PAR-AC projects of COs by Country

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PAR-AC projects of COs by Country

    AC & PAR projects of COs by Country

    SUB-REGIONAL PROJECTS 11 Ongoing Projects: 11 Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA) Central Asia Drug Action Programme

    (CADAP) 11 Establishing a Western Balkans Community of Practitioners on Civil Service Reform 11 Western Balkans Sub-Regional Mechanism for Facilitation of Anti-Corruption Initiatives 12 Transitional Justice Programme (TJP) 12 Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova Action against Drugs (BUMAD) 12 Past Projects: 13 Preparation, Training, and Dissemination of a Regional, Multi-Lingual Law Enforcement ‗Best Practice‘

    Manual to Provide Practical Assistance to Law Enforcement Officers and Prosecutors in the Fight against

    the Trafficking of Human Beings 13 ALBANIA 13 Ongoing Projects: 14 Government Electronic Network (GovNet) Phase II 14 Support to Strengthening Local Governance and Decentralization for Regional Development in Albania

    (LGP) 14 Combating Extra-Legality in Albania 14 Civic Partnership for the MDGs and NSSED 14 Immediate Multi-Donor Support to the Integrated Planning System (IPS) 15 E-Accounting Programme 15 Past Projects: 16 Support to Implementation of Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) Initiatives in the Government and

    Education Sector in Albania 16 Support for Trade Regulation and Trade Promotion 16 Support to the Training of 150 Public Sector Managers and to the Capacity Building of TIPA's (Training

    Institute of Public Administration) Staff 16 Government Electronic Network 17 MDG Regional Report 17 Ensuring Citizen Access to Public Information and e-Services at the Regional Level - PAC 17 Local Governance Programme 18 Empowering Civil Society to Monitor MDGs 18 National Capacity to Improve Policy Design, Implementation and Monitoring of MDGs/NSSED/SAA in

    Albania 19 Advocacy for Democratic Politics 19 Support to National ICT Strategy Process / E-Government Start-up 19 Support to Participatory Poverty Monitoring at the Local Level 20 Aid Management 20 Establishing a Training Institution for the Albanian Public Administration 21 Establishing an Economic Management Function in Albania 21 External Assistance Management 21 Support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 22 ARMENIA (LAST UPDATE: 06.09.2007) 22 Ongoing Projects: 22 E-Governance 22 Introduction of Performance-Based Budgeting Mechanism at the Local Level 22 Strengthening Awareness and Response in Exposure of Corruption in Armenia 23


    Past Projects: 24 Establishment of Municipal Service 24 Building Capacity of the Civil Society to Participate in Anti-corruption Initiatives in Armenia 24 Promoting Good Governance Practices in Armenia 24 E-Governance System for Territorial Administration 25 Support to Information Society and Democratic Governance 25 AZERBAIJAN 25 Ongoing Projects: 25 Establishment and Development of the State Register of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan 25 Good Governance through Civil Service Reform: Implementing MDG 9 (draft Strategy on Poverty

    Reduction and Sustainable Development (SPPRSD) 2006-2015) 25 Modernization of Customs Services in Azerbaijan Project 26 Regional e-Government Training and Resource Centre (REGTARC) 26 Application of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in Social Protection Area 27 Capacity Building and Data Transmission Network Implementation for the State Customs Committee

    (SCC) of Azerbaijan Republic 27 National Capacity Building Programme for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

    Phase 2 28 National E-Governance Network Initiative 28 Past Projects: 28 National Information Communication Technology Strategy (NICTS) Development and its Initial

    Implementation 28 Strengthening Laboratory Analysis Capacities of the State Agency on Standardization, Metrology and

    Patents 29 BELARUS 29 Ongoing Projects: 29 Promoting the Administrative Procedures Reform (APR) in Belarus 29 Program for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and the Fight against Drug Trafficking in Belarus, Ukraine and

    Moldova, 3rd phase (BUMAD-3) 29 Enhancing the System of Immigration Control at the State Border of the Republic of Belarus‖ (BOMBEL-2) 30 Past Projects: 30 Enhancing Border Management in the Republic of Belarus (BOMBEL) Programme, Funded by the

    European Union 30 Programme of Assistance for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking in Belarus, Ukraine,

