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    K-6 PDHPE Resouces List


The following list represents a sample of resources that teachers have found useful when

    implementing K-6 PDHPE programs. The list is not exhaustive and will be revised and

    updated regularly. Teacher suggestions for other suitable materials for possible inclusion

    would be welcomed.

The list is organised according to syllabus strands and a general category is also included:

1. Active Lifestyle

    2. Dance

    3. Games and Sports

    4. Growth and Development

    5. Gymnastics

    6. Interpersonal Relationships

    7. Personal Health Choices

    8. Safe Living

    9. General Resources



BEDFORD, Wilma & ROBINSON, Jenny, Life. Be in it, book of world games, published in

    conjunction with the City of Greater Dandenong, 1998

    ISBN 0949281271

    Board of Studies NSW, Big mob books for little fullas: the Aboriginal emergent readers kit, early stage one (series), Board of Studies, Sydney, 1996

    ISBN 0731074882 After School

    ISBN 0731074769 Cathy Freeman’s story

    ISBN 0731074564 (stage one kit) John Simon’s story

NSW Department of Education and Training, Fitness and physical activity: a resource to

    support school communities, NSW Department of Education and Training, Ryde, 1998 ISBN 0731309856

    SCIS 937528

ACHPER, Fitness. Lower primary: fitness, dance, gymnastics, games skills, ACHPER,

    Kingswood, SA, 1994

    ISBN 0646186914

    SCIS 815612

ACHPER, Fitness. Upper primary: fitness, dance, gymnastics ,games skills, ACHPER,

    Kingswood, SA, 1994

    ISBN 0646186922

    SCIS 815613

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    K-6 PDHPE Resouces List

    HUDSON, Peter, Best ever swimming pool games, Kangaroo Press, East Roseville, 1998 ISBN 0864179839

    KROGH, Inge-Lise, Playing with the parachute, Demark, Gonge, 1994. SCIS 829214

Board of Studies NSW, Physical activity for health and fitness: a support document for K-6

    personal development health and physical education, Board of Studies NSW, Sydney, 1997 ISBN 0731075900

    SCIS 908175

STRONG, Todd, Parachute games, Human Kinetics, Champaign, Illinois, 1996

    ISBN 087322793X

    SCIS 854803


    Action pack. Lower primary: fitness education program, Ashton Scholastic, Sydney, 1994 SCIS 806708

    Action pack. Middle primary: fitness education program, Ashton Scholastic, Sydney, 1994 SCIS 815584

    Action pack. Upper primary: fitness education program, Ashton Scholastic, Sydney, 1994 SCIS 815585



    LANE, Christy, Christy Lane’s complete book of line dancing, Human Kinetics, Champaign, Illinois, 1995

    ISBN 0873227190

    SCIS 842502

ROOYACKER, Paul & HURD, Cecilia, 101 dance games for children, Hunter House, 1998

THRAVES, Barbara & WILLIAMSON, Diana, Now for a dance: integrating dance and

    movement in primary and early childhood learning, Phoenix Education, Albert Park, Victoria, 1994

    ISBN 1875695176

    SCIS 804834

Cassettes/Compact discs

Bus stop and other great dances for kids, ABC Music, Sydney, 1997

Line dancing especially for kids, ABC Music, Sydney, 1996

    SCIS 864595

Line dancing especially for the family, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1996

    SCIS 899767

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    K-6 PDHPE Resouces List

    Macarena and other great dances for kids, ABC Music, Sydney, 1997 SCIS 918931


ACHPER, Dance. Lower primary, ACHPER, Hindmarsh, SA, 1997

    ISBN 1863520104

    SCIS 9085

ACHPER, Dance. Upper primary, ACHPER, Hindmarsh, SA, 1997

    ISBN 1863520090

    SCIS 908519

JACKSON, Mike, Mike Jackson’s bush dance! 30 best-loved bush & folk dances, Blue Gum

    Music, Mount Gravatt, Qld, 1994

    ISBN 1875437193

    SCIS 813351

JACKSON, Mike, Mike Jackson’s social dance! 20 favourite old-time & modern dances,

    Blue Gum Music, Mount Gravatt, Qld, 1994

    ISBN 1875437177

    SCIS 793062


    Dance magic: introducing dance into the curriculum [series], Primary Arts, Preston South, Victoria, 1996

    Video 1 SCIS 896559

    Video 2 SCIS 898677

    Teachers’ manual SCIS 901121



    ACHPER, Aussie sports. Coaching program manuals [series], ACHPER, Surry Hills, NSW, [1986-1991]

