Unit 3 A taste of English humour

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Unit 3 A taste of English humour

    Unit 3 A taste of English humour

     100 一、基础测试 (满分20)


    请根据汉语提示或首字母写出单词的正确形式 1.The pen (滑落) from his hand.

    2.We should never (满足) ourselves with book knowledge only.

    3. She took (特别) care not to overcook the meat.

    4.Many years later, he became a (无家可归) person. 5.He seems to eat every (一口) with great joy. 14 picked out 15 facing 6. He wore large trousers, w shoes and a small round black hat. 7.F is the mother of success.

    8. I have some d in helping you with your English.

    9. She is an o scientist.

    10. Chaplin himself d and wrote the movies he starred in.


    根据A句句义,用适当的句型或短语完成B ,使其句义相同或相近。

    11. A: He knocked into an old man while turning around.

    B: He an old man while turning around.

    12.A: Perhaps we are more satisfied with our life.

    B: Perhaps it makes us feel more our life. 13. A: A World Without Thieves is famous all over the world.

    B: A World Without Thieves is well-known the world. 14. A: He selected a book and read it.

    B: He a book and read it.

    15. A: That was the problem which Chaplin was facing.

     B: That was the problem Chaplin.


    16. His father (断绝) his economic aid suddenly.


17. She can’t stand people who are ________ _________ (残忍对待) animals.

    18. I ______ _______ _________ (毫不费力) in making myself understood. 19. Can you ________ ________ ________ (认出他来) in this old photo?

    20. He sometimes tells us to do something _____ ______ _______ ______ (好像他是)

    our leader.

    二、单项填空 (每小题1分,满分15) ABCD四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案,并在答题卡上


    21. His novel is a great success and it is well ___________.

    A. received B. accepted

    C. picked D. popular

    22. Last summer my cousin took me to Stonehenge, tourist attraction in Britain.

     A. a second more popularly

    B. the second more popular

    C. a second most popularly

    D. the second most popular

    23. The most popular food for foreigners ________ on any menu in Beijing is roast


    A. include B. including

    C. to include D. included

    24. ________ lessons were not difficult.

     A. Our few first short English

     B. Our first few short English

     C. Our few first English short

     D. Few our first English short

    25. In the middle of the room stands a _______ table.

     A. beautiful wooden round

     B. round wooden beautiful

     C. wooden round beautiful

     D. beautiful round wooden


    26. This picture was taken a long time ago. I wonder if you can _______ my father.

     A. find out B. pick out

    C. look out D. speak out

    27. They were thirsty, so they went ______ something to drink.

    A. looked for B. in search for

    C. found D. in search of 28. The citizens didn’t feel safe at all after several families had their houses ____ at

    night and a lot of things stolen.

     A. broken into B. broken in

    C. to be broken into D. breaking into 29. Time should be made good use _______ our lessons well.

    A. of learning B. to learn

    C. to learning D. of to learn

    30. The meeting was put off, _______ was exactly _______ we wanted

     A. it; that B. as; that

    C. which; what D. which; which 31. What will happen if I smoke here?

     Anyone ________ here will be punished.

    A. seen smoking B. seeing smoke

    C. seeing smoking D. seen smoke 32. In order to improve her English, ________ .

    A. Jenny's father bought her a lot of tapes

    B. Jenny bought a lot of tapes for herself

    C. a lot of tapes were bought by Jenny

    D. a lot of tapes were bought by Jenny's father 33. How do you find the lecture by Mr. Lee?


    A. It’s a fine day

    B. Very boring

    C. In the conference hall


    D. By bicycle

    34. Was his father very strict with him when he was at school?

    Yes. He had never praised him ___________ he became one of the top

    students in his grade.

    A. after B. unless

    C. until D. when

    35. Do you mind my sitting next to you?


    A. Yes, do it please B. No, you can’t do it

    C. No, of course not D. Yes, sit here please

    完形填空 (每小题1分,满分20)



    Ebron James isn't the first high school basketball player to go straight into the

    NBA, but he's probably the best. He has the body, skills and the basketball brain of an

    All-Star (全明星球员).

    This 36 was on 37 as he scored 41 points to take Cleveland Cavaliers

    (克里夫兰骑士队) to a 107-104 win over the New Jersey Nets (新泽西网队) on

    March 28. Aged of 19 years and 87 days, James became the 38 player to score 40 or more in the NBA.

