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    七年级英语7B Unit3 Finding your way

    Period 6 Grammar (?)


    ( ) 1. They ________ an English evening next Sunday.

     A. are having B. are going to have C. will having D. is going to have

    ( ) 2. ________ you ________ free next Sunday?

     A. Will; are B. Will; be C. Do; be D. Are; be

    ( ) 3. He ________ there at ten tomorrow morning.

     A. will B. is C. will be D. be

    ( ) 4. ________ your brother ________ a magazine from the library?

     A. Are; going to borrow B. Is; going to borrow

     C. Will; borrows D. Are; going to borrows ( ) 5. Shall I come again tomorrow afternoon?

     ________ ,好的!.

     A. Yes, please B. Yes, you will. C. No, please. D. No, you



    1. Where shall we ______(meet) tomorrow morning?

    2. I hope it won’t ______(rain) this Sunday.

    3.It was my ____________(twelve) birthday yesterday.

    4.The girl wants to be a ______________(dance) when she grows up. 5.The people in the UK eat lots of _____________(potato). 动词填空

    1. Where ______ we ______(meet) tomorrow morning?

    2. Look at the clouds. It _________ (rain ) soon .

    3 I hope it __________(not rain ) next Sunday.

    4.Next month my sister ___________ (be) 20.

    5.Our classmates __________(visit) the Summer Palace tomorrow. 6The boss has gone to Shanghai. He _________(come )back in two weeks.

    7 They ________ (have) a meeting next week, aren’t they?

    8 I ______( want ) to be a teacher when I grow up .


9 The boy in black ________(be) often late for school last term.

    10Jack, with his friends ________(fly ) kites every spring.


    ( )1. Sandy was one of the model at the fashion show. ______

     A B C D

    ( )2. Sandy wore her hair in a 1990’s style last Friday. ______

     A B C D ( )3. Miss Hu came into the classroom and the students stopped to talk. _______

     A B C D ( )4.Simon often takes Amy to home and they play the piano together. _______

     A B C D ( )5.There are at least three thousands students in our school. ________

     A B C D

    7B Unit3 Integrated skills Finding treasure 一、单项选择

    1 Does this book belong to ______?

    my Ame Bmine CI D

    2 These aren’t ________ cards,they’re_______

    Aours, their Bour, theirs Cour, their Dours theirs

    3. There ______ a talk ______ the history of China tomorrow.

     A. is going to be; on B. will have; on

     C. will have; about D is going to; about 4 We are all tired. Let’s _________ a rest.

     A. to stop having B. stop having

     C. to stop to have D. stop to have 5.That river runs ________ our city.

     A. across B. through C. above D. over 二、将下列句子改成同义句;

    1. Do you want to come?

     you come?

    2.To walk from the big tree to that bridge is very easy. It’s from the big tree to that bridge. 3. Can you tell me how I can get to the house? Can you tell me how the house?

    4 Don’t stop walking until you see my place.

     until you see my place.

    5 The path is near a river.

     The path is a river.

    6 Cross the bridge then turn right.

     the bridge then turn right.


    1. Cross the road at the (交通) lights.

     2. Please look at the () tree on the left.


3. When you are at the big tree, walk (朝着) the building.

    4. Walk across the (田地) and you will see his house.

    5. How can I get to the (市场)?

     6. There is a (木头) house over there.

     7.It’s not far from your home to (我的).


    1. It’s about twenty (minute) walk to get there.

    2 The police caught two (rob) yesterday.

    3 He is (surprise) to see the big animal.

    4When Mr Hu came into the classroom, the students stopped (talk)

    5The policeman drove the car very (quick).

    6 The (enter) to the zoo is on your left.


    1(过桥向左拐。 the bridge and .

    2( 走过警察局后,他在红绿灯处停下了。

    After the police station, he the .

    3( 一直向前走,你会在河边发现一条小路。

    Walk , you will find the river.

    4( 你愿意参加下周三的聚会吗:‖―是的,非常愿意。

     you come to my party ?‖

     ―Yes, I .


    Tom lives in New York.His father has a shop there and his mother is a g_______ doctor.

    He’s 6years old now and begins to go to school this autumn. It’s a little f______from their shop

    and his father _d_______ a car to take him to school every day. So he is never late for school .

    It’s Monday today. Miss Hunt is _a______ them to couor nt from one to ten. Tom is a

    _c_______ student soon he can count out. Miss Hunt asks:― How many people are there in your family, Tom?‖ Tom stands up and says, ― Two, Miss Hunt.‖―Oh?‖Miss Hunt is _s______. She says,―There are three people in your family?‖

    ―But now I’m not at home. I’m at school, you know !‖ Tom answers _w_______ a smile.

