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Supervised Health Educators, evaluated the supplementary feeding and nutrition/health education program for malnourished children, designed health education



    Tel. (703) 208-0793 (in Virginia, USA)

     Tel. (254) 712-013-137 (cell in Kenya)


Twelve years of field and international experience in nutrition, infant and young child feeding, child survival, food

    security/Title II, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, public health, maternal and child health, and primary health care research,

    training, promotion and education. Strong educational background in nutrition, breastfeeding, infant and young child feeding

    and lactation management, as well as infant feeding for HIV positive mothers coupled with proven skills in program design,

    management, social marketing; Behavior Change Communication (BCC); monitoring and evaluation; capacity

    building/training and supervision. Experience with United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Global

    Fund, World Bank and African Development Bank guidelines. Fluent in French.


     Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant

     March 2009

     Grant Management Solutions (GMS) project (PEPFAR-funded technical assistance to Global Fund Projects)

     MIDEGO (Millennium Development Goals) Lomé, Togo

    Provided technical assistance to Togo’s Ministry of Health (MOH) to strengthen the country’s monitoring and

    evaluation (M& E) system. Worked with a team of international consultants to conduct and facilitate the Global

    Fund’s Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Strengthening Tool (MESST) workshop in preparation for Round 8

    HIV/AIDS grant signing. Identified M & E strengths and weaknesses and developed a budgeted action plan.

    Contributed to writing Togo’s MOH’s M & E plan and edited the document.

    Infant and Young Child Feeding Volunteer

     May 2008-August 2008

     UNICEF Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

    Provided overall support to Infant and Young Child Feeding and Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative activities.

    Offered infant feeding and HIV technical input for health communications, training, mass media materials and

    development of the Code for Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes for implementation in Kenya. Monitored Infant

    and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) and Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) capacity building activities and

    implementation in Provincial hospitals. Coordinated with the nutrition, logistics and supply sections to procure and

    mobilize IYCF/BFHI training materials to the field. Interfaced with partners for planning and field visits in four

    provinces of Kenya. Provided representational support for UNICEF at various Ministry of Health meetings.

    Followed the details of contracts administration.

     Lead Evaluation ConsultantPositive Deviance and Nutrition

     October 2007-December 2007

     Action Contre la Faim (ACF)/ Action Against Hunger (AAH) Kikwit, Democratic Republic of Congo

     Pooled Fund

    Developed, adapted and pre-tested Knowledge, Practices and Coverage (KPC) survey instrument. Determined

    sample size and selected clusters using randomization. Prepared, trained survey team in qualitative and quantitative

    research methods, with an emphasis on the positive deviance approach. Led survey team and conducted Positive

    Deviance Inquiry, including anthropometric measurements, nutritional status assessments, identification of positive

    deviants and health message development. Worked with cassava (manioc)-rich diets as staple food and konzo

    disease. Worked in collaboration with the Mosango Health Zone Health Officials of the Democratic Rep. of Congo.

    Evaluation Consultant-- Nutrition, HIV/AIDS and Health

     February 2007-April 2007

     Africare Zondoma, Burkina Faso

     Zondoma Food Security Initiative (ZFSI) II/USAID title II, food security

    Evaluated nutrition, HIV/AIDS, low-risk maternity, and potable water interventions. Assessed intervention mix,

    sustainability and community mobilization strategy effectiveness. Conducted in-depth interviews, focus groups.

    Kim SanwogouCurriculum Vitae 1

    Wrote and edited report and formulated practical recommendations. Presented findings to various government

    officials, partners and program staff.

    Lead Evaluation Consultant-- Child Survival

     September 2006-October 2006


    Tambacounda Healthy Start Program (THSP)/USAID Child Survival Tambacounda , Senegal

    Chaired mid-term evaluation team of 14 members. Evaluated interventions in breastfeeding, nutrition, reproductive

    health, newborn care, malaria and diarrhea. Conducted in-depth interviews. Interpreted qualitative and quantitative

    data from focus groups and Knowledge, Practices and Coverage surveys. Wrote and edited report. Presented results

    to Tambacounda and Koumpentoum Health District personnel, USAID, and Africare Senegal.

