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Free Talk

    1. How Can Teenagers Improve Relationships with Others?



    a. be agreeable (example: an easygoing person is popular among his friends)

    b. be ready to help others ( be a helpful person when your friend run into any difficulties)

    c. be honest no one likes to stay with a liar. Honest is the best policy

    d. take part in some extracurricular activities and share common interests

2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of traveling alone



    1. The advantage (for example: the freedom of being away from disturbance of others) 2. The disadvantage (for example: the helpless situation while running into difficulties)

    3. My own opinionDo I prefer traveling alone? Why?

    正文,The Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling Alone

    Nowadays with the rapid development of our life standard than the past years, traveling around our country or abroad has been more and more popular among us. Thus people have to make choices between traveling all alone or with their companies.

    There are both advantages and disadvantages of travelling alone. As for advantages, I think there could be fewer disturbances for deciding where to go and what to eat next. One may be freer during the travel than guiding by others all the way, and enjoy the leisure time fully and quietly.

    As for disadvantages, one may run into difficulties while travelling and then find there is no one trustful enough to rely on.

     In my opinion, the advantages of travelling with family members or friends instead of being alone are certainly more obvious. As we all know, teenagers like us are so far not physically strong enough or financially independent to travel only by ourselves. As a matter of fact, when we run into helpless situation like losing our wallets or being lost in a complete strange place, things could turn out to be really dangerous for us to handle. Take my last experience in xx for example, ……

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Similar Friends



    1. Advantage: share similar interests (example: since the two friends are similar in personality, they are more likely to share similar interests, which can provide a lot of common topics) 2. disadvantage: diversity (example: the lack of diversity makes it difficult for them to know other personalities well)

    3. My own opinion: don’t bother to do (example: they don’t bother to guess what he/she is thinking)

4. How to Lead a Healthy Life?



    1. regular exercise (example: One of the secrets of good health is regular exercise) 2. balanced diet (example: A balanced diet provides nutrition for your body.) 3. sufficient sleep (example: A person can’t have enough energy to study or work without

    sufficient sleep)

    4. psychological health (example: Psychological health is as important as physical health to a healthy life)

    5. Which is more important in finding a job, education or experience? 重要性指数,????


    A. Education is more important in finding a job.

    正文, I woke up one morning last week to read a debate as to which is more important in finding a job, education or experience. Some said experience is more important. Others argue education plays a more important role.

    I personally think education outweighs experience in finding a job. Firstly, in an increasing

    complicated world, many jobs are highly specialized, thus a less educated person is unlikely to do the job efficiently. For example, teacher is an extremely specialized job which requires relatively high education. An experienced but not well educated teacher will probably do the teaching job poorly.

    Secondly, enough education may probably make a person more intelligent. Intelligence is one of the most important personal qualifications for doing an excellent job. Perspective employers may tend to employ those well educated and intelligent candidates. And well educated candidates can gain hands on experience during working, then they will become highly professional. For instance, jobs like accounting require personal qualities such as good mathematical skill and high IQ. And after a period of training, a person who is good at math may be qualified for the job.

    Thirdly, well educated people can bring positive impact to the would-be employers. A well educated person may be a quick learner. This is very important in a society where competition is extremely intense. For example, a company has an important foreign customer who can’t speak Chinese. So a candidate who has foreign languages training may be preferable and more popular.

     Education outweighs experience when it comes to finding a specialized job. And one can gain working experience as time goes by.

B. Experience is more important in finding a job.

     A great deal of jobs require more hands-on experience than high education. These jobs are usually characterized by the demands of related working experience and personal qualities. For instance, jobs like sales manager or marketers require excellent interpersonal skills, courage to face extraordinary challenges and the anti-pressure ability, which are almost gained through practical experience. Education is not so important as experience do in these jobs. Maybe a less educated but experienced person can do better job than a less experienced but well educated one

when it comes to finding a job that require more communication.

    6. Should tobacco companies be allowed to sponsor televised sporting events? 重要性指数,???


    Tobacco companies should not be allowed to sponsor televised sporting events 1. advertisement for tobacco (example: many kinds of advertisement like logo, brand name,

    posters of the sponsor’s will be televised with the sporting events)

    2. promotion of tobacco ( people in a wider range of area get to know it; there are more chances

    of buying cigarettes than before )

    3. negative influence on childrenmislead children

    7. Which kind of music do you prefer, classic or popular?



    1. the feature of popular music(exciting, expressive, fabulous performances, strong sense of


    2. the feature of classic music(high grade, fine taste, edifying)

    3. the mixture of the two will be widely welcome ( eg. Qinghuaci)

8. What do you think is the best way of learning?



    1. make it interest-oriented (the motivation of doing anything well)

    2. form the habit of review to strengthen the knowledge.

    3. learn from life ,learn from others (two heads are always better than only one)

9 Causes of and Solutions to Teenagers’ Lack of Social Responsibility.



    1. Causes: the apple in parents’ eye (example: Most parents see their only child as the apple in

    their eyes) movies and websites’ negative influence on teenagers.

    2. Solution: role model ( teenagers acquire their behaviors though modeling; parents and

    teachers can act as role models.)

    3. participate in some social activities be a volunteer or join a club, make more friends

    正文,I woke up one morning last week to read a story about teenagers’ lack of social responsibility. There are two causes of this phenomenon.

     First, after the adoption of family planning policy, most families have only one child. Thus, these parents see their only child as the apple in their eyes. They tend to indulge their children by never let the only child do housework. Living under such circumstances, some teenagers are increasingly reluctant to think for others, thus become self-centered.

     Second, some movies and websites have a negative influence on teenagers. Some movies

    mislead the teenagers that one can become successful and rich through illegal actions. Teenagers don’t yet have the ability to distinguish the right information from the false one. So they are easily affected by the movies and websites.

     We should find a solution to it. Parents and teachers should act as role models for teenagers. Teenagers would imitate parents or teachers’ behaviors without thinking whether the behaviors are right or wrong. And at the same time, we should educate teenagers about the social responsibility such as making contributions to society, be a helpful person.

10. How would mastering a computer benefit us?



    1. to help you in school (example: to do homework on computer; search information on the


    2. to help you at home (to store important data, such as account numbers and passwords) 3. to help you at workto work more efficiently

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