    ISBN 0909120803 SCIS 422084 Basketball

    ISBN 0909120749 SCIS 403703 Cricket

    ISBN 0909120919 SCIS 475086 Cycling

    ISBN 909120641 SCIS 406279 Korfball

    ISBN 090912082X SCIS 449844 Rugby League

    ISBN 0909120811 SCIS 449844 Rugby Union

    ISBN 0909120757 SCIS 419066 Tennis

    ISBN 0909120870 SCIS 449849 Trampoline sports

    3 - 3 -

    K-6 PDHPE Resouces List

    BLACKALL, Bernie, Top sport [series], Heinemann Library, Port Melbourne, 1998

    ISBN 1863918159 SCIS 923987 Athletics

    ISBN 1863918132 SCIS 923985 Cricket

    ISBN 1863918124 SCIS 928303 Swimming

    ISBN 1863918221 SCIS 928302 Table tennis

LARKIN, Veronicah, What will we play today?, Pademelon, Castle Hill, 1995

    ISBN 0646248901

    SCIS 858143

MARTIN, Elaine, Kid’s games: a parents’ guide to playing with your three to six year old,

    Millennium, Alexandria, NSW, 1996.

    ISBN 1864290765

    SCIS 883213



Family Planning NSW, 328-336 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield, 2131, ph 97166099 fax 97166164

Johnson & Johnson Professional & Educational Services, PO Box 737, Milsons Point, NSW

    2061, Freecall 1800650624

Royal Blind Society, PO Box 176, Burwood, 2134, ph 9334 3316 fax 9334 3345


    ARNOLD, Tedd, Help! I’m falling apart, Puffin, Ringwood, Victoria, 1997 ISBN 0140562796

    SCIS 905805

BALKWILL, Fran, The egg and sperm race: discover the human body, Collins, London,


    ISBN 0001965166

    SCIS 898441

    BALLARD, Carol, How our bodies work [series], Wayland , Hove, 1997

    ISBN 0750220678 SCIS 907765 How do our ears hear?

    ISBN 075022066X SCIS 907760 How do our eyes see?

    ISBN 0750220694 SCIS 916065 How do we feel and touch?

    ISBN 0750220716 SCIS 927935 How do we move?

    ISBN 0750220686 SCIS 916047 How do we taste and smell?

    ISBN 0750220708 SCIS 927933 How do we think?

    Board of Studies NSW, Big mob books for little fullas: the Aboriginal emergent readers kit, early stage one (series), Board of Studies, Sydney, 1996

    ISBN 0731074505 My body

    4 - 4 -

    K-6 PDHPE Resouces List

MOSES, Brian, My body, Wayland, Hove, 1995

    ISBN 0750212411

    SCIS 842093

    MOSES, Brian, Your feelings [series], Wayland, Hove, 1997

    ISBN 0750220376 SCIS 901861 I’m bored

    ISBN 0750220384 SCIS 901862 I’m lonely


Body works 6.0: a 3D journey through the human anatomy, TLC Properties, London, 1997

    SCIS 934478

How your body works: the interactive encyclopedia of the human body, Mindscape, Castle

    Hill, 1995

    ISBN 0791118479

    SCIS 860326

Scholastic’s the magic school bus explores the human body, Microsoft, Redmond,

    Washington, 1994

    SCIS 833213

The ultimate human body, Dorling Kindersley Multimedia, London, 1996

    ISBN 0751315818

    SCIS 906026


NOTLEY, Wendy, Growin’ up strong: Aboriginal resource kit, Scholastic, Sydney, 1997

    SCIS 914230

Personal development kit, Johnson & Johnson, St Leonards, NSW, 1997

    SCIS 931886


    BLACK, Nancy, Inside your feelings, Video Education Australasia, Bendigo, Victoria, 1996 SCIS 886290



NSW Gymnastics Federation, PO Box 190, North Strathfield, 2137, ph 9763 0177 fax 9764



Gymnastics: what’s in it, Australian Gymnastic Federation, ACT, 1991

    ISBN 0959250581

    SCIS 717047

    5 - 5 -

    K-6 PDHPE Resouces List

SCHEMBRI, Gene, Aussie gym fun: a resource for schools and clubs, Australian Gymnastic

    Federation, Victoria, 1991

    ISBN 0646087509

    SCIS 717061

SCHEMBRI, Gene, Introductory gymnastics: a guide for coaches and teachers, Australian

    Gymnastic Federation, Sydney, 1983

    ISBN 0959250506

    SCIS 215291

    SCHEMBRI, Gene (ed), Aussie Gym Skills Manual, Australian Gymnastic Federation, 1994 ISBN 0959250573

