English paper useful sentences

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English paper useful sentences

immediately downstream from the Renilla luciferase gene. In mutant reporter constructs, the

    MRE was deleted or a three-mismatch mutation was introduced into the seed region.

    The MREs of miR-125b in the 3’ UTR of human and zebrafish p53 mRNA were predicted by

    TargetScan and miRBase Target

    In addition, 125b-DP represses p21 expression in a dose-dependent manner, with significant

    suppression still observable at a concentration as low as 10 nM of 125b-DP

    The level of p53 mRNA in human lung fibroblasts, however, was not affected by the changes in

    miR-125b expression

    In addition, miR-125b knockdown led to a substantial increase in apoptotic cells, as quantified by

    active-caspase-3 staining, while miR-125b overexpression had the opposed effect These data demonstrate/indicate/suggest/implicate/show /that

    To examine/

expression is inversely correlated to p53 expression spatio-temporally during development

    To examine/adderss/inveatigate/

    if/whether miR-125b expression is inversely correlated to p53 expression spatio-temporally during

    development, we analyzed/performe/observe /detect miR-125b expression at different stages of zebrafish embryogenesis.

    The expression pattern in the brain is consistent with previously published data 明显的

    prominently notably significantly; strikingly ; markedly ;Noteworthy ; marked profoundly remarkably apparent Pronounced

    Interestingly, p53 and p21 expression was inversely correlated with miR-125b up-regulation over time

    miR-125b expression increases steadily from 24 to 48 hpf, while p53 expression decreases

    gradually during

    can be detected at 18 hpf and decreases to undetectable levels by 48 hp Taken together/collectively

    Excessive/ overexpression

Therefore, the p53 pathway is likely to be the major target that mediates the function

    of miR-125b during the early development of zebrafish.

    mRNAwas elucidated by several lines of evidence:

     Our report is the first to identify a miRNA that directly regulates p53.

Modestly 适当的 This corroborates our finding that…………………. These data are consistent with a prior/previously/prior to report showing

    The present study was undertaken to understand the role of…………

    suggest that galectin-3 may serve as both a diagnostic marker and therapeutic target for future disease treatments.

    we questioned if previous studies on galectin-3 expression in human prostate cancer using a single antibody provided the complete picture of the significance of this protein in prostate cancer.

    we evaluated the role of galectin-3 during the progression of human prostate cancer using two approaches: staining human prostate cancer tissues with differential antibodies and silencing galectin-3 expression in human prostate cancer PC3 cells with siRNA.

It has been widely surmised that………………….

    .have not been fully elucidated………………….

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