     Lead Proposal Development Consultant--STI/HIV/AIDS, Maternal and Child Health, Child Survival

     March 2006 -April 2006

     Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) Dakar, Senegal

     Community Health Program/USAID Senegal Grant Awarded: US$12.9 million

    Developed a USAID Senegal Annual Program Statement (APS) Community Health proposal for a four-member

    consortium comprised of the following private voluntary organizations: Africare, Christian Children’s Fund, Plan

    and World Vision. Developed innovative approaches to improved community health including expansion and social

    marketing of health hut services, strengthened referral system, reduction of socio-cultural barriers, and improved

    quality of care through respect of Ministry of Health protocols. Health priority areas included: family planning,

    neonatal health, STI/HIV/AIDS, maternal health, breastfeeding, nutrition, micronutrients diarrhea and malaria

    prevention and treatment, acute respiratory illnesses, tuberculosis, and female genital cutting/mutilation.

    Lead Evaluation Consultant--Nutrition

    July 2004-July 2006

    Foundation for Mother and Child Health Jakarta, Indonesia

    Yayasan Balita Sehat Well Baby Clinic

     Supervised Health Educators, evaluated the supplementary feeding and nutrition/health education program for

    malnourished children, designed health education materials, developed enriched porridge and nutritious recipes,

    developed training materials with culturally-appropriate and tailored messages, trained Community Health Volunteers

    (CHV)/kaders in nutrition, optimal breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices, food safety and household

    management of childhood illnesses, personal hygiene and environmental sanitation. Worked with rice-rich diets as the

    staple food.

    Lead Evaluation Consultant--Nutrition

     September 2004

     CARE International Indonesia East Kalimantan, Indonesia

    Sustainable Transitional Activities for Health & Agricultural Recovery (STARRH) project

    USAID Title II Food Security

    Evaluated nutrition, child survival interventions as well as the Positive Deviance methodology. Developed focus

    group instruments, conducted in-depth interviews and field visits, collected qualitative data and wrote final report.


    Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Education Programs; Health Communication Theories; Health

    Education Theories; Behavior Change Communication, (BCC) Information, Education, and Communication (IEC),

    Essential Nutrition Actions (ENA); Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (Survey, Sampling, and Focus

    Group methodologies); Intermediate Biostatistics; Intermediate Epidemiology Methods; Training Methodologies for

    Developing Countries; Social Marketing; Working with the Media; Gynecological and Obstetrical Problems in

    Developing Countries; Program implementation, Malnutrition and Socio-economic Development.

     The Lactation Consultant Training Program, May 1998

     Lactation Education Resources. Bethesda, Maryland

Kim SanwogouCurriculum Vitae 2


     Doctorate of Public Health (coursework only)

     International Public Health and Nutrition Education and Communication

     Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Location: New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

     Master of Science, 1996

     The Social Sciences of Food Policy and Applied Nutrition

     International Malnutrition and Socio-economic Development, Topical Minor: Health

     Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Location: Medford, Massachusetts (USA)

     Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, 1991

     Double Major: Anthropology and Africana Studies. Awards: Departmental and thesis honors

     Wellesley College . Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts (USA)


    ? Computer: SPSS, SAS, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Excel, Windows, Lotus Notes, Internet, Electronic mail.

    ? Language: French (Fluent-- reading, speaking, comprehension and writing), English (Native), Haitian Creole and

    German (working knowledge).

     ? Communication: Strong verbal, written and interpersonal skills.


    AFRICA: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of

    Congo, Guinea (Conakry), Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Sénégal, Togo.

    ASIA: Indonesia


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    Kim SanwogouCurriculum Vitae 3

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