    "It was by far James' best 39 ," said Cleveland coach Paul Silas.

    Known to his friends 40 "the king", this was the day James earned his

    crown(王冠). But he was 41 from being a king during a childhood

    spent in the back streets of Akron, Ohio. 42 many other African-American basketball players, James' early years were a 43 . His mother Gloria was just 16 when she gave birth to him; he knows nothing about his father. Mother and son

    battled for everything from food to a place to live. 44 help from his grandmother and neighbours, James would 45 have died when he was young.


    This spirit of survival has served him well on court, forcing him to take any

    46 he finds. "I 47 losing, I don't like losing," said James of his 41-point display. "I 48 the opportunity for us to win and I was 49 to capture

    it." At 2.03 metres, he is no Yao Ming but this didn't 50 him being first

    choice in 2003 NBA draft. This was 51 to his strength and skill, much of

    which he learned from high school American football.

    Although he has a 52 brain, James has never had to concentrate on 53 . Some people think this is a mistake and say he should have gone to college

    to 54 his mind. But James is one of the lucky few who has found fame and

    fortune 55 a diploma (文凭). On the court, he is king. 36. A. action B. performance C. activity D. talent

    37. A. sale B. exhibition

    C. show D. duty

    38. A. oldest B. strongest

    C. tallest D. youngest

    39. A. performance B. lesson

    C. action D. appearance

    40. A. for B. as C. by D. with

    41. A. well B. far C. deep D. late

    42. A. As B. Like C. Likely D. Alike

    43. A. fight B. struggle C. battle D. war

    44. A. Except for B. Except

    C. Besides D. Without

    45. A. certainly B. impossible

    C. hardly D. probably

    46. A. goal B. game

    C. match D. chance

    47. A. hate B. refuse

    C. object D. reject

    48. A. grasped B. seized


C. caught D. held

    49. A. afraid B. unlucky

    C. able D. certain

    50. A. keep B. forbid

    C. protect D. stop

    51. A. according B. referring

    C. thanks D. sticking

    52. A. fast B. quick C. high D. top

    53. A. studying B. resting

    . sleeping D. eating

    54. A. advance B. march

     C. increase D. develop

    55. A. apart from B. but

    C. except D. without

    四、阅读理解 (每小题1.5分,满分30)


    A Some houses are designed to be smart. Others have smart designs. An example of the

    second type of house won an Award of Excellence from the American Institute of


    Located on the shore of Sullivan's Island off the coast of South Carolina, the

    award-winning cube-shaped(立方体形状的) beach house was built to replace one smashed(破碎)to pieces by Hurricane Hugo 10 years ago. In September 1989, Hugo

    struck South Carolina, killing 18 people and damaging or destroying 36,000 homes in

    the state.

    Before Hugo, many new houses built along South Carolina's shoreline were poorly

    constructed, and enforcement(执行)of building codes wasn't strict, according to architect Ray Huff, who created the cleverly-designed beach house. In Hugo's wake,

    all new shoreline houses are required to meet stricter, better-enforced codes. The new

    beach house on Sullivan's Island should be able to survive Category 3 hurricanes with


peak(最高点的) winds of 179 to 209 kilometers per hour.

    At first sight, the house on Sullivan's Island looks anything but hurricane-proof. Its

    redwood shell(外形) makes it look like "a large party lantern ( 灯笼 )" at night,

    according to one observer. But looks can be deceiving(蒙蔽). The house's wooden

    frame is reinforced with long steel rods to give it extra strength.

    To further protect the house from hurricane damage, Huff raised it 2.7 meters off the

    ground on timber pilings(木桩) - long, slender columns of wood anchored(锚)

    deep in the sand. Pilings might appear insecure(不安全的), but they are strong

    enough to support the weight of the house. They also lift up the house above storm

    surges(波涛). The pilings allow the surges to run under the house instead of running

    into it. "These swells of water come ashore at fantastic speeds and cause most of the

    damage done to beach-front buildings," said Huff.

    Huff designed the timber pilings to be partially hidden by the house's ground-to-roof

    shell. "The shell masks(掩饰) the pilings so that the house doesn't look like it's standing with its pant legs pulled up," said Huff. In the event of a storm surge, the

    shell should break apart and let the waves rush under the house, the architect


    56. After the tragedy caused by Hurricane Hugo, new houses built along South

    Carolina's shoreline are required _______ .

