7-Eleven,Mannings, PARKnSHOP, Watsons, Wellcome Yata Ltd

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7-Eleven,Mannings, PARKnSHOP, Watsons, Wellcome Yata Ltd

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    Environment and Conservation Fund No Wrapping Paper but Warm Wishes Cooperated with 6 large retailers

    Reduce waste & Rescue trees!

     It is always the aim of Green Sense to promote the idea of light packaging and the

    importance of reducing solid waste. Following the Green Christmas campaign, we are now going to have a campaign aiming at reducing wrapping paper for gifts during

    Lunar New Year. Successfully, many retailers support this „Reduce Wrapping Paper‟

    campaign. They are 7-Eleven, Mannings, PARKnSHOP, Watsons Your Personal

    Store, Wellcome and YATA Limited (in alphabetical order).

     There are now about 2 million families in Hong Kong. It is conservatively

    estimated that 2 to 3 sheets of wrapping paper will be used for celebration. Therefore,

    about 5 million sheets of wrapping paper are needed. In other words, 2550 trees are

    cut down for a single Lunar New Year provided that each sheet weights 30g. If the

    consumption of wrapping paper is calculated in the measure of area and each of the

    sheets is of 0.5 metre square, it takes 250 hectares, which is about 250 standard

    football fields.

Replacing Paper with Sticker

     Genuinely speaking, most of the Lunar New Year products are beautiful. At the

    same time, more and more citizens acknowledge that extra packing is not necessary

    and waste natural resources. Therefore, Green Sense organizes this campaign

    especially for reducing wrapping paper. Today, we are having the ceremony as a start

    of the campaign in one of our participant company-TAYA Ltd. Ms Anissa Wong, the

    Director of Environmental Protection, Mr. Daniel Chong, the Managing Director of

    YATA and Mr. Roy Tam, President of Green Sense, are the officiating speakers of the


     The participated shops will put up posters encouraging customers not to have

    wrapping paper to pack their Lunar New Year presents. Posters will be put on places

    like the entrance, paying counters and the packaging area that attract lots of customers.

    We also provide love stickers for customers who are not used to have presents

    without wrappings to express their warming greetings and wishes. Also, the present

    receivers will learn that not having packing is to save resources. Only by achieving

     8100 4877 :

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    this, the joyous festival will not be the disastrous moment of our only and one- Mr.


    thst All participated retailers start this campaign on 18 January and end on 1 February

    th2009(7 January in lunar calendar). Some other organizations have already asked for

    and have the posters from us. There are over 1800 shops of the participants and

    wrappings of 1 million gifts are anticipated to be saved.

Wrapping Paper Problems in Hong Kong

     Wrapping paper, especially those used during Lunar New Year, arouses various

    environmental problems in Hong Kong:

    - No mature recycling system in Hong Kong. The awareness of recycling from the

    sources is not sufficiently instilled among citizens.

    - The golden colour and shining material of the wrapping paper adversely affect

    the effectiveness of recycling.

    - The used wrappings usually being torn in pieces and with adhesive paper

    complicate the working procedure of the recycling.

    - Since no policy or legislation requires the producer to have the responsibility to

    recycle the wrappings, distributing or producing wrapping paper excessively may

    easily happen.


    Sample of the sticker (Different brands may vary)

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