Personal Power II - Tony Robbins - Success Journal

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Personal Power II - Tony Robbins - Success Journal

Table of contents

    Welcome to Personal Power!

Day 1 The key to Personal Power 3

    Day 2 The Controlling Force That Directs Your Life 5

    Day 3 Taking Control: The First Step 8

    Day 4 The Science of Success Conditioning: Neuro-Association 10

    Conditioning (NAC)

    Day 5-7 What Everyone Wants and How You Can Get It! 12

    Day 8 The Power of “Why” 15

    Day 9 Values and Beliefs: The Source of Success and Failure 17

    Day 10 How to Take Complete control of your life Day 11 The power of why

    Day 12-14 Creating your future: The Goal Setting workshop Day 15 Success Conditioning: The Power of Rituals Day 16 Anchoring yourself to success

    Day 17 How to condition yourself for wealth Day 18 Ending financial self-sabotage

    Day 19 -21 Overcoming fears or failure and Success and Overcoming

    fear and Rejection

    Day 22 Eliminating Self-Sabotage and creating unstoppable


    Day 23 How to Increase Your Energy

    Day 24 The power of Successful Relationships Day 25 How to Solve Problems Quickly and Effectively Day 26-30 My Personal Challenge to You

    Subliminal Total self-confidence and Vibrant Health and Energy Subliminal Unlimited Financial Success and Getting into Action@

Bonus POWERTALK!‟s The driving force: The Six Human Needs

    Bonus POWERTALK!‟s Meetings with Masters

D E A R F R I E N D :

    Welcome to Personal Power, and congratulations on your commitment to measurably improve the quality of your personal and professional life! You are about to join millions of extraordinary people who have invested in and experienced the amazing benefits of this 30-day audio coaching system. I am especially and excited to welcome you to this to this special new addition, Personal Power II: The Driving

    Force, and to share with you how important this journal can be to your success with this program.

     Designed to be used after you listen to each day‟s session, your Personal

    Success Journal is a place to constantly capture the key concepts and „action items‟ of each day‟s session. This simple system will help you maximize the benefits you

    experience. Your journal is written to reinforce specific stories, examples, and principles, so if you browse though it right now, it may make little sense to you. (This is not a set of Cliff’s Notes!) But when you review the summaries and complete the

    assignments each day following your audio session, you‟ll find this journal; to be extremely valuable in acceleration the process of creating change and in expanding your appreciation of your personal progress.

     I‟m a firm believer in the adage that if your life‟s worth living, it‟s worth

    recording, so in addition to the written exercises, be sure to take some extra moments each day to jot own a few notes about the events in your life, how you‟re feeling what

    you‟re pleased and excited about, and to acknowledge the positive changes you‟re making. Personally, I‟ve kept journals for nearly 2 decades, and I know you‟ll find real value in putting your thoughts, ideas, and emotions on paper: There‟s a certain

    level of clarity that comes from journal writing that‟s difficult to reach in any other way. This is such a simple yet rewarding process! The value of it „creeps up‟ on you. Its like watching children as they grow up: Sometimes it‟s difficult to see how much

    they‟re growing if we‟re their parents, but when you see a child after being away for a while, the growth is so obvious! A journal gives you a chronicle of your own progress, and when you look back on it in the future, you‟ll have that sense of

    distance that allows you to see and appreciate just how far you‟ve come.

     Here are a few simple steps for getting the most from your journal:

    1. Each day, Monday through Friday, listen to the assigned CD

    2. After the session, open your journal and take immediate action on the day‟s


    3. Before you close it for the day, take a few minutes to reinforce your learning

    by jotting down any additional thoughts or feelings in your journal about what

    you learned and how you‟re going to use the progress you‟ve already made.

    So let‟s go! I know you‟re as anxious as I am for you to get started. It‟s amazing to think what exciting things are in store for you between now and the end of the next 30 days. Throughout that time and until we meet in person, remember to…..

     Live with passion! ANTHONY J. ROBBINS

    Day 1 -The Key to Personal Power

    What changes, your life is making decisions and using your Personal Power, which is your ability to take consistent action.

The Unlimited Success Formula

    1 Know your outcome

    2 Get yourself to take action by deciding to do so.

    3 Notice what you‟re getting from your actions.

    4 If what you‟re doing is not working change your approach.

To save time and energy, use role models to accelerate the pace of your success:

    1 Find someone who‟s already getting the results you want.

    2 Find out what the person is doing

    3 Do the same things and you‟ll get the same results.

It‟s impossible to fail as long as you learn something from what you do!

Your assignment:

    1 Write two decisions you‟ve been putting off which, when you make

    them now, will change your life.

    2 Now that you‟ve made a real decision, you must take immediate action.

    To do that write down the first few steps. What are three simple things

    you could do immediately right now that would be consistent with

    your new decisions? (For example, if you decided to stop smoking,

    what could you do with the cigarettes that are in your house right now?)

    Who could you call? What could you commit to? What letter could

    you write? What could you do instead of your old behavior? List the

    immediate actions, and then take action on them right now, in this


    Never leave the site of setting a goal or making a decision without taking some action toward its attainment. That‟s how you create momentum and start to tap into

    the real driving force within you.

    1. Two decisions I‟ve been putting off which, which when I make them now, will change my life:

2. Three simple things I can do immediately that will be consistent with my two

new decisions:

„There‟s always a way – if you‟re committed‟ – Anthony Robbins

    Day 2 - The Controlling Force That Directs Your Life

    Ultimately, everything we do in our lives is driven by our fundamental need to avoid pain and our desire to gain pleasure; both are biologically driven and constitute a controlling force in our lives.

