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    The Director,

    JIPMER, Pondicherry-6.

     Sub: Supplier Registration Reg.



     With reference to the above, we are submitting/enclosing the details as

    mentioned below:

     Name of items / Services (apply separately for each Category) for Registration :

    (mention category, Sl. No. & name of items and services)

    1 Name of the Firm: PAN : C.S.T No./ VAT No.:

    Registration No.: Income Tax Return : (attach


    2 Authorized Agent for foreign items Yes / No (If yes enclose copy

     for authorization)

    Manufacturer: Yes / No (Provide/ Furnish list

     of items manufactured)

    Agent/Stockist for Indian items: Yes / No (If yeas enclose copy

     of letter appointing you as


    Suppliers within 300Km radius from Pondicherry Yes / No 3 Address: Telephone No.: Cell No.: E-mail

    address: Fax No.: Bank Account Details: Branch

    IFSC Code/Type of Bank Account with Account

    No. & MICR Code of Bank:

    4 Status: Public / Pvt. Ltd., /Partnership: S.S.I. /

    Whether Registered with DGS&D/ Name &

    address of Partner: Nature of business & Banker :

    (attach Photocopies)

    5 Documentary evidence in r/o Manufacturing

     capability, quality control systems, past

     performance, after-sales services, financial

     background, manufacturer / authorization, work

     order / supply order, List of customers, No

     Conviction Certificate etc., (attach Photocopies)

    6 Address of Service Centre/ Local Office with

    Telephone No.: Cell No.: /E-mail No. : reg.

    AMC/CMC/Repair jobs

    7 We wish to register to supply or service the items 1.CategoryA Sl.Nos._______

    2.Category B Sl.Nos._______ (See our website for details)

    Note: Use separate sheets, if space is inadequate

     Signature For office use only:- Rubber Stamp of Firm:

    Recommended / not recommended for registration.

    Approved by


    JIPMER, Pondicherry-6

Tele: JIPMER Phone:2272380 to2272389 Fax : 0413-2272067/66




     (Institution of National Importance Under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,

    Government of India)

    Dhanvantari Nagar, Pondicherry-605 006.


    Manufacturers / Suppliers / authorized agent for foreign items/ agent or stockist

    for Indian item who are interested to supply machineries / equipments / chemicals /

    Glassware/ Kits / molecular biology chemicals articles or providing services including

    maintenance of equipments to this institute are invited by the Director, JIPMER,

    Pondicherry to get registered for calling limited tenders. Interested parties are requested

    to submit their detailed information with documentary proof in sealed envelope for the

    items / services they intend to offer to this institute. This Institute needs supply and

    maintenance of various types of items, machines, services etc., details of which along

    with Registration Form, Terms & Conditions can be downloaded from

    The suppliers will be registered for a period of 3 years which may be extended for

    another two years depending on the nature of the goods. At the end of 3

    rd year, the

    registered suppliers willing to continue with registration have to apply afresh for renewal

    of registration. New suppliers may also be considered for registration at any time,

    provided they fulfill all the required conditions. Performance and conduct of every

    registered supplier will be monitored by this institute.


     Supplier Registration form dully filled in respect of dealing items/ services

    should be sent in a sealed envelop containing their Credentials, Manufacturing

    capability, quality control systems, past performance, after-sales services, financial

    background, PAN, Sale Tax/ VAT No. Service Tax No, Shop registration No. /S.S.I.

    No., Income Tax return, authorization letter from their principals, past experience,

    (Institutions with whom you are registered) copies of work order / supply order etc.,

    so as to reach Director, JIPMER, Pondicherry. Supplier dealing with more than one

    category of items / services should mention clearly in registration forms along with

    their Credentials; however, there will be only one registration fee for each Supplier.

    The information of technically qualified or unqualified Supplier / Manufacturers /

    Suppliers will be sent with in 30 days. The Director, JIPMER, reserves the right to

    accept or reject any or all the registration forms so received without assigning any

    reasons. Any attempt direct or indirect on the part of a Supplier, to influence Director,

    JIPMER, or any other authority, concerned with registration works will be subject to

    disqualification. Registration Form with Terms & Conditions can be downloaded

    from website The party should enclose a DD in favour of Accounts Officer, JIPMER payable at Puducherry for Rs.20,200/- ( a separate DD

    for Rs.20,000/-( refundable) and Rs.200/- ( non refundable) with their

    registration form. However they have to enclose the downloaded terms &

    conditions with registration form.

Tele: JIPMER Phone:2272380 to2272389 Fax : 0413-2272067/66



     (Institution of National Importance Under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,

    Government of India)

    Dhanvantari Nagar, Pondicherry-605 006.


    Suppliers are requested to enclose the following documents if applicable:-

    1. Printed catalogue with price list

    2. Copy of DGS &D Registration Certificate

    3. Total business done with JIPMER during the year 2007-08

    4. Furnish / Provide list of Institutions with whom you are registered

    5. Furnish / Provide copy of Balance sheet for the year 2007-08

    6. Furnish / Provide letter of authorization form the manufacturers appointing you

     as stockist / agent.

