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Item 17 - Gateshead Council ...



     20 June 2006

TITLE OF REPORT: Single Programme New Projects

REPORT OF: Derek Quinn, Group Director Development and Enterprise

     Purpose of the Report

1. This report seeks the Cabinet’s endorsement of the actions of the TyneWear

    Partnership in approving one new project.

    2. At its meeting on 14 September 2004, Cabinet approved the Implementation Plan,

    including a package of proposals, for submission to TyneWear Partnership for

    Single Programme funds over a three year period from 2005 to 2008. At it’s

    meeting on 18 May 2006 the TyneWear Partnership (Project Assessment Group)

    approved one new project, details of which are outlined below and in Appendix 2.

    ; Baltic Business Quarter Town Centre Link, Design Fees


    3. The Implementation Plan for the Single Programme scheme has been approved by

    the Gateshead Strategic Partnership. Particular outputs and outcomes must be met

    and the project proposed is designed to contribute to the overall programme.


     Baltic Business Quarter Town Centre Link, Design Fees

    4. Baltic Business Quarter is a 55-acre site, which will be home to the Design Centre

    for the North (planning permission granted on 5 April 2006), and will attract between

    5,000 and 7,000 new jobs to the area when complete.

    5. The first phase of Baltic Business Quarter, the construction of 3 office blocks, is to

    begin in July 2006, having received planning permission in March 2006.

    6. This site is directly adjacent to the location of the new Gateshead College, which is

    currently under construction and will service up to 15,000 full and part time students.

    Completion of the college is predicted for November 2007 with occupation in

    January 2008.

    7. The most direct route from Gateshead Town Centre to the Baltic Business Quarter

    and Gateshead College will be through Coulthards Lane. This route is currently

    unsuitable to cater for the anticipated increase in pedestrian traffic, due to the

    narrow footpaths, inadequate lighting and poor drainage under the railway arch.

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    8. This project aims to a design a public realm scheme for the length of Coulthards

    Lane between East Street and Quarryfield Road, to include:

    ; possible pedestrianisation of part of the route, or the possibility of introducing a

    bus only restriction.

    ; Introduction of a cycle lane

    ; replacement and redesign of all of the footways (& carriageways)

    ; landscaping of the unused areas

    ; replacement lighting and drainage under the railway bridge

    9. The new design will reflect the importance of Coulthards Lane as the main

    pedestrian thoroughfare between Baltic Business Quarter/Gateshead College site

    and Gateshead Town Centre. It is intended to make Coulthards Lane a brighter

    more attractive route for students and employees of both Gateshead College and

    Baltic Business Quarter, and attract them into the town centre.

    10. This scheme will be financed jointly by Single Programme and Local Transport Plan.

    Costs 2006/7 Total

    Single Programme 5,000 5,000

     Local Transport Plan 5,000 5,000



    11. It is recommended that Cabinet endorse the actions of the TyneWear Partnership in

    approving expenditure on the project outlined above.

     For the following reason:

    The project outlined will contribute to the overall strategies of the TyneWear

    Partnership and to the overall outputs and outcomes for the Central Gateshead

    Implementation Plan.

CONTACT: Gary Watts extension 2140 PLAN REF: 217

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     Policy Context

    1. The project outlined above will contribute to the Central Gateshead Implementation Plan 2005/08 for the Single Programme scheme and was approved by the TyneWear Partnership (Project Assessment Group) at its meeting on 18 May 2006. The proposal will also support the following policy areas defined in the Council’s Towards 2010 document:

; Employment and Economy Local people who have the skills and

    opportunities to access rewarding jobs in the public, private and

    voluntary sectors in and around Gateshead; more businesses

    locating, forming and growing in Gateshead.

    The scheme will provide a design, which will make this a far more

    attractive route to use, and therefore encourage employers to the Baltic

    Business Quarter as an easily accessible location. It will also encourage

    the employees of the Baltic Business Quarter and Gateshead College

    students into Gateshead Town Centre, which in turn will boost the

    economy of the Town Centre.

; Lifelong Learning Local people who learn throughout their lives

    and have the life skills to realise their full potential as individuals

    and active citizens.

    The relocation of Gateshead College will make it more accessible than

    the previous site. Improved pedestrian links will also contribute towards

    an increased intake of further education students.

; Community Safety Local people living in a safe, fear-free and

    tolerant community.

    The suggested improvements to this location, the main pedestrian link

    between Gateshead College, Baltic Business Quarter, and Gateshead

    Town Centre, in particular the lighting, will make this route far less

    intimidating and more appealing to potential users.

    ; Transport Local people and businesses who have easy access to

    integrated, safe and affordable transport which supports economic

    growth and balances the needs of all users in a responsible way.

    This scheme will produce a designed recommendation, which will take

    into account all of the transport options including the possibility of

    pedestrianising part of the route, introducing a bus only restriction and/or

    a cycle lane.

    ; Environment Communities who live in and contribute to a clean,

    pollution free, attractive and sustainable environment.

    The implementation of this scheme will eventually see major

    improvements to the immediate environment in the form of renewed

    public realm for the length of Coulthards Lane between East Street and

    Quarryfield Road as well as landscaping of the current unkempt grassed


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    2. The Implementation Plan for the Single Programme scheme has been approved by

    the Gateshead Strategic Partnership. Particular outputs and outcomes must be met

    and the project proposed is designed to contribute to the overall programme.


    3. The TyneWear Partnership (Project Assessment Group) has approved the proposal

    and the Single Programme allocation. The Cabinet Members for Corporate Vitality,

    Employment and Economy, Culture, Community Safety, Transport, Environment

    and the relevant ward members have been consulted.

4. Alternative Options

    Alternative options must be considered as part of the appraisal process for

    individual projects. Following this appraisal, it was considered that the project

    proposed is the best option.

    Implications of Recommended Options

    5. Financial Implications The Strategic Director, Finance and ICT confirms that the

    cost of the works can be accommodated from available resources within the Capital


6. Risk Management Implications None

7. Human Resources Implications None

8. Equality and Diversity Implications None

9. Crime and Disorder Implications None

    10. Sustainability Implications the Councils Transport and Highways Service will

    adopt any new public realm.

11. Human Rights Implications None

12. Ward Implications Bridges

    Background Information

    13. Full details of the project are outlined in the minutes of the TyneWear Partnership

    (Project Assessment Group) meeting held on 18 May 2006.

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