    A. to be easily reinforced

    B. to look smarter in design

    C. to meet stricter building standards

    D. to be designed in the shape of cubes

    57. The award-winning beach house is quite strong because________.

    A. it is strengthened by steel rods

    B. it is made of redwood

    C. it is in the shape of a shell

    D. it is built with timber and concrete

    58. The main function of the shell is _______ .

    A. to strengthen the pilings of the house


B. to give the house a better appearance

    C. to protect the wooden frame of the house

    D. to slow down the speed of the swelling water

    59. It can be inferred from the passage that the shell should be ________. A. funny-looking

    B. waterproof

    C. easily breakable

    D. extremely strong


    "Tipping" (给小费)is always a difficult business. You do not want to give too much or

    too little, or tip the wrong person.

    In Britain and America, people usually tip waiters in restaurants, porters, taxi drivers and hairdressers. They do not tip people in offices, cinemas, garages or airports. Do you invite your friend to the restaurant? Then you pay the bill. Does your friend invite you? Your friend pays. If there are men and women in the party, the men usually pay.

    These days, men and women are equal in many ways. If you work in Britain or America, your boss could be a man or a woman. There are increasing numbers of women in important positions in politics, law, medicine and in the business world. But it is still polite for men to open doors for women and to ask them to go first. And it is polite for men to stand up when they are introduced to women. 60. In this passage, the writer tells us ________.

    A. not to give any tip to others

    B. only to give tip to women

    C. only to give tip in restaurants

    D. to give tip to the right person

    61. If you have had a meal with your friend in a restaurant, ________. A. you should pay the bill

    B. your friend should pay the bill

    C. the person who invites the other person should pay the bill


D. you should ask your friend to pay the bill

    62. Today in Britain and America _______ .

    A. women are quite equal to men

    B. men hold all the important positions in politics

    C. women hold all the important positions in business

    D. women have changed their conditions in many ways

    63. It is impolite for a man to ________.

    A. open a door for a woman and to go first himself

    B. stand beside a woman

    C. let a woman go first

    D. stand up when he is introduced to a woman


    Mr. Hart, a London taxi driver, has a new black taxi. With his taxi, he hurries through the busy streets every day.

    One day when he was having a short rest, a young man jumped into his taxi. "To the station as fast as you can," shouted the man in a very unfriendly way. "My train leaves at three o'clock."

    Mr. Hart did his best, but there was a lot of traffic. At every corner there was a red light.

    "Hurry up, man! I don't want to miss my train," said the young man.

    "And I don't want to have an accident," replied Mr. Hart quickly.

    While he was driving, Mr. Hart suddenly recognized the man's face. He was a thief. The police were looking for him. His picture was in the newspapers. Mr. Hart raced through the street and drove through red lights. Soon there was a police car behind him. Mr. Hart raced on until he reached the station. He stopped in front of the station at two minutes to three, and the young man quickly jumped out of the taxi. "Stop! Stop!" cried Mr. Hart. At that moment the police car stopped, too. "Quick! He is the thief!" shouted Mr. Hart. Two policemen rushed into the station. Three minutes later they returned with the young man.

    "Well done!" a policeman said to Mr. Hart as they were taking the thief to the police



    64. The young man wanted to________.

    A. go back home by train

    B. drive through the busy street

    C. take the 3:00 train to London

    D. leave London as soon as possible

    65. How did Mr. Hart know that the young man was a thief?

    A. He had never met such a rude person as the young man.

    B. He had seen the young man's picture in the newspapers.

    C. The police told him something about the young man.

    D. The young man was trying to run away.

    66. Mr. Hart raced through the street and drove through red lights so that ________. A. he could drive faster than the police car

    B. he could reach the station on time

    C. he could get the attention of the policemen

    D. he could go home earlier than usual

    67. Where did the policemen catch the young man?

    A. In Mr. Hart's taxi.

    B. In the station.

    C. In the street.

    D. At the corner.


    Most animals have little connection with animals of a different kind, unless they hunt them for food. Sometimes, however, two kinds of animals come together in a partnership which does good to both of them. You may have noticed some birds sitting on the backs of sheep. This is not because they want a ride, but because they find easy food in the parasites(寄生虫) on sheep. The sheep allow the birds to do so

    because they remove the cause of discomfort. So although they can manage without each other, they do better together.

    Sometimes an animal has a plant partner. The relationship develops until the two


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