    Moldova (BUMAD Programme II), Funded by the European Union 31 Improvements of the Legislative Process in Belarus through Impact Assessment 31 Belarus/Ukraine/Moldova Anti-drug Trafficking (BUMAD I) 31 Development and Internalization of the National Sustainable Development Strategy within the Context of

    Belarus 32 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA (LAST UPDATE: 23.09.07) 32 Ongoing Projects: 32 E-Government at the BiH Council of Ministers and the Grants Resources Management System (GRMS)32 Strengthening BiH Capacities for Strategic Planning and Policy Development 33 Support to the Civil Service Agency and the Government of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina

    (FBiH) in Effective PAR Implementation 34 Strengthening the Capacity of BiH Governments Representatives in Policy-making, Strategy

    Development and Implementation of the Public Administration Reform (PAR) and Modernization of

    Human Resources Management Practices 34 Feasibility Study for the Establishment of BiH Institute for Public Administration 35


    Past Projects: 35 Civil Service Training Project (CSTP) 35 Legislation Database Project 36 e-Legislation 37 Programme Support to BiH in the Management and Coordination of Development Resources 37 Bosnia and Herzegovina Information and Communications Technologies Strategy (BH ICT Strategy) 37 Judicial Training Project for Minor Offence Courts 38 Civil Service Training Coordination (CSTC) 38 BULGARIA 39 Ongoing Projects: 39 Increasing Government Transparency and Accountability through Electronic Access to Information 39 Rural Network and Leader 39 Bulgaria Beyond the Facts 40 Strengthening Partnerships in the Planning and Absorption of EU Structural and Cohesion Funds 40 Strengthening the Capacity of the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme ―Administrative

    Capacity‖ and of the MSAAR (Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform) Relevant

    Directorates Involved in Programme Implementation 40 iGovernment 41 E-Government in Bulgaria 41 Past Projects: 41 Support to Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) for Strengthening the Cooperation between

    Central and Regional Level Structures in the Management of EU funded Programmes and Projects 41 Preparatory Assistance to Institution Building Support to National Council on Ethnic and Demographic

    Issues (NCEDI) 41 Support to e-Government Initiatives based on the Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) at the Local

    (Municipality) Level in the South-Eastern Europe 42 Establishment of a New System of Administrative Justice in Bulgaria 42 Early Warning System in Bulgaria (Phase III) 42 Establishment of a Model Municipality in Razlog 43 Capacity Building for Sustainable Development (SD) 43 Comprehensive Review of the Administrative and Commercial Justice Systems in Bulgaria 43 Methodologies and Analyses for Good Governance 43 Sustainable Development and Democracy Network Programme 44 Integrated Training Programme for the National Social Security Institute 44 Capacity Building for a Sustainable Development at National and Community Levels (Capacity 21) 45 Programme for Preventive Development to Avert Crisis 45 Early Warning System (EWS) in Bulgaria 45 Policy Support to the Implementation of the Country Cooperation Framework (CCF) 2002 - 2005 46 Strengthening Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) Capacity to Manage EU Funded

    Programmes and Projects 46 Policy Support and Technical Assistance for Good Governance 46 CROATIA 47 Past Projects: 47 Provision of Analytical and Reporting Tools for the Social Sector 47 Improvement of the Quality of the Services Provided to the Citizens by Local Governments in the ASSC

    in East Slavonia and Sisak Region 47 FYR MACEDONIA 47 Ongoing Projects: 47 Fighting Corruption to Improve Governance 47 Aid Co-ordination Capacity Building, phase 3 48 Support to Establishment of a System for Local-Government Administration 48 Inter-municipal Partnerships for Improved Public Service Quality 49


    Past Projects: 49 Mapping the Socio-economic Disparities among Macedonian Municipalities 49 Capacity Building of Local Governments 49 Strengthening Local Self-Governing Institutions in the FYR of Macedonia through Capacity Development,