Name of the Supplier/Manufacturer will be removed from the register under the

    following conditions:-

(i) Difference in cost will be recovered when they intimate their inability to

    supply immediately after receipt of order during price validity of 90 days,

    when such accumulated difference in cost exceeds Rs.20,000/-.

(ii) They fail to supply three or more items for which they have quoted with in

    stipulated period.

(iii) If they do not quote for any item for one year.

    (iv) Quality of supplied item is poor.



    Category A : List of items

    01. Non-consumable : Equipments, UPS, Nebulizer, Laryngoscope

     Ambu bag, Spirometer, Measuring scale, Alpha bad, BP Apparatus etc.,

    02. Consumable: Chemicals / Kits/Diagnostic Reagent kits/ Glassware etc. 03. Printing & Stationery items, Binding, Plastic name boards etc., 04. L. P. Gas / Light Diesel Oil

    05. Software computer and server and related hardware/ printers, Xerox cartridge

    toners etc., LCD projector, Mike, Speaker,

    06. Supply of Spares and accessories / repair / Annual Maintenance Contract of

    Equipment and Consumables. See category „B‟ for list of Equipments.

    07. Sports items

    08. Linen

    09. Furniture: Display Board, etc.,

    10. Workshop items : Fridge, Water Cooler, Geyser, Electric equipment spares

    Extension board, cables,

    11. Sanitary item: Chappels, Brooms, Brushes, Soap chips, Phenyl, Botha for

    mopping , bucket, mug, Grass mat, cleaning powder, naphthalene balls, baby

    soap, candle match box, Bath soap , Lock, batteries, ( cell) etc., 12. Utensils

    13. Surgical Instruments

    14. Syringes needles, Gloves, Gowns, face mask, Oxygen Mask, Suction

    apparatus, Inhalation Jar, Eye Test chart color, distant, Near vision,Caps etc.,

    Disposable, Non disposable, I V Catheters, Venflone, Glucometer, Sprit,

    Savelon , etc.,

15. Catgut / Antiseptic / Disinfectant/Suture.

    16. News paper advertising agencies.

    17. Fridge repair

    18. Animal Feed.

    19. Laundry items: Soda ash / Robin Blue

    20. Motor vehicles Spares, tyre, tube, etc.,

    21. Plates and Screws for Orthopedics

    22. Prosthesis: Nail, Clamp, Rods, Spanner, Stainless steel drill bits, Boly & nut

    Wires, Pins, bone cement, Thread, forceps, Scissors, Needle, cutter 23. Vaccutainer needle, tubes for different parameters and volumes with needle

    Holders for blood collection.

    24. Consumables: Prosthetic Vales, Conduits/grafts, Oxygenators,

     Cardiopulmonary bypass circuits, arterial & venous cannula, various

     catheters, pacing wires, heart positioners, etc.,

    25. Telephone Instruments,

    26. Under ground telephone Cables & Cabling works

    27. All Tool items needed for the works of the workshop 28. Solution for ABG Analyser

    29. Dextrostix, Ketostix, etc.,

    30. Sodalime

    31. Consumable Miscellaneous: Test Tube stand plastic, staining S.S Tray various

    size, spirit lamp , beaker plastic 500ml, filter paper, whatman filter Paper 32. Hot water Bag