We will do far more to avoid pain than we will to gain pleasure. Pain is the

    greater motivator in the short term.

    At any moment in time, whenever you focus you attention on is what is most real to you. Therefore, if you want to change your behavior, you must focus your attention on.

    1. How not changing your behavior will be more painful than changing it.

    2. How changing will bring you measurable and immediate pleasure.

    You must change what you link pain and pleasure to in order to change your behavior.

Use pain and pleasure instead of letting pain pleasure use you!

Your assignment

    To take control of your life, you must take control of the force of decision. The

    power to change anything in your life is born the moment you make a real decision which by definition is something you take immediate action upon. Take the following steps now:

    1. List four new actions you know you should take now.

    2. What is the pain you‟ve associated with these actions that has kept you

    from following through. Write it down.

    3. List any pleasures you were able to get from not following through on

    these four actions.

    4. For each of these actions, describe in a paragraph what it will cost you if

    you don‟t follow through. What will you miss out on? What will you


    5. Now begin to associate pleasure with taking action For every by asking yourself these questions. What are all the disciplined effort benefits you‟ll gain by taking action in each of these there is multiple areas now? How will it enhance your life? How will reward Jim Rohn it create greater joy, happiness, success, freedom, or

    pride? Write down your answers.

    1. Four new actions I know I should take now:

2. The pain I‟ve associated with these actions in the past:

3. The pleasure I took from not following through in the past:

4. What it will cost me if I don‟t follow through now:

5. The benefits I‟ll gain by taking action in each of these areas now:

    Day 3 Taking control the first step

Specifically, what drives our lives is our neuro-associations: ie., whatever pleasure

    or pain we associate or „link‟ to a situation in our nervous system is going to

    determine our behavior.

    If we want to change our lives, we must change our neuro-associations.

    1. The science you‟re going to learn in this program is Neuro-

    Association Conditioning (NAC). This system will allow you

    to link massive pleasure to tasks you‟ve been putting off, but

    need to take action on today, and link pain to behaviors you‟re

    currently indulging in but need stop both of which will help

    you tap into the natural principles of your nervous system. The

    use of this program will give you a way to take direct control of

    all your behaviors and emotions, but in a way that simply

    requires the power of reinforcement not discipline.

    2. In this session, you learned to ask yourself, „What are some of

    the negative associations I‟ve made in the past that have kept

    me from taking actions I need to take to achieve my ultimate


    3. Your neuro-associations control your level of motivation.

Every single action your take has an effect on your destiny.

    If we study destiny, we find everything in life has four parts:

    1. Everything we think or do is a cause set in motion.

    2. Every one of our thoughts and actions is going to have an effect or result in

    our lives.

    3. Our results begin to „stack up‟ to take our lives in a particular direction.

    4. For every direction there is an ultimate destination or destiny.

    It‟s important for your now to begin to answer two questions: What is your

    ultimate destiny? What do you want your life to be about? While few people

    know precisely how their lives will turn out, we can certainly decide in advance

    the kind or person we want to become and how we want to live our lives. Having

    this „bigger picture‟ can pull us through some of the short term tough times and

    keep things in perspective, allowing us to remain happy, fulfilled, and driven to

    achieve our dreams.

    Your assignment

    1. Write down three neuro-associations you‟ve made in the past that have shaped

    your destiny positively.

    2. List three neuro-associations that have been disempowering you until now.

Decide you will change there today

Simple awareness can be curative. It can break the pattern The past does not of allowing our unconscious conditioning to control us. equal the future Anthony Robbins 1. Three neuro-associations I‟ve made in the past that have shaped my destiny positively:

2. Three neuro-associations that have disempowered me until now

    Day 4 The science of Success conditioning,

    Neuro-Associative conditioning, (NAC)

    To change your life you must change your neuro-associations. Three things must be in place for you to make these changes and count on them to last. They are the three fundamentals of NAC:

    1. Get leverage on yourself. To do this, three levels of responsibility are

    necessary you must decide the following:

    a. Something must change.

    b. I must change it.

    c. I can change it

    2. Interrupt your current pattern of association. You must scramble the old

    pattern of thinking and feeling: this is best done with something unusual, such

    as making a radical change in what you say or how you move your body.

    3. Condition a new, empowering association. Install a new choice, and

    reinforce it until it is conditioned. Any thought, emotion or behavior that is

    constantly reinforced will become habit (a conditioned pattern). Link

    pleasure to your new choice. Reward yourself emotionally even for small

    progress, and find yourself developing new patterns quickly.

Your Assignment

    For each of the four actions you listed yesterday, do the following:

    1. Get leverage: Write down 10 reasons why you must change that behavior now;

    then list all the reasons why you can do it.

    2. Interrupt your own pattern: Design four or five ways to get yourself out of

    the limiting association - and do them!

    3. Condition yourself by rehearsing your new behavior. Give yourself a sense of

    accomplishment and exhilaration, pride, or joy each time you do this. Do it

    consistently and rapidly until each time you think of this new pattern you feel

    good automatically.

Here is a bizarre, outrageous and effective way to get leverage and break your pattern:

    Get a weight-loss buddy and promise him or her and a group of other friends that your will begin a strict regimen of healthy foods and enjoyable exercise. Further commit them that if you break your promise, you will eat a whole can of Alpo dog food.

    The women who shared this with me told me that she and her friend kept their cans in plain view at all times (no pun intended!) to remind them of their commitments. When they started to feel hunger pangs or considered skipping exercise, they‟d pick up the can and read

    the label. Such appetizing ingredients such as „horsemeat chunks‟ helped them achieve their goals without a hitch!

     From giant steps 1994 Anthony Robbins

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