    Transparency and Financial Accountability 50 Support to Capacity Building in Social Development 50 Capacity Building Support for Consolidation of the National Aid Coordination System (UAP/ABC) 50 Municipal Support Programme II 51 Information and Communications Technology Support for Municipalities in Macedonia 51 Local e-Governance in FYR Macedonia 51 Introduction of e-Governance in Macedonia 52 Support to Establishment of Local Governments Information Network - LOGIN 52 Establishment of a Training Support System for Local Government Administration 52 Capacity Building of Local Governments - Development of Model Macedonian Municipality 53 Capacity Building of Local Governance Development of Enabling Economic Environment 53 National Strategy on Information Society Technologies for Development 53 Localizing Sustainable Development Phase 2 54 Aid Coordination, phase 2 54 Aid Co-ordination, phase 1 54 Local Governance for Sustainable Human and Economic Development 55 Support to the decentralization reform in FYR Macedonia on its path to EU 55 Training System for Local Government Administration 55 Basing National Development on the Millennium Development Goals 56 Support to e-Governance Initiatives Based on Free/ Open Source Software at the Local Level 56 Establishment of an Early Warning System in Macedonia 56 GEORGIA 57 Ongoing Projects: 57 Strengthening Transparency and Effectiveness of the Parliament and Government of Georgia 57 Support to Justice System 57 Capacity Building of the Public Defenders Office in Georgia (Phase II) 58 Strengthening Institutional Performance and Capacity for Public Sector Control 58 Support to Democratic Governance in Imereti Region of Georgia 59 Modernization of Financial System of Georgia -Phase II 59 Capacity Building Fund in Support of Governance Reform 59 Capacity Development of the Ministry of Economic Development Department of Statistics for the

    Accurate Estimation of the Informal Economy 60 Past Projects: 60 Support to Georgian Investment Centre 60 Strengthening the Debt Management of the Government 60 Capacity Building for National Security Policy Management 61 Establishment and Support to Anti-Corruption Promotion Group 61 Modernization of the Programme and Administrative Systems of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 61 Modernization of the State for the Administration of Democratic Governance in the Sphere of the

    Presidency of the Republic 62 Support to the Centre for Effective Governance System and Territorial Arrangement Reform 62 Modernization of Financial System of Georgia 62 Governance Reform Program for Georgia 62 Support to the Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC) 63 Technical Assistance to Electoral Systems/Processes in Georgia 63 KAZAKHSTAN 63 Ongoing Projects: 63 Technical Assistance to Parliament 63 Elaboration of Common Approaches to the Provision of Social Services to the Population and

    Improvement of the Social Standards Mechanism 64


    Past Projects: 64 Strengthening Information and Communication Technologies for Development Potential in Kazakhstan 64 Strengthening National Dialogue between Government and Civil Society Organisations 64 Poverty Strategy Initiative 65 Support to the Social Protection Concept of Kazakhstan 65 Poverty Monitoring System in Kazakhstan 65 Decent Work: Integrated Approach to Social Sphere in Kazakhstan 66 National Capacity Building for Effective Poverty Reduction 66 Advisory Services to the President of Kazakhstan on Macroeconomic Issues 66 Assistance to the Government of Kazakhstan in the efficient implementation of privatization 66 Support to the Government of Kazakhstan's social and economic rehabilitation and reform Programme

    (Umbrella Project) 67 Assistance to the Government of Kazakhstan in Supporting Economic Reforms and Creating a Favourable

    Investment Climate 67 Support of Kazakhstan's Accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) 67 Management Reform and Effective Governance - Phase I 67 Capacity Development for National Execution 68 Capacity Building of the Human Rights Commission under the President of Kazakhstan 68 Capacity Building for Policy Formulation and Long-Term Planning 68 Building Institutional Capacity for Effective Development 69 Assistance to the Government of Kazakhstan in Aid Management and Aid Co-ordination 69 Assistance to Local Governance Development in Kazakhstan (PA) 69 Recommendations on State Management System (PA) 69 Strengthened Capacity of Civil Society Organisations for Participation in 2004 Parliamentary Elections 70 Trust Fund for Preventive Development in Kazakhstan 70 Silk Road Area Development Programme: Capacity Building for Regional Cooperation and Development

     70 Capacity for Effective National Execution (PA) 71 Development of Operational Capacities of the National Ombudsman Institution in Kazakhstan 71 Technical Assistance to the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan 71 Support to Reform Initiatives in Public Sector 71 KYRGYZSTAN 72 Ongoing Projects: 72 Policy Support to Develop and Implement Pro-poor Economic Policies 72 Promoting e-Municipality in Rural Area 72 Improving Delivery of Public Services in Social Area through Use of ICT (e-Social Services) 72 Support to the Government in Promoting e-Learning at Local Level 73 Promotion of Women in Decision Making 73 Transparent Municipal Finances through Improved Local Statistics (Improvement of Public Service

