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MBA Scholarship Application Information

Edinburgh Business School (EBS) is part of Heriot-Watt University, the eighth oldest higher

    education institution in the UK. EBS is the Graduate School of Business at the university. EBS is

    one of the world’s largest international business schools and has 7,300 current students across

    the world, along with over 11,000 alumni.

Edinburgh Business School (EBS), working with Canon Collins Trust, seeks to afford applicants

    the opportunity of gaining valuable postgraduate level education that will enhance their day to

    day work.

EBS will award MBA scholarships on a competitive basis to women and men from sub-Saharan


All applicants must be committed to using the knowledge, training and skills acquired on the

    MBA programme for the general benefit of their home community and country. Scholarships will

    be awarded on the basis of:

    ? financial need

    ? intellectual ability

    ? evidence of national and/or regional commitment

    ? future impact

The scholarship objectives are:

    ? to afford disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to equip themselves with the

    knowledge and skills necessary to improve their lives and the lives of others around them

    ? to encourage and promote needs based education and life-long learning

    ? to exist as a solid contributor to the development of people skills in sub-Saharan Africa.

Scholarship Information

    ? The Edinburgh Business School (EBS) MBA Scholarship is for the distance learning MBA


    ? The Scholarship scheme is open to nationals of countries in sub-Saharan Africa.


    ? Applicants should be over the age of 25 and be working or self-employed (within small

    and micro enterprises especially).

    ? The MBA is comprised of 9 courses; 7 core courses and 2 elective courses.

    ? A scholarship recipient is initially entitled to do one course towards the MBA at a time.

    Following successful completion of two courses the recipient may be able to study a

    number of courses concurrently if agreed with EBS.

    ? Each course is assessed by examination only (i.e. no assignments, no continuous

    assessment). Exams run every 6 months across many cities in Africa.


    ? The examination for the first course must be attempted within nine months of the award.

    ? A nominal contribution to each exam will be paid by the scholar.

    ? The award will continue as long as the recipient passes each exam on the first occasion

    and stays living in Africa.

    ? On successful completion of the course, EBS will allow the scholar to choose his or her

    next course.

    ? For detailed information on modules and content visit


    ? Full Terms and Conditions will be available on demand

    ? Awards are non-transferable

Application Process

Complete the application form carefully and send the following documents with the application


? Certified copy of undergraduate degree certificate, plus university academic transcript

    ? One passport size photo with the applicant’s name clearly written on the back

    ? One academic reference in sealed envelope ? One employment reference in sealed envelope

Please post completed application forms and supporting documents to:

Canon Collins Trust

    22 The Ivories

    Northampton Street

    London N1 2HY


Or email completed application forms and supporting documents to:

Please note that we do not accept applications by fax.

Please be aware that Canon Collins Trust will assess many applications. It is important that you

    take time to complete the form accurately and legibly.

    stThe deadline for applications is March 31 2010.



We are happy to accept references separately from the application and will collate them;

    however it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the reference is sent.

We require two references, an academic reference and a work reference. In the case of the work

    reference, please be aware that confirmation of employment is not sufficient as a reference. We

    require information regarding your work performance and potential. We will accept two work

    references if you have been out of education for a long time.

Application checklist

1. Have you answered all the questions carefully?

2. Remember to include:

    ? Undergraduate degree certificate

    ? Academic Reference

    ? Work Reference

3. Is the application form legible?

4. Do not include any additional information as it will be discarded. We do not consider C.V.s

    and any C.V.s received will be discarded. Your application will be judged by the quality of the

    information on the application form.


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