IMAP Setup for GoogleSOAS

By Dennis Wells,2014-08-29 00:30
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IMAP Setup for GoogleSOAS

You must have first enabled IMAP access in the settings for your Google/SOAS

    account at

    ; In Outlook go to Tools/Account Settings

    ; Under the E-Mail tab choose New…

; Fill in your details on the Auto Account Setup screen. Do NOT click Next...

; Click Manually configure server settings and then click Next…

; Click Next to connect to an Internet E-Mail Service

; Fill in the Internet E-Mail Settings for IMAP as shown below, then click More Settings

; Under the General tab give the Mail Account a friendly name, then click Outgoing


; Check requires authentication then click Advanced

; Choose SSL for Incoming and Outgoing and change the Outgoing port to 465

; Click OK and then click Test Account Settings. You should see this

    ; If there are errors review all the settings.

    ; Click Close, Next, and then Finish to complete the setup

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