sight fields of

    the sensors and allow a precise Flying Without Calibration

    calibration. ? Right after the last LED ? Switch transmitter on.

    blinking the system calibrates. ? Switch receiver on. ? The values get permanently ? The red LED must blink single

    saved in the memory and the pulsed with pauses.

    LED lights permanently. ? Wait for 5 sec. (systemcheck) ? The Stabilizer is ready for use; and than give a roll or nick

    you can make the Pre-Flight-command. The last saved

    Check and can fly. calibration values get adopted.

     ? The red LED starts lighting

    Remote Calibrate continuously.

     ? The system is ready, after the ? Another possibility to Pre-Flight-Check you can fly.

    calibrate is just to go away

    from the helicopter and set Incline Ground Calibrate

    the sense channel to -100%

    briefly (that's it). In normal hover position the ? The horizon calibration helicopter is (mostly) slightly

    happens only once in the inclined, because the rear rotor is

    moment when the Sense has mostly not in the plane of the main

    reached -100%. rotor. To calibrate on the ground ? To make a new horizon under the same angle you hover,

    calibration you need to set the you can do the following:

    sense to 0% back and than

    again to -100%. ? Incline slightly the helicopter ? If on your landing field you on the ground (~2?) on the side

    have an asphalt - beton - grass it is inclined when hovering, try

    - snow ground, it is better to to reach the same angle as in

    calibrate over the coldest flight.

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