    Delivery and Accountability of Local Governance Bodies) 73 Confronting Corruption in Kyrgyzstan through Capacity Building and Establishing Partnerships 73 Establishment of a Resource Centre for Improved Interaction of the Kyrgyz Republic with the UN Human

    Rights System Organizations 74 Border Management Programme in Central Asia (Phase V) 74 Border Management Programme in Central Asia (Phase IV) 74 Governance Reform Component, Democratic Governance Programme: Enhancing the Participation of

    Civil Society and Private Sector in the Decision- Making Process at Local Level 75 Governance Reform Component, Democratic Governance Programme: Capacity Building of State and

    Municipal Servants Component 75 Past Projects: 75 Disaster Risk Reduction in the most Vulnerable Communities in Osh and Jalalabat Provinces of the

    Kyrgyz Republic 75 Building Capacity of Local Self-Governments in Disaster Risk Reduction in the South of the Kyrgyz

    Republic 76 Support to Public Administration Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic by Enhancing the Effectiveness,

    Accountability and Transparency of Government (both at Local and Central Level) and the Parliament 76 ICT for National Governance 76 Promoting Gender Equality in Politics in the Kyrgyz Republic 76


    Modernization of Public Administration in Kyrgyzstan - Phase II 77 Building Capacity of Civil Servants in Local Administration in the Kyrgyz Republic 77 Improving Democratic Governance through Use of ICT in Kyrgyzstan 77 Functional Reviews of Central Ministries 78 LATVIA 78 Past Projects: 78 Cooperation Model for the Government of Latvia and the UN System 78 Policy Impact Assessment System Development 79 LITHUANIA (LAST UPDATE: 12.09.2007) 79 Past Projects: 79 Facilitation of the Ratification of the United Nations Convention against Corruption 79 Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration 80 Creating Conditions for Successful Local Development through Strengthening the Administrative

    Capacities of Municipalities 80 Preventing Corruption through Education, Information and Consciousness-Raising 80 Gender Mainstreaming into Lithuanian Policies 80 Support for Local Government Information Network 81 Support to the Legislative (Law-making) Reform 81 Assessment of the Implementation of the Poverty Reduction Policies 81 Support for the Establishment of Citizen Advice Bureaus System in Lithuania 82 Establishment of a Judicial Training Centre 82 Umbrella Project for Short-Term Advisory Services and Human Resource Development in Priority

    Sectors 82 Social Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 83 Preparatory Assistance for the Public Administration Reform 83 Support for Public Administration Reform in Lithuania 83 MOLDOVA 84 Ongoing Projects: 84 Border Guards Human Resource Management project - pipeline 84 Strengthening Institutional Capacity of the Parliament of Moldova 84 Support to Public Administration Reform 84 Support to Strategic Policy Formulation, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Republic of Moldova 85 Building e-Governance in Moldova 87 European Union Border Assistance Mission - Improvement of Border Controls at the Moldovan-

    Ukrainian State Border 86 Disaggregated Statistical Data 86 Past Projects: 87 Building e-Governance in Moldova 87 BUMAD Programme (Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova against Drugs) 87 Efficient Justice Administration in the Republic of Moldova 88 Strengthening Capacities to Fight Corruption and Improve Governance 88 Centre for Legal Studies and Policies 87 MONTENEGRO 88 Ongoing Projects: 88 Capacity Building of Local NGOs to Participate in Anti-Corruption Initiatives in Montenegro 88 Strengthening the Prime Minister‘s Office in Montenegro (as a Capacity Development Programme sub-project) 89 Immediate Support to Commission for Coordination of EU Assistance in Montenegro (Capacity

    Development Programme sub-initiative) 89


Strengthening Capacities for Democratic Participation of Sensitive Groups in Montenegro (Capacity

    Development Programme sub-initiative) 89 Localization of Sustainable Economic Development (LoSD) 90 Past Projects: 90 The Capacity Development Programme for the State Administration in Montenegro 90 Strengthening Capacities of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (as a Capacity

    Development Programme sub-project) 90 ROMANIA 91 Ongoing Projects: 91 Support to Training of Managers in the Public Sector through the Romanian Government Special

    Scholarships 91 Building Local Capacities to Implement the Local Agenda 21 in Romania 91 Past Projects: 92 Strengthening Romanian Government‘s Capacity to Deal with Difficult Situations Generated by Natural