    7B Unit3 Finding your way

    (Period 8 Study skills)


    ( ) 1. Tom, ______ Jack, ______ to school by bus every morning.

    A. likes, go B. likes ,goes C. like, goes D. like, go

    ( )2. The girl is afraid __________.

    A. at fly B. at flying C. of fly D. of flying ( ) 3. There ________ a class meeting this afternoon.

    A. is going to have B. is going to be

    C. will have D. is going to has

    ( )4. Some shops _______8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. in my hometown.

    A. are open from B. are open at

    C. open from D. open between


    ( )5. Ask the boy not to make any ______ . The baby is sleeping .

    A. voice B. sound C. noise D. singing ( ) 6. We like the school _______ a beautiful garden and a lot of green trees.

     A. have B. has C. with D. haven’t

    ( )7.Don’t forget _______ your comic books _______ home.

     A. to bring, to B. taking , to C. to take, \ D. bringing, \ ( ) 8.China is larger than _______ in Asia.

     A. any county B. any other country C. any countries D. any other countries ( ) 9.My sisters and I _______ Young Pioneers.

     A. are both B. are all C. all are D. both are ( ) 10._______ very kind _______ you to help us a lot.

     A. It, for B. It’s, of C. It’s, for D. It’ of


    1. You should take the (three) turning on the left.

    2. The police caught two (rob) yesterday.

    3. He is (surprise) to see the big animal

    4. I (push) the heavy bag into the big box.

    5. When Mr Hu came into the classroom, the students stopped (talk)

    6.If it ________ (not rain) tomorrow, we ________ (go) swimming. 7.. What about ________ (take) another route?

    8..We are too tired(Let’s stop _________ (have) a rest.

    9.The little girl cried ______________(sudden), why?

    10.The boy tried (run) away.


    1( 今天的天气多热啊?_______ _______ weather it is !


    My brother ______ me _____ ____ _____ _____ _____ ______ the ______ _______ 3(保罗用它的小刀打开了箱式货车的后门。

    Paul _______ the ______ _______ of the van _______ his _______. 4(这是一个关于双胞胎兄弟的故事的短剧。

    This is a ______ _______ a _______ of _______ _________.


    Can you tell me ________ ________ _______ the post ______, please? 四;完形填空

    Harold was very disappointed(失望的) last night. All the 1 students in his English

    class went to a party at their teachers’ house, but Harold 2 got there. He 3 his

    teachers’ directions(方向), but he made one little mistake.

    4 their school, he walked along Main Street to Central Avenue and turned left. He walked up Central Avenue two blocks(街区) to the bus stop at the corner, across from the office. He 5 the Central Avenue bus and 6 at Fifth Street three blocks to Park Avenue and turned right. He walked up Park Avenue one block to the bus stop at the corner of Park Avenue

    and Sixth Street.

    He took No.42 Bus, 7 he got off at the wrong stop. He got off at River Road 8

    Rolling Road. He turned left and walked two blocks, and got completely(完全地) 9 .


    Harold was very 10 . He really wanted to go to the party last night, and he can’t believe he made such a stupid(愚蠢的) mistake.

    ( )1. A. others B. another C. other D. one ( )2. A. ever B. just C. once D. never ( )3. A. followed B. did C. found D. went ( )4. A. From B. At C. In D. Across ( )5. A. by B. take C. took D. on ( )6. A. got on B. got off C. got in D. got out of ( )7. A. and B. so C. but D. still ( )8. A. instead of B. to C. through D. towards ( )9. A. tired B. pity C. lost D. angry ( )10. A. happy B. upset(心烦) C. glad D. hopeful

    7B Unit3 Period 9 Main task,配套练习!


    ( )1_____ your sister afraid of_____ out alone at night?

     A. Is, going B. Is to go C. Are, going D. Are, to go ( )2. My father has to stop _____ after_____ for such a long time.

     A. smoking, reads B. smoking, reading

    C. to smoke, reading D. smoked, to read

    ( )3 Please call me back if you_______ free tomorrow.

     A. are B. will be C. is D. is going to be ( )4. We saw Hobo jumping into the room ______ window.

    A. across B. through C. cross D. by

    ( )5. Would you like to eat__________?

     A. something delicious B. delicious something

     C. anything nice D. nice anything

    ( )6. Excuse me, could you tell me________?

     A. how can I get there B. how I can get there

    C. the way to there D. where is the zoo

    ( )7. Everyone wants______ know______.

     A. to ,what to do B. /, what to do it C. to, how to do D./, how to do it

    ( )8. Shanghai is_______ the east of China and_____ the west of Japan.

