Volume 6 Lighthouse Magazine

By Troy Riley,2014-05-07 15:58
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Volume 6 Lighthouse Magazine

    What is Jannah (heaven) like?

    Allah has promised to the believers, men and women, Gardens in which flow rivers, to stay in them, and good homes in Gardens that are theirs forever. And greatest of all is Allah‟s goodly pleasure. That is the grand achievement.” Surah 9 verse 72.

    This is a beautiful verse of the Quran that tells us how Allah has planned to reward those people who follow the rules of Allah and lead a good life. The Quran tells us many things to help us learn more about Jannah. Allah has also kept many details about Jannah as a secret and a great surprise.

    What would you like to have in Jannah if you could have anything? Allah tells us that the best part of Jannah, is the feeling that Allah is happy with us. When we love someone, it makes us happy to know that they are pleased with us. The lucky people of Jannah will love Allah more than anything. To make it to Jannah, we need to become people who love Allah more than anything and


    Let us all try to be forgiving people, who live peacefully with one another in this big green planet we call home.

Every day let us try to

    Be kind to someone

    Smile at a stranger

    Pray for the world

    Forgive mistakes.

     According to the Islamic calendar, the New Year will begin on

    10th January, 2008. The first month of the Islamic calendar is

    Muharram. It means „The Sacred Month‟. It is one of the four

    months of the year in which fighting is prohibited. The

    th10 of Muharram is a special day for Muslims. It is also known as Ashura. The word Ashura, means "tenth" in Arabic.

Muslims around the world remember this day as the

    anniversary of the martyrdom of the grandson of the

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Hazrat Imam Hussein

    (RA- Allah be pleased with him). Hazrat Imam

    Hussein (RA) was martyred in Karbala in Iraq, after

    bravely facing the enemy forces. He chose to

    sacrifice his life because he wanted Islam to remain

    pure and beautiful. Many brave Muslims, including

    little children, were martyred and they all sacrificed

    their lives so that the religion of truth may grow


In the holy month of Muharram we should all remember the

    great sacrifice of those wonderful Muslims, and pray for

    them. They taught us that being good is never easy but it is

    always the right choice to make, even if we have to make

    big sacrifices.

    Ashura is the day when Prophet Moses and his nation were

    delivered from the cruel Pharoah. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    advised us to fast on the day of Ashura, as well as on the

    day before it, or the day after it.

Try some of these brain jigglers:

Uzma and Saira are spending the day together. At zuhar (afternoon prayer)

    they pray quickly but afterwards Saira remembers that she forgot to spit out

    her gum during the salat. For asr (late afternoon prayer) they both forget to

    do wudhu (washing up before prayer) and at maghrib (evening prayer) they

    both get the giggles. How many salat (prayers) do you think they actually


Aafia and Humna go to the swimming pool for their lessons. Afterwards

    they cannot find a private place to change. Humna thinks it is ok to change

    in front of other people as they are all girls. Aafia thinks it is not ok. What

    would you tell the girls if you could pop out of a locker?

Nosheen is not allowed to go to her friends‟ sleepover. When all the girls ask

    her why she cannot come, it embarrasses her to tell them that she did not get

    permission. So she tells them her mother is sick. Later on when a friend tells

    her that they all watched a scary movie that gave her nightmares, she is glad

    she did not go. What do you think would have happened if she had just told

    them the truth?

Can you find out the names of all the 12 Islamic months? Could you make

    up a song or rhyme to help you remember them? Ask your parents if you can

    find a calendar that shows the Islamic months as well.

Can you find a good book about Islam that your family can read together in

    the evening? It will be fun to take turns reading out loud and then discussing

    what you read. It is interesting to see how people in the same family can

    have different opinions about things.

If you could do one thing to help needy people in the world

    what would you do? Think about it and plan as if it were

    really in your power. Do you know that Allah rewards us

    for a good deed even when we simply intend to do

    something? It is important to have good intentions all the


    Samia had a problem, a giant, ugly, purple, spotted problem, and it made her sad. After what happened at the Lexington Mosque Eid ceremony, she felt she needed to do something about it.