    Disasters Capacity Development for Crisis Situation (CDCS) 92 Support to the Regional Development Boards and Regional Development Agencies 92 Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Presidential Administration of Romania 92 Building Capacity for Conflict Analysis and Resolution in Romania and the SEE Region 93 Support to the Implementation of the Law Access to Public Information in Romania 93 National Preventive Action System for Romania (Early Warning Reports) 93 RUSSIA (LAST UPDATE: 07.09.2007) 94 Ongoing Projects: 94 Support to Russia's Official and Civil Society Action against Corruption (ROCSAAC) 94 Promoting Policy Dialogue and a New Recovery Strategy for Chernobyl Regions 94 Sustainable Reintegration and Recovery in the North Caucasus 95 Coordination in Action: Applying the "Three Ones" Principles in the Russian Federation 95 Support to Local Governance Reform in the Russian Federation 95 Support to Reform of the Budget Process in the Russian Federation: Regional Level 96 Mainstreaming a Gender Component into Training and Re-Training Programmes and Curricular for

    Government Officials 97 National Human Development Report for the Russian Federation 97 Past Projects: 98 RUSAID - Russia as an Emerging Donor. Strategic Research, Advisory Services and Training to Support

    Creation of the National Agency/ Mechanism for International Development Assistance 98 Preparatory Assistance in Support to Anti-Corruption Initiatives in the Russian Federation 98 SERBIA 98 Ongoing Projects: 98 Support to the Serbian Public Administration Reform Strategy (second phase) 98 Support to the Serbian Ministry of Finance (III phase) 99 Programme of Support to the Implementation of the Serbian National Strategy to Combat Corruption 99 Establishment of a Regional Professional Mutual Legal Assistance Network 100 Cross-Border Cooperation Support Programme Strengthening Project Coordination and Management Unit

    (PCMU) 100 Past Projects: 100 Support to Implementation of Policies in European Integration and Investment and Export Promotion 2nd Phase 100 Institutional Development Support to Confront Corruption 101 Support to Management and Strategic Policies - Ministry for International Economic Relations of the

    State Union of SCG 101


    Capacity Development of the Union Ministry of Human and Minority Rights 101 Capacity Development in the Serbian Ministry of Finance 102 Capacity Development in the Serbian Privatization Agency 102 Transitional Justice Programme: Building up the Capacity for Ensuring Access to Justice in a Post-

    Conflict Society 103 Strengthening the Judicial Resource and Support Functions in the Judicial Training Centre 103 Strengthening the System of Misdemeanours and Magistrates' Courts 103 Capacity Development of the Serbian Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy 103 Support to Strategic Policy Management to the Deputy Prime Minister's Office 104 Training and Institutional Building for Sustainable Human Resource Capacity in the Serbian Ministry of

    Finance and Economy 104 ICT for Development in Serbia - Building up a National Strategy for an Information Society 105 Capacity Development for Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities 105 Support to Public Administration Reform Strategy in Serbia, Phase 1 105 Support to the Ministry of Mining and Energy 106 Preliminary Capacity Assessment of the Council of Ministers of SCG 106 Support to the Ministry of Labour and Employment 106 Develop the Critical Institutional Capacity in the Line Ministry for Public Administration Reform 106 Support to the Ministry of Finance 107 Strengthening Central Support Functions in Serbian Ministries 107 TAJIKISTAN (LAST UPDATE: 29.08.2007) 107 Ongoing Projects: 107 Promoting Transparency and Accountability (PTA) 107 Awareness Raising and Public Education Campaign on Corruption (PTA sub-project) 108 Development of Anti-Corruption ―White Paper‖ (PTA sub-project) 108 Parliamentary Oversight (PTA sub-project) 108 Enhancing Peace and Promoting Human Rights in Tajikistan 108 UNTOP Programme 109 Civic Awareness 109 Developing the Organizational Capacity of Civil Society on Local Levels 109 Resources for Local Development Funds 110 Improving Service Delivery 110 Strengthening Local Finances and Financial Management 110 Support for Capacity Building 111 Employable Skills Development 111 Improved Disaster Preparedness and Risk Management 111 Capacity Building in Border Management (BOMCA) 112 Monitoring Drug Use and Abuse (CADAP) 112 Past Projects: 112 Jamoat Capacity Building 112 Clean Start for Local Councils Building Accountability at the Local Level 113 Economic Governance and Transparency Initiative (TRAC) 113 Promoting Transparency 114 Local Governance and Self-Government Institutions in Tajikistan 114 TURKEY 115 Ongoing Projects: 115 Dissemination of E-Consulate Module for Increased Efficiency in the Service Delivery of the Ministry of

