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    The Crazy Computer 646W

    George loves playing on his computer. But one day his computer is...crazy! Read this story to find out why. 646

    George is in his bedroom. He is playing on his computer again! George plays on his computer

    every day. His mum shouts, “George! Your dinner is ready!” but George doesn’t hear. He just plays on his computer. But George feels sad. He plays on his computer because he doesn’t have any friends. Sometimes he dreams he is playing football with lots of friends, but it never happens. Today George is playing a computer football game. He is playing against the computer and he is winning. Suddenly the computer speaks to George.

    “Hello George. What game can we play now?”

    George is surprised and jumps up from his chair. He can’t believe it. Maybe he is dreaming. Then

    the computer speaks again.

    “I am your friend, George.”

    George looks at the computer with big eyes.

    "You can speak!"

    "Yes, of course. I can do many amazing things!"

    "Can you do maths homework?"

    "That's easy!"

    The computer looks at George's book and in two seconds all the answers are on the computer screen. George writes the answers in his book.

    "Great!" says George.

    George's mum arrives. She brings George a pizza.

    "Here you are George! Oh good, your maths homework is finished! What a good boy!" And she goes out of the room.

    "Oh yum, I love pizza!" says the computer. An arm shoots out of the side of the computer and takes the pizza.

    "Delicious!" says the computer. Another arm shoots out of the computer. And then two legs. Suddenly the computer is walking

    "Let's go for a walk," says the computer and it goes down the stairs and out of the front door. George follows him.

    "Where are we going?" asks George.

    "To find a friend," says the computer. It walks along the road, turns left and goes into the High Street. It stops outside the television shop.

    "No good!" it says and laughs at the televisions.

    The computer runs along the road. Its metal legs run faster and faster. It goes past the post office and the bank and into the library. In the library there are lots of books - and lots of computers. The crazy computer goes into the room full of computers. There is a boy sitting there, doing his homework.

    "Hello," says the boy, "I'm Tommy."

    Tommy looks at the crazy computer.

    "What's this?" he cries, "a computer with arms and legs?"

    "It's my computer," says George. "He's gone crazy - eating pizza and running around!" They look at George's computer. It is connecting to the other twenty computers in the room. The

    computers make lots of strange noises. Maybe they are talking to each other. Words and strange characters flash across the screens. Coloured lights go on and off - green, blue, red, yellow. The computers go faster and faster. Suddenly one explodes, then the next, then the next… then they all explode.

    George's computer is in the middle of the room. It is getting bigger and bigger. Its screen is flashing with millions of different characters and messages. It is laughing. "Now, I have enough power!" says George's computer. "Soon I will be the only computer on Earth. I can destroy all other computers. I am the Supercomputer of the World."

    Tommy looks at George. "We must stop him!" he says.

    George's computer is out of control. The lights in the library are flashing on and off. People are running out of the library. They are scared.

    "Quick!" says George. He grabs a stick and smashes his computer. There is a loud bang and it explodes into the air and falls to the ground in tiny pieces.

    "He's gone," says Tommy.

    Tommy and George leave the library together. Tommy lives in the next street to George. "That's my house," says Tommy. "Do you want to play football in the garden?" "Yes," says George, smiling and smiling. "Who needs computers?"

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