     A. in, in B. to, to C. in, to D. to, in ( )9. ---Why don’t we _____? ---- It’s a good idea .

    A . going fishing B . to go fishing C . go fish D . go fishing ( )10. ——I had a really wonderful time in Beijing


     A. It’s a pleasure. B. Good, Thank you.

    C. Enjoy yourself. D. Oh, I’m glad to hear that.


    1. The police___________(catch) the robber tomorrow, aren’t they?

    2. The rain_______________(stop) in a few hours.


    3 The police think the thief is one of the __________________(rob). 4. He is very________________(surprise) to see the three men in the road station. 5. Walk________________(cross) the road carefully.

    6. Look, the boys______________(swim) across the river..

    7. It takes only ten minutes________________(walk) from here to the station. 8. They invited three of _____________(we) to their English party. 9. The computer is one of________(wonder) things of Modern Science in the world. 10. Next time, if I go there, I ____________(visit) him.


    1. The railway station is easy to find. (同义句)

     ________ _________ __________ _________ the railway station. 2. We hope we will win the match. (同义句)

    We look _______ _______ ______ the match.

    3. I’ll visit the Summer Palace this weekend. (一般疑问句)

    ________you______the Summer Palace this weekend?

     4. I’m going to visit Shanghai next week . (对划线的部分提问!

     ______ _______ _______ going to ______ Shanghai ?

    5. It will take you about half an hour to get there.,对划线部分提问!

    _________ ________ ________ it take you to get there?


    1. Tom told his mother go to the supermarket . ____________ 2. Take the five turning on the left . ____________ 3. You can see the shop after you go cross the road . ____________ 4. He was surprise when he saw his mother . ____________ 5. My parents are looking forward to see me tomorrow . ____________

    七年级英语7B Unit3 Finding your way

    Period 10 Check out



     )1. This is classroom, is over there.

     A. yourour B. yoursours

     C. yoursour D. yourours

     )2. There are about students in our school.

     A. two thousand one hundred

     B. two thousands and hundred

     C. two thousands and one hundred

     D. two thousand and one hundred

     )3. --Let's go to the park, shall we? --

    A. Yes, we shall B. That's all right

     C. OK D. Let's go


)4. Our teacher told us the earth around the sun.

     A. went B. goes C. go D. is going

     ( )5. , can you tell me how to get to the bus stop?

     A. Excuse me B. Sorry C. Hello D. Hi ( )6. Our teacher ________ an interesting talk on Project Hope at the class meeting.

     A. have B. has C. give D. gave ( )7. A balcony is ______ place ________ flowers in the house.

     A. best, to grow B. the best, growing

     C. best, growing D. the best, to grow ( )8. Would you like _________ bananas?

     A. another B. any more C. some more D. one more ( )9. My parents _______born in Shanghai, but I ______ born in Nanjing.

     A. was, was B. were, was C. were, were D. are, am ( )10. I can speak English ________, I am ______ at it.

     A. good, well B. good, good C. well, well D. well, good


    1(It’s necessary to study hard in the school.(同义句)

     study hard in the school.

    2(We should watch TV too much.,否定句!

     We TV too much.

    3(They went to the park yesterday.,划线部分提问!

     they go to the park?

    4(He knows how to look after pets.,一般疑问句!

     he how look after pets?

    5(You should take your dog for a walk every day. (同义句)

     your for a walk every day .


    1.― (not be) late again next time.‖ the teacher said.

    2. -- Sandy, supper is ready. -- Oh, I (come)

    3. What would you like (eat) ?


4. It's four in the afternoon. The girl with her friends (dance) in the classroom.

    5. -- we (go) and help him with English this weekend?

     All right.



    A shopkeeper closed his shop in the evening and went home. He was very 1 , but just

    as he went to 2 , the telephone rang. A man's 3 said, "What time do you open your shop, sir?"

     The shopkeeper was 4 about the phone call. He did not answer it and went 5 to bed. A few minutes later, the telephone 6 . He got up and went to pick up the phone and found that 7 was the same man asking the same question.

     The shopkeeper angrily answered, "You needn't ask me that for (因为)I 8 tonight.

    It's lat.‖

     " 9 , I want to go 10 , " the man said.

    ( )1. A. sorry B. tired C. hungry D. sad ( )2. A. sleep B. bed C. have supper D. the shop ( )3. A. friend B. wife C. voice D. sound ( )4. A. happy B. unhappy C. thinking D. worried ( )5. A. on B. away C. out D. back ( )6. A. stopped ringing B. rang again C. called D. spoke out ( )7. A. voice B. man C. it D. he ( )8. A. will let you in B. won't let you in

     C. will let you come out D. won't let you come out ( )9. A. Never mind B. That's good C. No D. Yes ( )10. A. home B. to bed C. out D. in


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