White Paper (December 6, 2005)

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White Paper (December 6, 2005)

     White Paper Idea #70 (April 17, 2006)

     Breakthrough Strategy Committee

     Locating and Tracking Resources with Smart Sensors

    construction industry. There has been increasing 1. Need/Potential

    The tasks of productivity tracking, quantity interest in this area since the Business Roundtable tracking, resources locating and resource in 1982. Resource management is an essential identification on construction job sites consume aspect of project control that directly affects excessive amounts of working time and labor project cost and schedule performance. In a effort, negatively affecting project safety, typical construction project, materials usually schedule, and cost. Previous research studies account for 40-50% of its total cost and highly found that about one third to half of a workers’ influence construction progress. The Construction time is spent on searching and handling materials Industry Institute has recognized quality of or on preparatory operations, while only one third materials management as one of the key of the their duties were actually devoted to influences in project success. While materials productive tasks. Unavailability of smart sensing management has repeatedly been the focus of devices that could perform this work task industry research, materials handling procedures automatically negatively affected craft labor on construction job sites often remain almost activities and decreased the productivity and primitive. These field materials management safety, since the focus of work was more on procedures are ripe for improvement. According search rather on handling resources. Resource to an early CII study, the implementation of a handling such as locating and tracking of basic materials management system on materials, equipment, and tools are error prone construction job sites conservatively produced a and significantly decrease construction 6% improvement in craft labor productivity, while productivity. New technologies and sensing the implementation of computerized control tools devices can enhance resource handling provided an additional gain between 4 and 6%. management practices on construction job sites. Onsite management practices negatively affect

    An automated material, equipment, tools project control and success in terms (Thomas, positioning, locating, and tracking system can 2005). Handling on-site resource operation has the increase the data flow of the current project status potential for obtaining significant benefits with and transform the acquired data into useful improved procedures. information to be used by the project stakeholders. Architects, engineers, owners and contractors, and 3. State of the art suppliers are then able to communicate issues and Emerging technologies in the construction area problems effectively before job execution to focus in the use of technologies such as barcodes, define best strategies or immediately afterwards to real-time GPS, and Radio Frequency learn and develop best practices. Real-time data of Identification Tags (RFID). Several initial field resource status obtained from sensing devices case studies and trials demonstrated the feasibility allows assessing and meeting the standards to locate and track materials and field relevant required to perform their individual job tasks data by using a combination of GPS technology preferably in real-time and on budget. and barcodes. Results show that it is feasible to

    determine the position of resources, e.g. materials,

    to search and find them once they were placed in 2. Background and Gaps

    Resource management is the process of planning storage space. Research in wirelessly working and controlling all the necessary efforts to ensure sensing technologies such as RFID and real-time that the right quality and quantity of materials, spatial sensing technologies are currently under equipment, and tools are specified in a timely way to automate the entire data collection and manner, obtained at reasonable cost, and available processing process entirely. Once field data has when needed. This plays a major role in the been collected in real-time it can be combined

    with smart data processing algorithms that collected, in a next step data integration and ultimately link the site process and the managers’ optimization strategies and algorithms can be office to make good decisions on time. Initial developed to advance the performance of existing research efforts at e.g. at Carnegie Mellon algorithms and strategies. Once technology and University, Stanford, and The University of Texas data processing technique reach a sufficient level at Austin, and others, head into this direction. of robustness a system consisting of sensing and

     tracking devices, as well as information

    interpretation, may be tested in case studies 4. Recommended Path Forward

    Research in this area needs to aim to determine sponsored by CII membership companies. the potential benefits of the deployment of FIATECH’s expertise to handle some of these technologies within the resource locating projects can create scenarios in realistic processes. Main goals are to evaluate the technical construction environments that may involve feasibility and to quantify the direct benefits in commercial sensing technology vendors. terms of process duration derived from the Potential contacts can be the about dozen integration of smart devices within exemplary U.S. construction faculty that are active construction processes, e.g. pipe spool tracking. researching this area (UT, CMU, Michigan, Iowa

    The initial path forward is to quantify the State, etc.). The Engineering Research Center existing problems and critical needs of (ERC) proposal can be a guide to initiate further stakeholders within a construction project. contacts and lead in a project. Lessons can be learned from CII’s project related Outside the US the Korea Institute for database to understand the particular problems Construction Technology (KICT) may offer a and needs on projects. Off-the shelf commercial more global perspective and opportunity to this sensing products can be targeted towards these topic. needs and must be capable of locating and tracking resources in real-time. Once data is

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