    Foreign Affairs 115 Support to Human Rights Education of Inspectors of the Ministry of Interior (Danish Institute of Human

    Rights) 115 Support to Local Administration Reform Programme in Turkey 115 Past Projects: 116 Preparatory Assistance with the Ministry of Interior for Civilian Oversight of the Security Sector 116 Women in Politics 116


    Promotion of Cooperation in the Area of Social Assistance 117 Localizing the Millennium Development Goals and World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD)

    Plan of Implementation through the Turkey Local Agenda 21 Governance Network 117 TURKMENISTAN (LAST UPDATE: 26.09.2007) 117 Ongoing Projects: 117 Support to Accounting System Modernization 117 Gender Based Review of Legislation of Turkmenistan 118 Building of Reporting Capacities in Turkmenistan 118 Support to Gender Mainstreaming in Policy Making in Turkmenistan 118 Support to Social Protection System Development in Turkmenistan 119 Local Self-Governance Programme 119 Past Projects: 119 Preparation of Manuscript of the Joint Monograph ―Socio-Economic Statistics of Turkmenistan‖ 119 Advisory Services to Improve Government Finance Statistics 120 Statistical Capacity Development 120 Assistance in the Improvement of the State Insurance System of Turkmenistan 121 UKRAINE 121 Past Projects: 121 Municipal Governance and Sustainable Development Programme 121 Integrity in Action: Governance Programme 122 Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova action against drugs (BUMAD) 122 The European Union Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) 123 UN ADMINISTERED PROVINCE OF KOSOVO 123 Ongoing Projects: 123 Capacity Building for European Integration (CBEI) 123 Project ‗121‘ 124 Capacity Building Facility for Kosovo (CBF) 124 Early Warning System - PHASE IV 124 Past Projects: 125 Kosovo Transparency Initiative (KTI) 125 Support Project to the Security and Rule of Law (SRL) in Kosovo 125 Support to Kosovo Information Technology II Project 126 Kosovo Police Service Institutional Capacity Building Phase III (KPSICB III) 126 Support to Parliamentary Electronic Archives in Kosovo (SPEAK) 126 Kosovo Capacity Assessment Project (KCAP) 127 Anti Corruption Campaign (ACC) 127 Senior Civil Servants Training Project (SCSTP) 128 Value Based Leadership Project in Kosovo (VBL) 128 UZBEKISTAN (LAST UPDATE: 17.09.2007) 129 Ongoing Projects: 129 Public Finance Reform in Uzbekistan 129 Statistical Capacity Building for MDG Monitoring and Reporting 130 Development of Capacities of the National Human Rights Institutions in Uzbekistan 130 Enhancing Legislative and Institutional Capacities of the Parliament 131 Support to Reform Process in Uzbekistan 131 Assisting the Government of Uzbekistan in the Formulation and Implementation of ICT for Development

    Policy 132


Enhancing the Capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Better Respond to the Emerging Issues of

    the New Millennium 132 Capacity Building and Strengthening Foreign Trade in Investment Promotion Institutions in Uzbekistan

     133 Improving Public Sector Management Skills through Building Training and Research Capacity of the

    State Academy for State and Public Construction under the President of Uzbekistan 133 Improving Public Sector Management Skills through Building Training and Research Capacity of the

    Higher Schools of Business under the State Academy for State and Public Construction under the

    President of Uzbekistan 133 Strengthening Decision-Making Processes of the Ministry of Economy for Better Efficiency and

    Effectiveness 134 Enhancing the Capacity of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy to Support the Foreign

    Policy of Uzbekistan 134 Enhancement of the National Legal Information System in Support of Reform Process in Uzbekistan 135 Improving the System of Customs Administration in the Republic of Uzbekistan 135 Improving Tax Administration in Uzbekistan 135 Achieving the MDGs through Advisory Services 136 Business Forum of Uzbekistan 136 Support to Uzbekistan's Welfare Improvement Strategy 137 Past Projects: 137 Reforming Tax System and Developing New Revision of Tax Code 137 PA: Support to Investment Process for National Development 138 Capacity Building of the Women‘s Committee in Uzbekistan 138 Digital Development Initiative 138


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