Instructions for How to Run the Tour (doc - Instructions for

By Angela Arnold,2014-08-29 01:17
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Instructions for How to Run the Tour (doc - Instructions for

    Instructions for Running the Tour of the Ridge Landing sites in Google Earth

    A single file RidgeTourMkIII.kmz is all you need to execute the tour, assuming you have a copy

    of Google Earth loaded on your computer and a live Internet connection.

    If you double click on this file it should open Google Earth and install itself in the ‘Temporary Places’ area.

    Find the line under ‘RidgeTourIII’ and double click to start the tour. At the bottom left of

    the display window a control bar will appear (and disappear) if the cursor is moved to that

    area. With this you can stop and start the progress of the tour.

    It is recommended when you start the tour the only ‘Layer’ you have turned on is the “Terrain layer,” which provides the height in an otherwise 2D image. Setting it up this way

    will help speed up the display and minimise the data read over the Internet.

    The advantage of being able to pause the tour is you can then use the Google Earth controls to zoom in and view the fields from different angles. If you restart the tour from the control bar it will continue from where you left it.

    Another possibility, when the tour is paused, is to turn on the ‘Street View’ layer. You may then be able to view some of the fields from the photographs taken from the road. The photographs seem to have been taken in the summer, so most of these fields have crop in them!

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