    Victorian Gymnastics Association, Gym buddies, Victorian Gymnastics Association, 1994

    HACKER, Patty, Gymnastics fun & games. Human Kinetics, 1996 ISBN 0880115572

    Australian Gymnastics Association, Kindergym crew, Australian Gymnastics Federation, 1993 ISBN 0646151738

PANGRAZI, Robert, Dynamic PE for elementary school children. Allyn & Bacon, 1998

    ISBN 0205272657


    ACHPER, PEP Gymnastics: Lower primary, ACHPER, 1999

    ACHPER, PEP Gymnastics: Upper primary, ACHPER, 1999



The Peer Support Foundation, PO Box 498, Brookvale, NSW, 2100, ph 99053499 fax


Quest Life Skills Australia, PO Box 870, Mascot, 1460, ph 8338 8911 fax 8338 8922


Board of Studies NSW, Big mob books for little fullas: the Aboriginal emergent readers kit,

    early stage one (series), Board of Studies, Sydney, 1996

    ISBN 0731075242 My mob

    Good citizens: the passport to our future (primary module), Peer Support Foundation Sydney. 1997

    ISBN 0958654735

    HARPER, Anita & HELLARD, Susan, What feels best?, Ladybird, Loughborough, 1996 ISBN 0721496954

    SCIS 899289

    6 - 6 -

    K-6 PDHPE Resouces List

IRONSIDE, Virginia & RODGERS, Frank, The huge bag of worries, Macdonald Young,

    Hove, 1996

    ISBN 0750021241

    SCIS 898336

LINNING, Lyn, A literature based approach to bullying: for upper primary and lower

    primary students, The Literature Base, Hamilton, Qld, 1997

    ISBN 0646311336

    SCIS 900872

    Peer Support Foundation, Peer support primary manual, 2nd edn, Peer Support Foundation, Sydney, 1996

    ISBN 0958654700

People who help [series], Heinemann Library, Port Melbourne, 1997

    ISBN 186391854X SCIS 902341 Ambulance officer

    ISBN 186391857 SCIS 902345 Firefighter

    ISBN 1863918493 SCIS 902358 Police officer

    ISBN 1863918477 SCIS 902356 Postie

QUEST INTERNATIONAL, Working it out: Conflict management program for K-6, Quest

    Life Skills, Australia, Sydney, 1995

    QUEST LIFE SKILLS, Skills for Growing, Lions-Quest, Sydney, 1994

RATCLIFFE, Linda, Feeling safe, Scholastic, Sydney, 1996

    ISBN 1863885978

    SCIS 895491

    TAX, Meredith & HAFNER, Marilyn, Families, Feminist, New York, 1996 ISBN 1558611576

    SCIS 898323

Peer Support Foundation, Together we can work it out: Peer support anti-bullying modules

    for primary schools, Peer Support Foundation, Sydney, 1998

    ISBN 0958654751

WILSON, Jeni & HOYNE, Pam, Co-operative challenges for infants, Thomas Nelson,

    Melbourne, 1993

    ISBN 0170088537

    SCIS 776335


You can stop bullying! Seven Dimensions, Melbourne, 1996

    SCIS 896638

    7 - 7 -

    K-6 PDHPE Resouces List



Australian Nutrition Foundation, 1-3 Derwent St, Glebe, 2037, ph 95523081 fax 95526361

Heart Foundation, PO Box 572, Darlinghurst, 2010, ph 92192450 fax 92192424


CALVERT, Samantha, We’re talking about vegetarianism, Wayland, Hove, 1997

    ISBN 0750220317

    SCIS 900009

Drugs: just the facts, New South Wales Department of Education and Training, Ryde, 1998

    ISBN 0731308824

    SCIS 927878

    DUNCAN, Sandy, Friends for life, produced by Kangaroo Creek Gang, Commonwealth Department of Health, Housing, Local Government and Community Services, 1993

    ISBN 1875631291

    SCIS 769333

    FORBES, Anna, The AIDS awareness library [series], Power Kids, New York, 1996

    ISBN 0823923657 SCIS 907991 Where did AIDS come from?

    ISBN 0823923665 SCIS 907993 Myths and facts about AIDS

    ISBN 0823923681 SCIS 907992 What is AIDS?

