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    Unit 1 Friendship


    1. I’ll be very u___________ if you don't come to my party.

    2. I said hello to him, but he walked away and i_____________me. 3. This news c_________________your position in the company. 4. He took a deep breath to c__________ himself before he went in. 5. Look, the buttons on your coat are l___________. 6. Finally they ________________(定居) in Canada.

    7. She has _____________________ ?痊愈? her health.

    8. He __________________ ?捆扎? up his things and left.

    9. He ___________________ 遭受 injuries in the accident.

    10. Mary, put all your things in your ___________________ ?手提箱? .

    11. I’m g_______________to you for your help.

    12. I d________________with you in some way.

    13. My father d_________________livuing in the city.

    14. A week later, they s___________________their books with each other. 15. Please give me some t________________ on how to save money. 二,Fill in the blanks

    On purpose, be concerned about, set down, entire, go through, dare, face to face, a series of, no longer, in

    order to

    1. Do be careful! _____________________car accidents have happened at the crossing recently.

    2. Premiere Wen ________________________the people’s life in Yushu.

    3. He was making up an excuse. He just came late__________________. 4. It was late. I _____________________to go out alone. 5. Remember to _____________________what happened on your way to school. 6. He told us what he had ___________________________during the Anti-Japanese War. 7. _________________________pass the driving test, he practised a lot. 8. The boss is not _____________________pleased with the plan. 9. Sorry, but he _____________________works here.

    10. I’ve never met John _______________________.We’ve only talked on the phone.

    三,Translation (Chinese into English, English into Chinese) 1 go through_________________ 2.set down________________ 3.a series of____________________ crazy about________________ 5. on purpose_____________________6.为了______________

    7.太多的、、、、、、__________________ 8.碰巧干某事______________

    9.面对面地________________________ 10.不再

    11.对、、、厌烦 ________________ 12.get along with____________________ 13.fall in love________________________14.No problem.___________________ 15.No way.__________________________16,add up________________ 17.与某人交流____________________18.参加 __________________


    21.接受某人的建议 __________________ 22.对某人感激不尽_____________________

    四,Complete the sentences

    1. The bad weather_______________ ____________?增加? our difficulties.

    2.It is foolish of you to _________ _________ __________ ___________.?考试作弊?

    3. It took him a long time ________ ____________ ____________.(平静下来)

    4.I must __________ ___________ _____________ ______________?找人修理电视机?this afternoon. 5.You __________ ___________ ___________?应该完成?all your homework yesterday. 6.It is the first time (that) he _________ ___________ ________ ___________(拜访) to me.

    7.She came in ___________ __________ ___________ _________ __________ __________?怀里抱


    8 We __________ ___________ __________

    ___________ __________ ___________ _________ __________ __________ ( 对每天做同样的工作


9.He found ___________ _____________ ____________ ___________?难回答?the question .

    10.The girl asked ______________ _____________ ______________ (谁拿了)her umbrella..

    11.Tom seems to ____________ ____________ ____________ _____________ __________ ?学英语


    12. I think our boss

    __________ __________ ____________ ___________ ___________ _____________ ( 很容易相处)


    1Let Harry play with your toys as well. You must learn to __________.

     A. support B. care C. spare D. share 2. Allen had to call a taxi because the box was _____ to carry all the way home. A. much too heavy B. too much heavy C. heavy too much D. too heavy much 3. Iraq has __________ too many wars since 1990, making his people __________ a lot. A. got through; pay B. looked through; face

     C. gone through; suffer D. passed through; destroy 4. He made a mistake, but he corrected the situation __________ it got worse.

     A. until B. when C. before D. as 5. Being afraid of making mistakes, the little boy __________ to answer his teacher’s question.

    A. does dare B. doesn’t dare C. daren’t to D. not dare to

    6. Please __________ the numbers and I’m sure they will __________ more than 1, 000.

    A. add up; add to B. add up; add up C. add up; add up to D. add to; add up

     7. There is an old man living __________ in a __________ house.

     A. alone; lonely B. lonely; alone C. alone; alone D. lonely; lonely 8. His father told me that he __________ for the United States three days __________. A. has left; ago B. had left; ago C. left; ago D. had left; before 9. I missed the first part of the film. It was really a pity.

     You __________ home half an hour earlier.

     A. should go B. must have gone C. should leave D. should have left 10. How many times have you been to China?

     In fact, it is the first time __________ here.

     A. was B. am C. had been D. have been 11. There was __________ time __________ I hated to go to school.

     A. a; that B. a; when C. the; that D. the; when 12. —I’m afraid I can’t finish the book within this week. —__________.

    A. Please go ahead B. That’s all right C. Not at all D. Take your time

    13. The teacher raised her voice __________ everyone could hear clearly.

     A. in order to B. in order that C. so as to D. make sure 14. The concert is not free. All the visitors have to __________ to get in and have a look at the programmes.

     A. spend B. cost C. pay for D. pay 15. The new plant can’t __________ the cold weather, so the researchers are trying to deal with it.

     A. stay B. stand C. remain D. put 16. It was at 5 o’clock __________ the visitors finally arrived at Pudong International Airport.

    A. when B. that C. before D. after 17. Internet is becoming more and more popular. You __________ to a library if you want to look up some information.

     A. don’t need to B. needn’t to go C. don’t need to go D. doesn’t need to go

    18. It is very kind __________ you to see me off at the station.

     __________. Good luck.

     A. for; It’s a pleasure B. of; Don’t mention it

     C. for; you are welcome D. of; That’s right

    19. The other day, when I was shopping, I happened __________ my former teacher whom I __________ for many years.

     A. to meet; hadn’t seen B. meeting; haven’t seen

     C. to meet; haven’t seen D. meeting; hadn’t seen

    20. The water of the lake were so __________ that it looked like glass.

     A. silent B. calm C. still D. quiet



    1.upset 2.ignored 3.concerns 4.calm 5.loose 6.settled 7.recovered 8.packed 9.suffered 10.suitcase 11.grateful 12.disagree 13.dislikes 14.swapped

    Fill in the blanks

    1.a series of concerned about 3.on purpose 4.didn’t dare 5.set down 6.gone through 7.In order to

    8.entirely longer 10.face to face

    Translation (Chinese into English, English into Chinese)

    1经历 2. 写下 3. 一系列 4. 着迷 5. 故意地

    6. in order to do 7. too much 8. happen to do 9. face to face 10. no longer

    11. be tired of 12. 相处 13. 爱上 1.4. 没问题 15. 没门

    16. 加起来 17. communicate with 18. take part in 19. have difficulty/trouble in doing 20. at dusk 21.accept sb.’s advice 22. be grateful to sb.

    Complete the sentences

    1.added to 2.cheat in the exam 3.calm himself down 4.get the television repaired 5.should have finished 6 has paid a visit to 7.came, with a baby in her arms 8.are tired of dong the same work every day hard to answer 10.who had taken 11.have some difficulty(trouble) in learning English. easy to get along with 语法




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