    Samia and her family had arrived in good time for the Eid salat, even though she felt half asleep, it was so early. Samia had promised Jameela Aunty to help out with the Eid breakfast and goodies that were served after the prayer. She thought it was a good deed and a fun one too. She imagined herself carrying a tray of donuts or chocolates, wearing her pretty blue shiny new dress and the golden shoes with high heels. All the children would gather around her and follow her to the table, where she would arrange her treats and quickly grab the first donut!

    Things happened quite differently.

    First she forgot to tie her sparkly prayer shawl around her, which came loose at just the wrong moment, tripping her up. The chocolate milk spilled everywhere. She could still feel all those people glaring at her. “Oops”, she had said, smiling a sickish sort of smile. No one smiled back, but Aunty Jameela did help her wipe up the mess. Then the donut disaster happened. Three boys pounced on her and she began to run with the tray of donuts. It was so crowded she bumped into an elderly gentleman with nice white clothes. He didn‟t seem very happy to have three chocolate donuts

    sticking to his shirt. Still it was Eid and everyone tried to be nice and forgiving. Even Mama opened her mouth and then closed it without saying a word, remembering it was Eid.

    But Samia got the message. She knew that if she had tied her shawl properly, she would not have tripped and if she had listened to aunty Jameela about walking instead of running, the donuts would have been saved. She tried to listen better for the rest of the day.

It wasn‟t that she meant to make trouble. She just got these ideas in her brain

    and then found it very hard to remember what she had been told. But recently Samia had been in trouble too much. There was the missing lunch money, the homework with raspberry jam on it, the important message she forgot to give her father and the many, many times she had just forgotten to pray salat. Samia decided to consult an expert about it: Big Baba, her

grandfather. He seemed to know everything and kept mentioning this

    Shaitan person when something was wrong. When he missed his morning

    prayer, he would say,

    “Oh that horrible shaitan made me miss my prayer time. He gave me lazy


    Or when Samia‟s sister Sahar did her homework really sloppy or rushed

    through her Quran recitation, he would say,

    “Sahar dear, watch for the shaitan, he wants us to be in a hurry”.

Samia skipped upstairs to find him.

    “Big Baba,” she said, “Can I come with you on your walk please?”

    “Oh sure my little princess”, he said smiling a big smile. “Ask your mama

    and get ready quick.”

    Soon Samia and her grandfather were outside, heading towards the walking

    trail in the park. Samia walked patiently beside her dear big Baba, taking

    small steps to match his. He always started out going slow, but would soon

    speed up and walk so fast that Samia almost had to jog to keep up with him.

    “Big Baba, I wanted to ask you more about the Shaitan. I think he is the one

    who is getting me into trouble all the time.” Big Baba laughed and patted Samia‟s head gently.

    “Why do you think that?” he asked. “I don‟t really know for sure, but I wanted you to help me figure out.

    Something must be wrong. I get into so much trouble, even though I want to

    do the right thing.”

    Big Baba stopped and rubbed hands together. He always did that when he

    was thinking hard.

    “It does sound like the Shaitan‟s work. That horrible jinn likes to get sweet

    people like you into trouble by making you forget what you were supposed

    to do.”

    “But Big Baba,” said Samia getting worried, “how did he get inside my

    mind. I thought only Allah can know my thoughts.”

    Allah has created the Shaitan, to make this world a test. If you listen hard to

    the voices inside your head you can usually make out different ones. Like

    when your mama reminds you that it is time to pray. One voice will tell you

    to get ready and leave whatever you were doing, and the other one will try to

    distract you. That one is the Shaitan. He always tells you to pray later on, to

    finish what you are doing first, or to rush though salat quickly as if your time

    is being wasted.”

    “Oh I see,” said Samia, “I think Shaitan likes to tell us to do things that are the opposite of what our parents tell us.”

    “That is usually true,” said Big Baba. “Parents tell us the right way to do

    things and how to make good choices and Shaitan tries to talk us out of

    anything good.”