    ISBN 0823923657 When someone you know has


    National Heart Foundation of Australia, Heart health manual: a resource kit for primary teachers, National Heart Foundation of Australia, Canberra, 1996

    SCIS 882209

HILLIS, Anne & STONE, Penelope, Good food for kids: beyond the jam sandwich: healthy

    food ideas for children aged 5-12 years, Angus & Robertson, Pymble, 1995 ISBN 0207187916

    SCIS 839531

    NSW Department of School Education, K-6 drug education resource, early stage 1 to stage 3: curriculum materials to support teaching and learning in Personal Development Health and Physical Education, NSW Department of School Education, Ryde, 1997

    ISBN 073108601

    SCIS 905444

NOTTRIDGE, Rhoda, We’re talking about eating disorders, Wayland, Hove, 1997

    ISBN 0750220309

    SCIS 900007

    PARKER, Steve, Diseases and medicine, Penguin, London, 1996 ISBN 0140374078

    SCIS 874584

    8 - 8 -

    K-6 PDHPE Resouces List

    POWELL, Jillian, Health matters [series], Wayland, Hove, 1997

    ISBN 0750220791 SCIS 917726 Drugs and your health

    ISBN 0750220740 SCIS 917715 Exercise and your health

    ISBN 0750220740 SCIS 914797 Food and your health

    ISBN 0750220759 SCIS 914800 Hygiene and your health

THOMAS, Ron & STUTCHBURY, Jan, Where our food comes from [series], Macmillan,

    South Melbourne, 1996

    ISBN 0732914655 SCIS 878006 Cereals

    ISBN 0732914671 SCIS 878008 Fish

    ISBN 073291468X SCIS 878571 Fruit

    ISBN 0732914663 SCIS 878000 Vegetables

Internet Sites

ADA: Child Nutrition and Health Campaign Index

Australian Guide To Healthy Eating

Chronic Illness, Children, Health Education

Dental Health Foundation Australia

Dole 5 A Day: Just for Kids

National Heart Foundation

National Tobacco Campaign

Skin & Cancer Foundation of Australia


Boswell’s dilemma: an interactive drug education learning experience for young people (CD

    Rom), AMA Charitable Foundation, NSW and Aust Lions Drug Awareness Foundation, 1999

Rattle chatter and chew, Australian Dairy Corp, Melbourne, 1996

    SCIS 882047

    WOODROW, Shelley, Hands On Food A nutrition education resource for Primary schools, Kellogg’s, Sydney, 1994

    9 - 9 -

    K-6 PDHPE Resouces List



Australian Hearing, 126 Greville St, Chatswood, 2067, ph 94126948 fax 94133362

Cancer Council, PO Box 572, Kings Cross, 2011, ph 93341900 fax 93269328

Child Protection Council, Level 14, 447 Kent St, Sydney, 2000, ph 92867284 fax 92867267

NAPCAN, National Association for the prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect

    32/8-24 Kippax St, Surry Hills, 2010, ph 92110224 fax 92115676

Life Education, Head Office, PO Box 789, St Marys, 1790, ph 96733222 fax 96734215

Protective Behaviours Consultancy Group of NSW Inc, 77 Elizabeth St, Waterloo, 2017,

    ph 96993377 fax 93182561

Spinesafe Education Program Limited, Moorong Spinal Unit, Royal Rehabilitation Centre

    Sydney, 600 Victoria Rd, Ryde, 2112, ph 98089202 fax 98096521

Roads & Traffic Authority of New South Wales, School and Youth Programs, PO Box K198,

    Haymarket, 1238, ph 92183679 fax 92183672

Royal Life Saving Association of Australia, 129 Victoria Rd, Gladesville, NSW, 2111,

    ph 98794699 fax 98794644


    ALFORD, Wendy & SOUTHALL, Estelle, Child protection education, stage 1 : curriculum materials to support teaching and learning in personal development, health and physical education, NSW Department of School Education, Ryde, 1997

    ISBN 073108365

    SCIS 901056

    ALFORD, Wendy & SOUTHALL, Estelle, Child protection education, stage 2 : curriculum materials to support teaching and learning in personal development, health and physical education, NSW Department of School Education, Ryde, 1997

    ISBN 0731308654

    SCIS 916571

    ALFORD, Wendy & SOUTHALL, Estelle, Child protection education, stage 3 : curriculum materials to support teaching and learning in personal development, health and physical education, NSW Department of Education & Training, Ryde, 1998

    ISBN 0731355156

    SCIS 936829

    BRIGGS, Freda & HAWKINS, Russell, Child protection: a guide for teachers and child care professionals, Allen & Unwin, St Leonards, NSW, 1997

    ISBN 1864482214

    SCIS 898312

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