    33. Horticulture items.



    Category-B : List of Equipments

    Equipment Service / Consumables /

    Spares for the following Equipments


     01. Sample Evaporation Work Station

     02. Vessel Sealing System

    03. Heavy Duty Automatic Film Processor

     04. Binocular microscope

     05. Microprocessor Controlled Steam Sterilizer

     06. Microwave Disinfection Equipment

     07 Yag Photodisrupter

     08. Optical Coherence Tomography

     09. Digital Fundus Camera + Angiography

     10. Operating Microscope with Digital Imaging

     11. RO Water Treatment System for Heamodialysis

     12. Temporary Pace Maker(Dual Chamber)

     13. Automatic X-ray Film Processor

     14. Continuous Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy

     15. Personal Protection System

     16. Cement Mixing System with Vacuum Pump

     17. Endoscopy Radiofrequency Ablation System

     18. ICU Ventilator .

     19. Debrider for Endonasal and Endolaryngeal Surgery

     20. Nasometer

     21. K-Wire Driver Electrically Operated

     22. Radio Frequency Cautery and Radio Surgery Machine

     23 Physiodispenser

     24. Hydro Extractor 100 Kg

     25. Plasma Thawing Bath

     26. Automatic microtome with vibrating blade

     27. Cuvette Type Hemoximeter

     28. Humidifier for ICU Ventilator

     29 Microselectron HDR Unit

     30. Laser System(CO2 & DIODE-Including Micromanipulator)

     31. Stimulator

     32 Accessory for upgradation of Fiberoptic Bronchoscope

     33. Dental chair with Accessories

     34. Portable Ventilator

     35. Tray Washing Machine

     36. Electrolyte Analyzer


     37. Automated Papanicolaou Stainer

     38. Automated Sperm Analyzer

     39. Microwave Tissue Processor

     40. Imported Cardio Vascular Surgical Instruments

     41. Pulsed and Lavage System

     42. Intrathecal Drug Delivery System

     43. Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy System

     44. Automatic Film Processor

     45. Mobile X-ray Unit

     46. PUVA/NB-UVB(Combo) Phototherapy unit

     47. High Frequency Low Temperature Radio Frequency Equipment

     48. Intense Pulse Light

     49. Washing Machine

     50. Drying Tumblers(2 Nos)

     51. Stainless Steel Table(5 Nos.)

     52. Biosafety cabinet type

     53. Centrifuge(Fixed Angle Head)

     54. Embedding Station

     55. Centrifuge

     56. Grossing Station Cabinet

     57. Filing Cabinet

     58. Low Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer

     59. Digital Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera

     60. Photo-slit lamp with Digital Imaging System

     61. Non-contact Tonometer

     62. Autorefractor

     63. Air Compressor Systems

     64. Electrical Nerve Locator

     65. Transport Ventilator

     66. Target Control Infusion Pump

     67. Non-Invasive Ventilator with Humidifire

     68 Cell Harvester

     69 H b A1 C Measuring Equipment

     70. Plasmophresis Machine

     71. TMT Machine

     72. Portable Mobile OT Light

     73. Nerve Stimulator ( Facial and other Cranial New Monitoring)

     74. Neonatal Ventilator

     75. Bubble CPAP system

     76. Mobile X-ray Unit

     77. Motorized Tilt Tale

     78. Refrigerator

     79. Water Cooler


     80 ECG Machine

     81. Platelet Aggregometer

     82. Mayfield Cranial Stabilization

     83. NIBP vital Sign Monitor

     84. Open Care System

     85. Ambulatory BP Monitor

     86. Fetal Monitor

     87. ECG Machines

     88. Debrider for Endonasal and endolaryngeal

     89. CO2 Laser

     90. Heamodilysis Machine

     91. Data Acquisition System

     92. Defibrillators

     93. Neuroendoscopy

     94. Clinac 600C Linear Accelerator( LINAC)

     95. Video Bronchoscope

     96. Flexible Fiberoptic Laryngoscope

     97. Fluorescent and dark field microscope

     98. Student Microscope

     99. Pentaheaded Microscope

    100 Set of Bronchoscopic forceps

    101 Video Laryngoscope

    102. Adult Lower Urinary Tract Endoscopy Set

    103. Compact Fibreoptic Semi rigid Cystoscope 104. Theratron 780C Telecobalt Unit

    105. Asha 3D Computerised Treatment Planning System (3D TPS)

    107. Modular Tissue Bath

    108 Rotospin

    109. Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscope

    110. P.F.T. Machine

    111. Pulse Oxymeter

    112. BIPAP

    113. Nebulisation Kits

    114. Ventiuri(set)

    115. IC Tubes, Mallecots‟ Catheter under water seal – Bags

    116. Incentive Spirometer

    117. Allergens

    118. Peak Flow Meter and its mouth pieces 119. Suction apparatus

    200. Portable Multiparameter Monitors 201. Fibrillators

    202. Pulse Oximeter

    203. Operative Headlight

    204. Syringe Infusion Pumps

    205. PCA Syringe Pump

    206. Console for stand alone centrifugal pump


    207. Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyser (for CTVS OT) 208. Diathermy machine

    209. Mist Blower

    210. Cooling Blanket

    211. Air-blow body warmer

    212. Portable X-ray machine

    213. Sealing machines

    214. Flash autoclave machine

    215. Epicardial Radiofrequency Ablation System 216. Endoscopic vein harvest equipment

    217. Cardiac output analyser

    218. Computerised Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) Machine, Brief pulse type with

     EEG/ECG monitoring facilities 219. Bio feed back machine(EEG, EMG, GSR, Thermal) 220. Psychological test materials and behavior therapy equipment

    221. Electrolyte Analyser with lithium analyzing facility 222. Breath Analyser for Drug De-addiction Clinic 223. Dental Chairs with Compressor

    224. Video Radiographer System with Intraoral Camera 225. Mico-motor with hand piece

    226. Light Cure

    227. Physiodispensor

    228. Ultrasonic Cleaning System

    229. Dental Lathe

    230. Nasendoscope with Audio & Video System 231. Liposuction Machine

    232. Operation Table

    233. Major Operation Theatre Ceiling Lights 234. Fiber Optic Flexible Rhinopharyngo Laryngoscope with its Components

    235. Bipolar Coagulation Unit

    236. Electric Dermatome

    237. Skin Graft Mesher

    238. Operating Microscope

    239. Binocular Loupe

    240. Microsurgical instruments and Micro-clamps 241. Motorized Drill, Saw and dermabrader

    242. Image Planning and Arching System

    243. Photocopier

    244. Monocular Microscope

    245. Centrifuge table Model

    246. Microtome with Hand Piece (Mighty)

    247. Stryker with Accessories

    248. Pneumatic Tourniquet

    249. Oscillating Saw with Accessories

    250. L&T Minimum ( 2 Nos.) with Accessories 251. Impedance Audiometer

    252. Minor O.T. Lights Sola 500

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