    “Then the Shaitan should be the one getting in trouble all the time Big Baba,

    not me,” grumbled Samia. “And sometimes I just get confused about what to

    do, there are so many ideas in my head all spinning around like a washing


    “Listen to your heart little princess. Learn to think a little bit before you do

    something. And there are always people to help you out. I get confused

    sometimes too and then I open up my Quran and read and read till I find an


    Samia came back home, with her mind whizzing and whirling with bright

    ideas. She did not have to wait long before she put them to the test


    Her homework journal was nowhere to be seen and she felt sure that Somi,

    her little sister, must have taken it. She liked to do her pretend homework by

    scribbling on Samia‟s journal. But before she stomped away to find Somi

    and whack her, she took a deep breath and thought, just like Big Baba had

    said. Hmm Shaitan probably wants me to fight with Somi and get into

    trouble, but I won’t let him. I will look for my journal in other places before

    I ask Somi. And I will ask her nicely instead of yelling at her and snatching

    her blankie.

    It turned out that the journal was under her bed!

    Samia rushed to tell Big Baba what had happened.

    “Samia, you have captured your runaway Shaitan! That was a big thing to do.

    The Shaitan is the worst enemy we have, even uglier than all those weird

    villains you see in your cartoon shows. Keep it up and remember that each

    time you say „Aoodhobillah‟ you are asking Allah to protect you from the Shaitan.”

    Samia tied Big Baba‟s prayer rug around her shoulders and flexed her


    “Super Samia,” she yelled as she ran out of his room and headed for the stairs. “Aoodhobillah, watch out Shaitan, here I come.”

    “Watch out Samia, go slowly,” Big Baba called out behind her.

    A bang and a crash told him that he had been too late. He smiled to

    himself. The way to learn is to make many, many mistakes and even

    superheroes trip up sometimes


    I do not like

    to wear


    my stinky scratchy sweater

    and my clunky, chunky coat,

    or my big, bossy boots,

    or my grabbing, nabbing gloves.

    They make me feel like a poofy, doofy monster.

    Who is bubbling and boiling in his bundles of stuff.

    So the other day, when no one was looking,

    I went outside

    into the snow,

    in my normal clothes

    and guess what?

    I lasted about two minutes

    then I rushed back inside

    shivering and trembling

    so so happy

    to wear


    sweet, soft sweater

    and my cozy, comfy coat

    and my brave, bouncy boots

    and my glorious gloves

    and I was thankful to Allah for giving me warm

    things, when so many children are cold and shivering.

    And I learned a lesson:

    before your grumble and bumble

    about anything

    think how life would be without the thing you are

    grumbling about.

    You might end up feeling grateful instead

    just like me!


    By Hajira Ahmed, Ohio, USA.

Who are angels?

    They are noble servants of Allah, Obedient, selfless, and pure; Spiritual creatures

    Seen only through the mind's eye, In visions and dreams;

    Messengers between Heaven and Earth, They carry out Allah's will,

    Bringing revelation and wisdom, Making the world go round,

    Working the miracles of nature, Recording every deed ever done;

Inspiring those who hear

    their guiding whispers;

    And striking fear

    In hearts filled by evil;

Angels are guardians,

    Comforters who bring great strength And hope to righteous souls;

Living in places unseen,

    Beings made from light

Health is wealth…..really it is. The blessed Prophet (pbuh) said,

    that, „‟.

    Wow! Faith is the most important thing for us Muslims, and to

    think that cleanliness is half of that! What do you think that means?

    Does it simple mean that if we take a bath now and then, our faith

    is squeaky clean?

    Actually it means much more than that. It means that health is a

    blessing from Allah and we should do all that we can to take care

    of our body. Our body is where our soul lives in this world, and it

    needs a good, clean house to grow stronger.

    Take this quiz to find out how much you know about health

    and cleanliness:

    1. The correct way of hand-washing is

    a. wet hands, dab soap on and rinse off quickly

    b. just do wudhu (washing up before prayer) instead

    c. wet hands, scrub well with soap and then rinse off while


    d. quickly wet and dry hands and say Bismillah (reciting the

    name of Allah) to kill germs

    2. Wudhu is required before salat ( the 5 daily prayers) because

    a. its one of those things you do to be good

    b. it wakes you up so you don‟t fall asleep in sajda (bowing

    down during prayer)

    c. it was very dusty in the deserts of Arabia, in the time of

    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    d. it cleans and freshens all of us and keeps us healthy, plus

    makes us presentable before Allah

    3. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would use miswak (a

    toothbrush made from a tree branch) before every salat


    a. he ate a lot of garlic

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